Friday, August 21, 2009

4 Years of Ass Whuppin

This is the 1, 734th post on Alabama Ass Whuppin.

Tomorrow marks the 4 year anniversary of the creation of this blog, but I don't do 'blog' on Saturdays, that's my lord's day.... me being 'the lord'... thus today's Blogiversary Post.

4 years. 1,734 posts.


I'm not really sure about year 5 yet. The way time slips by, a year from now I may be posting '5 years of Alabama Ass Whuppin'.... then, again, I might not be. We'll see.

I'm planning on this next year being one of a grand transition in my life. What that entails... I've got a few foggy ideas, but nothing solid. As my friend 'The Mushroom" once stated, "It is always more fun to think about doing stuff, than to actually do stuff".

I think I've lived by that code a bit too long.

It's time to do stuff. Really do stuff.

So, I'm either still blogging per norm, part-time blogging as I entrench myself into an actual 'career that I love' instead of crappy contract 'work' that I don't love, or I'm teaching engrish in some far, far away land, enjoy my first few months of being a permanent ex-pat.

But let's take a look back, shall we.

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Election Day:

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"My election predictions:

Obama by 4 points in the popular vote

Obama gains 320-ish electoral votes

Senate: Dem total = 57

House: Dems pick up 22 seats."
Election night:

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Here are some highlight posts from the past 12 months:

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Thanks to all for another fun year. Thanks to all who come by and read my dribble.

Thanks to my heroes that have kept me going. You know who you are.

And, hey, if you feel like it, throw a few bucks AAW's way. It would be much, much appreciated.

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See you on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on four years. Even though I usually disagree with you, I always look forward to seeing what you have to say.

AAW said...

Thanks CLA. I appreciate you coming by my corner of the web and I hope there are at least a few things we can agree upon.

Best to you and yours!


Jenn said...

Congratulations, honey! SO proud!

AAW said...

Thank you, sweetheart! 4 years, really?!?

Fugere said...

I remember when you were just some code and a dream. My, how fast they precious!
Happy Birthday AAW!

AAW said...

I don't think the word 'precious' has ever been associated with any of my undertakings until now.


binky said...

Happy Annibirthday! Or whatever blogs have. ;)

Smitty said...

Here's to four more years :)

AAW said...

Where's my blogs gift, binky?! 4 years old... you know what it needs? A binky. Thanks for hanging around these parts, b.

And thank you, Smitty! 4 more years... hmmmmm. ;-)