Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It is gonna take a while for this to get old.

A decade's worth of pent up sporting angst.


Some of these are guffaw hilarious.

The Funniest Facebook Snafus Of All Time (PICTURES)


Just when you think NorCal couldn't be any more beautiful.... it snows.

Rare dusting of snow at low elevations


Loves me a martini.... a real martini... with gin. Not that I should have to state that, but all too often when I ask a bartender for a martini they ask 'Vodka'?. Hell no, not Vodka! If I wanted a Vodka martini I would ask for a Vodka martini. Martini's are made with gin. Ummm gin.

Martinis - it's all about technique


Sick of being sold out by Democrats. Can you tell?



Anonymous said...

Yeah, okay, Napa snow is cool. I'll give you that.

JPW said...

Told ya.