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DBT Week in Review - 5/9/08

AAW Fund Raiser.

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DBT is back on the road spreading rocky goodness across the U.S. of A.

Check out DBT's Website for tour dates and updates.

DBT's MySpace for fan love from the current shows.

And, of course, Nine Bullets for show reviews and views from the front lines.


Shonna Tucker of the Drive By Truckers: Interview:

"What are you listening to right now?

There are so many things, but I really stick to the classics. I’m listening to lots of Eddie Hinton right now, and the Band is a constant. I also loved the new Levon Helm album. As far as newer things go, the Dexateens have put out a new record, and they’re always great. We recently played a concert with the Felice Brothers in New York, and I’m a big fan of theirs now. They sound a little bit like the Band, but with the Pogues thrown in."

Interview with new poppa EZB.

Drive By Truckers play two in Greenville

"MS: Several DBT songs have a political meaning. New songs like “The Home Front” and “That Man I Shot” can be taken that way. What do you feel about the current relationship between music and politics?

BM: Most people are politically minded and that’s always come out in our stuff. Patterson definitely has a message with his songs sometimes, but in general we meet a lot of fans that are in the military that are affected by war. We’ve met people at our shows who are about to go to Iraq and they want to see us play before they leave. We’ve met people whose husbands and brothers are huge fans who are turning people on to our music in Iraq. That’s great, but then we have one guy who was supposed to come back from Iraq for one week to see a show and he ended up getting killed. His family came to the show and we talked to them for a while. It’s heartbreaking to see families like that while we’re playing music for a living. I don’t feel that we’re compelled to be political, but war and politics are so central on people’s minds that it’s hard not to filter it into songs."

Video: Patterson Hood - Biff! Bam! Pow! -

"Patterson Hood ended his short solo run in between legs of the Drive-By Truckers' spring tour on Sunday at the Workplay theatre, treating a seated crowd to an acoustic set that showcased material from his albums Killers and Stars and Murdering Oscar (unreleased as of today)."

Drive By Truckers Dirt Underneath Photoshoot Daddy's Cup


DBT and Anime?


Jason Isbell

Isbell and the 400 recently returned from their European tour and Jason blogged all the tasty details on his MySpace page. Blogs - Back from Europe!! - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit MySpace Blog:

"Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. Hello there ladies and gentlemen. We are finally home, after one of the most grueling workdays of my career, and perhaps the most fun I've ever had on one continent. We played our last Euro show in Bergen, Norway at 1 a.m. on Wednesday night. The show was over around three, and we had to be on a plane at seven, so we played through like grown-ass men. Loaded our gear, headed to the hotel (the Radisson where Amy Winehouse got busted, or I should say, ONE of the Radissons where Amy got busted) showered up, put on our cleanest dirty shirts, and headed out. The flight to Frankfurt was about 3 hours, then there was a 2 hour lay-over and a 9 hour trek to Atlanta. We were picked up in Atlanta and rode the 5 hours home. That's travelin' folks."


sweeeeeet � Pointy Pointy:

"Got a message from my friend Shawn Kyle this morning, and it looks like his excellent band The Beauvilles have a new teaser for their upcoming video for their song “Snow”. And what a teaser it is:" - the Beauvilles are rock and roll - FL-NY-MA, Florida


April in Alabama

"Nothing could be more beautiful than April in Alabama and, in my case, nothing could be more exciting. I recently returned from the Alabama Studio Weekend in the Quad Cities—just forty-forty five minutes from my home on Elk River—and I feel as if I have spent two days in a kinder, gentler (and definately greener) New York City."

Guest Blog by Dick Cooper: Delbert Needed a Drummer

"I was wired. Vickie and I were in the front bucket seats, Delbert and his wife were in the next seat and Billy was all alone in the back. Before we cleared the County Line Billy found an acoustic guitar case stashed under the seat, pulled out the guitar and handed it to Delbert.

Next thing I know Delbert is playing and singing. Billy is harmonizing, and I’m keeping it between the ditches. Pretty soon, there’s flashing lights in the rear view mirror.

The Rogersville Police pulled us over for running 74 in a 55 MPH speed zone. I got out and walked back to the cops before they reached the van, and Delbert never stopped singing."

What do you think?

What do you think about this band from SC? One song posted on their MySpace and it is a goody. - Sweet Six Bullets - BELTON, South Carolina - Southern Rock / Americana / Rock -



Watched a great rockumentary on Roky Erickson recently. If you rent it be sure to watch the follow up in the special features.

You're gonna miss me


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