Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tee'ing Off

Before I begin noting some serious Progressive anger in which I wholeheartedly share, check out something neat.... neat for me anyway.

This use to be my old neighborhood dive bar for about 7 years total. You can almost see one of my old cribs at the beginning of the video. Love Tee Off, though it was not as hipster as it is now. Place use to be a serious dive. Flaunted the smoking laws... old, painted ladies hoisted on a bar stool cackling with old, salty men.

I'm going to get one of those chops, soon, though.

Welcome to the Tee Off Bar & Grill


I don't need to add any additional comments to these posts, because they all sum up my general feelings fairly spot-on.

It is a DailyKos kinda day.

Just Forget About Me
I'm a 28-year-old small business owner currently between health plans, with COBRA subsidies set to expire in about a year. I devote countless hours of my time that I could be spending building my business, to help the Democratic Party instead on a local, state and national level. It makes perfect sense in the current climate to take my vote and my efforts for granted, and mandate me to purchase overpriced insurance, thereby forcing me in all probability to shut down my small business and instead throw myself into the loving arms of a large employer. Or to abandon my political efforts in favor of somehow doubling my current business in the worst economic climate since the Great Depression. That shouldn't be a problem.

But people like me aren't important. You folks in the Senate need to stick up for #1, and take care of what really matters.

Come next November, so will I.


Daily Kos: No Public Option? I'll See You In Court.:

"- Pull out of my employer-based insurance coverage and cease making payments; - Refuse to pay your penalties for not purchasing insurance from a private company; - Happily go to court over it and have you show me precisely how a mandate to purchase insurance from private insurers is constitutional. It's not a tax; it's not interstate commerce; it's patently not providing for the general welfare; so where precisely are you getting this power?"


"*Note for Kossacks - I've been supporting and defending Obama this entire time, but eventually you have to draw a line and say 'this makes you a Democrat, and this doesn't.' This is the last straw for me. I will gladly go to jail rather than give one mandated dollar to insurance company vampires. No Public Option means no Health Care Reform. Period."


F*** these Democrats. Bush gets away with it and they're letting the GOP win on purpose.:

"Did Bush/Cheney face accountability for war crimes and lying us into Iraq?

Did Democrats attack Conservative ideology as totally failed after the roaring 90's for the rich and Great Depression 2.0 for the rest of us in 2008?

No. Democrats would rather 'look forward', which is a Carlinesque term for Cover Up.

No. Instead Democrats wanted to use those failed ideas themselves to build bipartisan support for FAILED ideas that have bankrupted America and our middle and working class.

Apparently, elections DO NOT MATTER, because we are getting ANOTHER unpopular war and we are NOT getting a popular program like the Public Option, and all because Corporations have overthrown our democracy. They didn't need bullets, dollars did the job better than bullets ever could.

To be blunt, Democrats are losing on purpose, and I have had enough of the spineless wusses who want to play pattycake with the lunatics who kick them in the balls. If you aren't fighting back you are THROWING THE FIGHT, and that goes for EVERY DEM, top to bottom."

Red coat. Red pants. Red hat?! Kinda obvious.

Daily Kos: Today I Tell my Son the Horrible Truth about Santa:

"I do not relish this day.

This is the day I have the Santa talk with my son.

To tell him what and who Santa really is. a socialist. A filthy, filthy socialist.

From his red suit to his anti-capitalist workshop high up in the icy tundra of socialist Canada where they measure every toy with the metric system.

Every year he and his sick snowy commune of jolly elf worker comrades devise yet another assault on capitalism and all that's right with America, dumping toys into the system with no profit motive at all.

And worse, he targets children, attempting to indoctrinate them with songs, free toys, socks full of candy bearing his likeness, and evening television specials all about him and the 'Christmas spirit' and giving...just GIVING!"

Another day, another pack of goddamn lies.

Fox News' Fuzzy Math Claims 120% Of Americans Have An Opinion On 'Climategate'

Another Fox flub that conveniently hurts Democrats | Raw Story:

You probably think we're talking about last week's flub.

But no -- another day, another Fox News reporting 'mistake' that conveniently supports the news network's editorial bias."


Robert Lanza, M.D.: Does Death Exist? New Theory Says 'No':

"Many of us fear death. We believe in death because we have been told we will die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know that bodies die. But a new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think."

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