Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shooting Blanks

I've got absolutely nothing today.... Not quite true. I've got a load of articles that I could post and comment on, but I'm staring at them and simply can not find the drive to give a shit about the fucked up people who are running/ruining this country. This fucking country ain't Never Gonna Change and I don't think that anybody truly wants it to change... at least not the people we elect to make the change.

So, here's DBT with Kelly Hogan on vocals doing a cover of the very first song that entered my conscious as a child. I knew all the words when I was 5 years old. Freaky that they covered this tune:

Delta Dawn


Aaaaaand..... these folks know how to party. All future parties will be a let down to the 3 year old.

Beer-Soaked Brawl Ends 3-Year-Old's Birthday Party


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Break that Wagging Finger

Obama hasn't 'scolding Progressives', he's deflecting all of the deserved blame for his failed policies and governance onto Progressives. Rahm had Clinton do it in 1996. Pretty damn irresponsible, if you ask me.

I'm sure Freud would have something to say about Obama's addict-like need to appease the GOP Daddies and shit on the people who elected him.

Sad what Obama has turned into. Doesn't hold anyone responsible and is never responsible for his own, many failures.

Just strengthens my resolve to only vote for one Dem (Jerry Brown) in November. I'm really not scared of the alternative.

Weak and wrong. Weak and wrong.

Obama both rallies, scolds Dems in campaign trip |
"'It's not helpful,' said John Aravosis, the editor of the progressive 'The base is depressed and they're depressing it even more, and it's not clear why.'

Said DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas: 'They wouldn't be in this predicament if they delivered on their campaign promises, rather than waste the last two years putting bipartisanship above action.'"

Alas. I wish I could afford to purchase a ball that I could take to the home I can't afford to own.

Jane Hamsher: Obama's Blame Game: It's Not About Turning Out Voters, It's About Protecting Himself:
"And right now, Obama is turning the Democratic base into Martha Coakley and setting them up for the blame for any electoral failure in fall. The people who showed up to vote for him in 2008 'just weren't serious' if they 'now want to take their ball and go home.' There is no internal consistency to the narrative that the 'professional left' is suppressing turnout by criticizing Obama, but Obama is not suppressing turnout when he scolds the voters who aren't clapping loudly enough for his achievements. But few in the professional punditocracy find their way to that obvious conclusion. This isn't about motivating Democratic voters. It's about setting up a fall guy for November. The headline should really read:

Obama Distances Himself From Democratic Voters"


The Obama Administration is 100% responsible. Don't forget it.

Do Progressives Need Tough Love or Coddling? | Talking Points Memo:
"It's time for the administration to face the fact that it is they who are responsible for 100% of the problems the Democrats now face in the upcoming midterms. It isn't the left and progressives and actual Democrats who criticized them and warned them and begged them not to sell out on issue after issue who turned people off. No polls are providing evidence that progressive criticism of the President's lackluster results on everything from the stimulus, to healthcare, the wars, climate change, financial 'reform', credit card 'reform', and a host of other issues is fueling the enthusiasm gap. Quite the contrary.

It is a total distortion and misreading of what is going on among voters to make the straw man argument that people are upset because Obama didn't do 'everything' 'overnight'. People are upset because the administration's priorities have not been addressing the problems that real people face like unemployment and foreclosure and that those things that have been done have been an almost embarrassing gruel of half measures and compromises that don't promise to solve the problems we face or prevent future problems."

Dean/Grayson 2012

Dean Called Rahm's 'Contempt' For Base 'Devastating And Incredibly Demoralizing': Book Excerpt:
"The majority of the book looks at the efforts by former DNC Chairman Howard Dean to build a national network that could immunize the party from becoming either marginalized or regionalized. But the epilogue charts out how the style of Obama's governance drained the type of voter enthusiasm that, Dean acknowledges, was critical in those efforts.

'The White House began to believe that they could mobilize their supporters without hearing what their supporters really wanted in terms of specific change,' Dean is quoted as saying. 'The principal problem with OFA is the same one the president's having. You can't dictate to your base what's going to happen. It's got to be a two-way deal, and it hasn't been.'"

Biden and Obama can do something that rhymes with 'buck' and includes 'off'.

AMERICAblog News: Biden: Liberals need to 'buck up':
"The President refused to challenge someone standing in the way of his agenda. Sound familiar?

