Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Highway Miles

Read this and try not to have the whistling stuck in your head all day long.

Earle Hagen, `Andy Griffith' composer, dies at 88:

"Hagen, who is heard whistling the folksy tune for 'The Andy Griffith Show,' died Monday night at his home in Rancho Mirage, his wife, Laura, said Tuesday. He had been in ill health for several months."

Snark. Overload. Weapon makers going green? Really?

Environmentally Friendly Bombs Planned


Great diary on DK regarding highway driving. Long but a really interesting and informative read.

"Them's highway miles"

Daily Kos: Want to Die Slowly, Mangled Beyond Recognition? [Redux]

"Keep Right Except to Pass" and "Slower Traffic Keep Right" are, next to speed limits, the most widely ignored signs (and traffic regulations) out there.

Just when you think all is douchbaggery the kids pull us back towards the light of goodness.

The Kids are Alright.



Jacqueline TresBella said...

Hey, You have a very nice organized blog. I have just started and am learning, check it out, you might see someone you know.(kid with no braces) I now know how to leave comments, yea for me.


AAW said...

Thanks, sis! Welcome to the blogosphere. Say hello to my sister, folks.