Monday, May 12, 2008

Tornadoes and Falling Babies

A big thanks to those who have donated to the AAW Fund Raiser.

Thanks to Donelle C. for donating a couple of DBT D.C. tickets to the cause and to Mark G. for purchasing those tickets.

Thanks to Dallas Hudgens, author of two kick ass books that you should definitely give a read: Drive Like Hell and Season of Gene. Check out Wes Freed interviewing Dallas over at Largehearted Boy.

Thanks to Big Slacker Shirts. Go check out their very fine online store.

Thanks to Mrs. B-way, Don R., Ellie C., and the previously mentioned Chris C., Kim M., and Dapper Dave.

AAW Fund Raiser.

Read all about it here.

Let's begin today with a combination of two DBT songs. I present to you Plastic Flowers and Tornadoes... fo' real. No, seriously, fo' real, fo' real:

Trippy, huh?


Occasionaly, SNL finds a needle in a hay stack. It's funny because it is true. Ok, it's not really funny, but it is sadly true.


Drop the baby. Don't drop the baby.... OK, drop the baby.

I could watch this all day long:


Sometimes I wish I had a brother just for the comedy:

Mother's Day


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