Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Grew Up 2 Hours North of Birmingham

AAW Fund Raiser.

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"Me and my daddy use to fish next to Wilson Dam". - Isbell - TVA

The inspiration for many a DBT/Jason Isbell song.

Both of my Granddads worked for TVA.

TVA's impact on the Shoals can not be overstated.

75 years of TVA: A new start | | Florence, AL:

"Before TVA was launched in 1933, the Shoals, like much of the Tennessee Valley, suffered from years of depleted farmland, poverty, unemployment and an absence of electricity in rural areas.

TVA historian Pat Ezell said the entire nation was suffering, but conditions in the Tennessee Valley were especially difficult. The average annual income throughout the region was a paltry $168 - $2,759 in today's dollars. Illiteracy levels were high, residents suffered from malnutrition and malaria was rampant."

However, my dear North Alabama still struggles to move forward to the later 20th century. Yes, I meant 20th... not 21st.

Douche-bag illegal 'Governor' of Alabama.

Colbert County shocked over Riley's veto of draft beer law

"Any plans in Colbert County that include a keg of beer are on hold after Gov. Bob Riley vetoed draft beer legislation Monday night - the last day of the 2008 legislative session."

Speaking of Douche-bags you've all probably seen the Bill O'Lielly Inside Edition meltdown that's been floating in all of the tubes recently.

Here are a couple of parodies that are pretty funny.

NSFW 'cause of the naughty language.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor


You'll be humming this one all day long:



ABAT said...

Dude, I've been laughing at the O'Reilly remix all day. Farkin hilarious! Excellent! Thanks for that.

Beer and politics should never mix - unless there's wet t-shirts involved; then it's all good.

Our politicians over here have recently banned herbal party pills because one (yes ONE) teenager got sick from taking too many and drinking beer. Suddenly there are a whole lot of 'new' chemical/herbal high pills available that don't fit into the classification available from the same shops and dozens of teenagers a weekend are getting sick as fuck and ending up in hospital. There's also been a sudden rise in meth available (we call it 'P' for pure). Fucking genuises. Like banning anything has ever made teenagers see sense and give it up.

Now I've gotta get my kids to buy the new shit. Jesus Harry, where does it end?

AAW said...

Wet t-shirts should be involved even if beer and politics AREN'T involved.

Banning something just makes a teen want it more.

If anything should be banned it should be meth. That shit is awful. Legalize everything except Meth.

But the kids are on the front lines. They should be able to keep you current with all of the new fangled drugs these whipper snappers are coming up with. Why, back in my day....


ABAT said...

Yep. Meth is wreaking havoc down here too. It's a goddamn menace.