Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday's on AAW

Today is the final day to vote in the DBT MySpace Songs Poll.

Current top six are:

Two Daughters
3 Dimes
Righteous Path
Self Destructive Zones
That Man I Shot
A Ghost To Most

If your favorite song(s) isn't in the top 6 then vote as many times as you can today to move 'em on up! Vote. Refresh the page. Then vote again!


This coming Monday AAW will have some special announcements so be sure to drop by the blog. (Format change and some begging will occur).


My good friend Sheryl recently attended SXSW and sent me some pictures to post.

Hey, at least they asked all nice like!

We all know and love this fella. Brent Best doing what he does Best.

Sloan at Southern Shelter recently celebrated his two year blogaversary. Check out a GA Slobberbone show Sloan posted:

Southern Shelter: Out-Of-Towners: Slobberbone @ Smith's Olde Bar 6/21/03

No comment necessary other than Chad's Rad!

Got a drunk dial from Glossary's own Todd Beene on this particular night. Now THAT's how you grow a beard!

Micha from Two Cow Garage

Thanks, Sheryl!


Music News

Judge Says Music Sharing Doesn't Necessarily Equal Infringement

Jane's Addiction To Reunite -- With Original Lineup -- For One Show

Grateful Dead To Give Archive To UC Santa Cruz

Metallica to 'do a Radiohead'?

Linda McCartney's Photos, Handpicked By Paul, Go On Display

Prince Headlines Coachella, Covers Radiohead

Roger Waters plays `Dark Side,' unleashes giant pig

Coachella: Pig Flies, and There's a $10,000 Reward |

They found the Pig a few days later in tatters. Poor pig.



Townser said...

Gotta love Chad's facial hair. I hesitate to call it a mustache. Speaking of hair, I've heard Brent has been linked to the sasquatch-believer cult more than once. You know I'm allowed to say that b/c of my own follicle issues. I know, judge not lest you be judged, but I can't help myself. Regardless of the hair issues, I love those guys. Hope you are well.

JPW said...

Its 70s porno-riffic, t!

Patterson and Brent's nicknames for each other are Sasquatch and Wookie. Really.

We'll be gettin' some new music soon from the Drams and I can hardly wait.