Friday, October 28, 2005

Scooter today but no Rove

Probe may be extended.... Rove: No indictment today but still under heavy scrutiny... Scooter going down.... My feeling is there's a lot more Fitz is investigating other than just the outing of Plame...

The Raw Story | Journal: Rove told he won't be indicted today

Cheney Aide Appears Likely to Be Indicted; Rove Under Scrutiny - New York Times

Rove, Libby Prepare for Possible Indictments - Washington Post


Servant said...

Hehe! You said "Probe to be extended." Probably more than one probe to be extended thinkin about Scooter's fine sweet ass in a jail cell! I hope they put him in general population.

AAW said...

heheheh... probe! Did you hear when Delay goes to jail they'll change his nick-name from "The Hammer" to "The Hummer"