The reason the Republicans have been able to filibuster nearly every single piece of legislation, the reason we have a new majority in the Senate, is because Democrats - with Barack Obama at the top of the list - have enabled the Republicans ever step of the way.

Rather than lecturing Democrats about how unreasonable they are to be upset with the President for constantly negotiating with himself, Biden would do better having a talk with his boss, and asking him why George Bush was so effective at passing his agenda, at kow-towing Democrats, and at thwarting opposition filibusters, when Bush had far fewer numbers than Obama has now in the US Senate.

60 is the new 50 because Democrats permit it be so."

I scored 14/15 on the mini quiz. Of course we know more. We are thinkers.

Atheists, agnostics most knowledgeable about religion, survey says -


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Or did she? Once CAN cause the other.

Rachida Dati, French Politician, Confuses 'Inflation' With 'Fellatio' (VIDEO)


Buttholeville shows up on Huffingtonpost. I lived in the same neighborhood as the Rosenbaum house and have played in the house with grandchildren before it became a museum.

11 Great Small American Towns (PHOTOS)


FB friends were on fire yesterday. Enough so that I'm ripping them off today 'cause I'm a lazy blogger.

Via JD.

So wrong, but so reich. Heil-larious.

Hipster Hitler � T-Shirt Store


Via Jenn B. You will say "I had no idea".

Figwit | Know Your Meme


The left overs of this meal on Sunday were just as good.... though the initial meal was pretty dang outstanding.

2001 Thai Stick on Fillmore, San Francisco � Fog City Foodie


Monday, September 27, 2010


Kudos for Susan Madrak.

We really are ruled by infantile assholes. The exchange and Axelrod's response proves how out-of-touch this administration really is.

The Plum Line - Liberal blogger directly confronts David Axelrod, accuses White House of "hippie punching":
"Top Obama adviser David Axelrod got an earful of the liberal blogosphere's anger at the White House moments ago, when a blogger on a conference call directly called out Axelrod over White House criticism of the left, accusing the administration of 'hippie punching.'

'We're the girl you'll take under the bleachers but you won't be seen with in the light of day,' the blogger, Susan Madrak of Crooks and Liars, pointedly told Axelrod on the call, which was organzied for liberal bloggers and progressive media."

Thank you. May I have another.

Daily Kos: Will Morale Improve With Continued Beatings?
We've seen various iterations of this slogan play out here on Dailykos, where we are continuously treated to hectorings, threats, and outright insults about having to support Democrats in the midterms in November. Instead of taking concerns of voters and Democratic activists seriously, these concerns are instead denigrated, made fun of, and told that one is "aiding the enemy" to a sense in voicing these concerns.

The message is basically thus--"Don't want things to turn worse? Vote Democratic because the Republican alternative is worse!"

Is that the sort of message that gets activists and voters out to vote? Is it the one that gets these people on your side for the midterm campaigns?

In one short word---NO.


We can see clearly now...

Even Shepard Fairey's Losing Hope - Hotline On Call:
"The artist whose poster of Barack Obama became a rallying image during the hope-and-change election of 2008 says he understands why so many people have lost faith.

In an exclusive interview with National Journal on Thursday, Shepard Fairey expressed his disappointment with the president -- a malaise that seems representative of many Democrats who had great expectations for Obama."

Another reason to support Unions.

Marijuana Ballot Measure in California Wins Support of Union, Officials Say -
"LOS ANGELES — A ballot measure to make California the first state to legalize the sale and use of marijuana has won the support of one of the state’s most powerful union, officials said Monday, offering the proposition a shot of mainstream legitimacy as well as a potential financial and organizational lift.

The decision by the executive board of the Service Employees International Union of California will be announced in the next few days, according to officials who have been briefed about it but were not allowed to speak publicly before it was announced."

Dots connecting.

Think Progress � Felipe Calder�n Says U.S. Inaction Has Allowed Organized Crime To Regulate Drugs, Weapons, Immigration:
"CALDERON: The Mexican government is confiscating the guns, the American authorities — you’d have to ask them. I haven’t seen much in terms of stopping the flow of guns. [...] The truth is if it weren’t for the flow of weapons from the United States to Mexican criminals and other parts of the world, we wouldn’t be seeing the levels of violence that we’re witnessing. [...]

