Monday, April 27, 2009

Ow. Quit it.

Southern Style Letter to the Editor.

"There's a lot of good folks down there...."

Good on ya, Marilyn, good on ya.

Hold them accountable | | Florence, AL:

"After years of secrecy, the Obama administration recently demonstrated its commitment to transparency by releasing memos that reveal how senior Bush administration officials authorized enhanced interrogation techniques, otherwise known as torture.

This is not enough. Let's not allow these people to represent American values. The only way to ensure that these heinous crimes are not repeated again and continue to be associated with Americans is to hold these people accountable.

In addition, we have an economic crisis that has been largely caused by fraud and deceit on Wall Street. I see both of these illegal actions as related. In both cases people have perpetrated these crimes knowing that they will never be held accountable.

If we allow all of these people to go unpunished for their crimes, we will have done nothing to provide evidence to the rest of the world that we will not tolerate these kinds of illegal behaviors. And what is worse, we have demonstrated to our children that as long as you have money and/or power, you can do anything you want.

We must demand that these criminals be held accountable to the American people through the rule of law!

Marilyn Lee



Obama quickly, confidently adapts to presidency:

"As an audacious candidate, Obama meticulously built a powerhouse organization and fundraising juggernaut to engineer his victory. As a fledgling president, he similarly has mapped out a big-risk agenda that he's methodically begun to execute, keeping to the discipline that has been a hallmark of his life.

Rookie jitters? Far from it."

These are always fun.

Daily Kos: Saturday hate mail-apalooza


The most viable leader for the Repubs is the daughter of McCain?!?. She actually says some reasonable things. The only glimmer of hope the Repubs have. Of course, they'll crush her due to the gay lovin' and all.

Yes. Please. Go away.

Meghan McCain to Cheney: ‘You had your 8 years. Go away.’:

"Meghan McCain expressed dissatisfaction with some former Bush officials who have criticized Obama during his first 100 days. “It’s hard for me — it’s very unprecedented for someone like karl rove or dick cheney to be criticizing the president. i just — my criticism is just, you know, you had your eight years, go away,” McCain told hosts of ABC’s The View."

Oh Texas. Thanks for giving this Alabamian a state other than Mississippi to pick on.

"Don't let Oklahoma hit your ass on the way out".


Ow. Quit it. Ow. Quit it. Ow. Quit it.

Sydney man shot 34 times in head with nail gun


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