Monday, May 19, 2008

Cool Daddy vs. Abe Simpson

AAW Fund Raiser.

Read about it here.


Our choices for the next President of the United States.

This guy....

Looks like a freakin' super hero. Coolest gall-dang m-f'er......

Drawing massive, and I mean massive crowds when he speaks....

In Whiteyville, no less. White-ington, Cracker Town, U.S.A.

Record Obama Crowd, the Size of a City | The Trail |

The New Majority: 75,000 Rally in Portland for Obama

Or this senior citizen:

Mr. Onion Belt

However, I do have to give McAbe's writer's some credit for this SNL bit.

Crooks and Liars � SNL: John McCain Appeals To Voters:

Such as putting an end to runaway government spending and especially, congressional earmarks, those wasteful pork barrel projects sneaked anonymously into bills by members of Congress as a favor to campaign contributors or powerful local interests.

Most of these projects are at best unnecessary, such as $15 million to the US Postal Service for a commemorative stamp honoring Tom Delay’s appellate lawyers. Whose idea was that? Or this bit of pork: $160 million to the Department of Defense for developing a device that can jam gaydar. Now I don’t know if this is anti-gay or pro-gay or if such a device would even work. But I do know this: jamming gaydar is not a federal responsibility. That’s something best left to state and local governments."

I'm going with the brotha. Isn't it about time the U.S. stopped being the douchebag country of the world and started being the world's Fonzie?


Western shoot-out new style.

2 Colo. men exchange Taser shots over parked van


Just because.... It's Business Time



ABAT said...

Damn that Obama guy looks like something out of Men in Black! Fanfuckingtastic. He's gotta win - he'll definitely make America look cool again. Perhaps even give that little French gnome a run for his money. Stylish, mate, stylish.

I see McCain's having his own little 'preacher' problems. God smoke New Orleans because it was too full of gays. Beautiful. Nothing like a good healthy dose of tolerance when you're making a run for the White House.

See he even made is way on to Ellen show as well. What a guy.

I struggle with that Jerome guy from Flight of the Conchords. He used to front some cheesy kids show and failed at stand-up and had to do bad TV ads here in NZ. Glad you guys like him so much - you can have him. The other guy we want back to do another Black Seeds album.

AAW said...

Leave it to a brother to bring style back to D.C. He does have to win, ABAT. I've already got my heart set on it even though I tried like hell not to fall in political love. But it has happened. I'm gonna work my ass off to help him.

What's funny is that McSame felt he had to cater to the religious wackos so he picked some of the worse preacher in America to support him. Now he's having to cast them all out. He's never bowed to religious fanatics until he started to run for prez. Mr. Onion Belt.

Ellen schooled him on gay marriage. That was fun to watch.

We're keeping them both, ABAT. Shouldn't of exported them!

The show is hilarious.