Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Nation, Under Monkey Business

Damn, we've trashed outer space, too!

The final frontier teeming with man-made rubbish: The incredible pictures of 'space junk' swirling round Earth's orbit


Very interesting read on the unspoken effects of bypass surgery and the potential reason for many of Bill Clinton's recent, campaign hurting comments.

Daily Kos: What's the matter with Bill?


Stephen Colbert: National Treasure.

Colbert to Larry King: Fascism gets a bad rap:

"Colbert's only remark on Obama was, 'He's an inspiring candidate, and he's got the young people out there just eating out of the palm of his hand. He's passing his hope bong around the drum circle of young America.'"

*Sigh*. If we're 'under him' then, well.....

Georgia Republican instructs House on proper Pledge of Allegiance technique


Why is 'monkey business' always a bad thing. Do monkey's not have any legitimate work?

Red light camera monkey business may be a national trend


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