Thursday, May 08, 2008

Back is soft but the seat is hard

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Bus blogging today. Watching the sun rise over Bennett Peak and Sonoma Mountain. Very nice, indeed. Don't know what's up with these seats, though. The back is soft by the seat is hard. I can hear them bells.....

While we're dilly-dallying with DBT lyrics, here's couple of Buttholeville relatable stories:

This highway's mean. If you don't know nobody that gots kilt or seriously maimed on 72 then you ain't from around there.

Man killed in U.S. 72 crash | | Florence, AL:

"A Colbert County man was killed Tuesday when the motorcycle he was riding slammed into the back of a pickup truck on U.S. 72, authorities said."

Clouds started formin'.....

Shoals Theater sign replica placed atop marquee || Florence, AL:

"FLORENCE - The sign, stretching 21 feet tall, slowly was positioned over a steel bar atop the Shoals Theater marquee Tuesday."


Hillary is 404


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

About Tim Garon, the medical marijuana patient who was denied a liver transplant:

R.I.P., Tim Garon. You Won't Be Forgotten.

AAW said...

Thanks for the additional info, alapoet!