Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All Over But the Shoutin'

AAW Fund Raiser.

Read all about it here.


Stayed up late last night refreshing and Dailykos obsessively watching the votes come in from Lake County in IND.

One step closer to electing the coolest president evah!

Obama 184.5 delegates short of nomination, Clinton 341


Pill popping Limpballs doing what Republicans do best. Rig elections.

Why Hillary 'won' IND last night.

Will Republicans cause chaos in Indiana’s Democratic primary?:

"Because many Republicans believe Sen. John McCain, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, has a better chance of beating Clinton in the general election, Limbaugh has encouraged listeners to his popular radio show to vote for the New York senator. Limbaugh’s pro-Clinton campaign has been dubbed “Operation Chaos.”

Some exit polls from Ohio and Texas suggest that Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” may have had an impact on results in both states"

Thanks, George Bush's Supreme Court Douchebags.

With no photo IDs, nuns denied ballots in Indiana primary:

"WASHINGTON — At least 10 retired nuns in South Bend, Ind., were barred from casting regular ballots in Tuesday's Indiana Democratic primary election because they lacked photo IDs required under a state law upheld last week by the U.S. Supreme Court.

John Borkowski, a South Bend lawyer volunteering as an election watchdog for the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, said several of the retired nuns had been voting all of their lives but were told they lacked the required photo IDs.

Indiana's toughest-in-the-nation law, which the high court upheld by a 6-3 vote, requires every voter to produce a state-issued photo ID card."

Please, please, please why isn't somebody in jail over this.

How damn convenient.

White House admits pre-war e-mails not archived:

"The White House does not have archival copies of e-mails exchanged between administration officials during the weeks leading up to President Bush's decision to invade Iraq nor for the first two months of the war there, according to a just-released filing concerning millions of e-mails alleged to have gone missing or been deleted."

Check out Tom Waits recent press conference. Genius!


ABAT said...

Mate, she's like the Terminator. She ain't going away until you kill her. Even then she'll reform and come back again in four years. There is a woman who doesn't know the meaning of 'quit'.
Her speech last night even sounded like she was trying to make out she'd won the lot - all the way to the White House!

I'd love to contribute to your goon fund, but I'm as broke as fuck (aren't all artists?). Best of luck though, I know that goons ain't cheap to keep.

Glad to see Rush and his pals respect democracy so much. Brilliant (a little bit scary) scheme. Don't you guys have laws about fucking with the democratic process?

I'm beginning to think, though, that the GOP are arming themselves with a whole bunch of scandalous shit for November for Obama (Wright, 'bitter', Ayres, Hussein, Rezko etc etc etc etc). They've got plenty to go at Clinton with, but it's gotten old and boring now. The Obama stuff looks so much more fun to them. What a bunch of wankers.

JPW said...

She's really close to dragging herself into the pool of molten metal, though, ABAT. "All the way to the White House to watch Obama get sworn in!"

No worries about the donation, ABAT. I don't think PayPal will accept elven bread and precious rings as payment. Hey, can you get me a job working on the Hobbit?

Yeah, we have laws about fucking with the democratic process. However, per the past 8 years, law no longer matter in the states.

GOP ain't got shit on Obama everytime they sling it he's numbers go up. He's teflon, baby. At least he didn't ever make propaganda films for the enemy (*cough* McSame *cough*)