The Americans, rather than regulating or establishing an adequate drug or immigration or arms legislation have allowed organized crime to regulate those markets. And the massacre of San Fernando shows the consequences of not addressing issues that need to be regulated such as immigration, drugs, or weapons."

Via Lurleen. I don't think he misses one breakfast food.


Friday, September 24, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 9/24/10


The power of music and a reason why DBT is the greatest band in the land. Makes my chest involuntarily poke out all proud and all.

The Living Bubba � Words of Wisdom:
"Chris: I emailed them earlier this week.

I looked at him quizzically, not exactly sure what he was talking about.

Chris: The Truckers. I emailed them and I got responses."

The Big Memphis To-Do � Words of Wisdom

ZEW Lounge – Drive By Trucker Patterson Hood chats and sings � 92 ZEW.NET

Drive-By Truckers: Hard At Work And Loving Hall & Oates - Houston Music - Rocks Off

Facebook | Wes Freed's Photos - Drive-By Trucker Artwork- Texas Run

Facebook | Wes Freed's Photos - Drive-By Trucker Artwork- Raleigh Poster



Will Johnson - Anders Parker

Saw the San Francisco living room show this week. It was amazing. Will and Anders are top shelf. They have to be two of the premiere artists in the land. I saw them in someone's living room. Amazing. Don't miss them if they are near.

Will Anders West Coast House Shows Start This Week!



Official news about the rock band Glossary from Murfreesboro, TN � Blog Archive � Kelly’s EP now available for download. Free!



He outlived most of the band.

Swampland:Coach Leonard Skinner Dead at 77:
"Leonard Skinner, the basketball coach and gym teacher whose name inspired the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, died in his sleep early Monday morning, September 20, 2010, at the age of 77."

You can replace 'musician' with 'contract' or 'self-employed' and it is the same deal. Maybe someday we can have health care reform before we all die prematurely.

When the music fades: US musicians' healthcare crisis | Music | The Guardian


Soundgarden, 'Black Rain' -- Video Premiere - AOL Music Blog

Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in Queen film - Telegraph



Texas Chef Successfully Deep-Fries...Beer! | Field & Stream


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Po' Boys

But Obama splashed in the Gulf and ate a Po' Boy that time. The Gulf just must be as safe a pretty pie.

Exclusive: Gulf seafood poses long-term health risks, experts say | Raw Story:
"Despite repeated assurances from federal officials and President Obama, independent scientists and public health experts have serious concerns about the long-term safety of Gulf seafood consumption.

In particular, experts tell Raw Story, contaminants from the massive oil spill and unprecedented use of the dispersants employed to dissolve the spill have the potential to cause cancer and neurological disorders."

America, Fuck Yeah!

Dan Thomas: Reporter Prohibited From Digging For Evidence Of Oil Spill Beneath Sand On Gulf Beach (VIDEO)


I remember a time when those opposed to the wars and those concerned that our troops were not properly equipped where hammered day and night on the TV, newspaper, internet and radio as being anti-American and pro-terrorist.

Those were simpler times.

Iraq, Afghan Veterans Call For Respect For Muslims: 'America, You Gotta Have Our Back' (EXCLUSIVE):
"A small but growing group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have signed onto an open letter, provided exclusively to the Huffington Post, which calls on the American public to respect 'the values we risked our lives to protect' and to avoid endangering the mission -- and safety -- of U.S. forces in the Mideast. Like Gen. David Petraeus, the veterans warn that U.S. troops will face blowback from demonstrated intolerance for Muslims at home.

'America, you gotta have our back,' reads the letter, composed by signatories Roy Scranton, Philip Klay and Perry O'Brien. 'Those who would vilify and target Muslims on grounds of their religious belief not only show a deep disrespect for American values, but put American lives at risk. It's easy to burn a Koran when you won't feel the heat.'"


Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate � Borowitz Report:
"JEFFERSON CITY, MO (The Borowitz Report) – A rabid Doberman Pinscher jumped on stage at a Tea Party rally in Missouri on Labor Day and barked at the crowd for nearly twenty minutes before people realized he was not a candidate."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GaGa > Obama?!?

I can't believe I'm posting this and I can't believe that a smart part of me believes it is true.

Lady Gaga did more lobbying to pass the DADT repeal in the defense funding bill than Obama did.

It is getting embarrassing.

Is Lady Gaga a Better Politician Than Barack Obama? | Mother Jones:
"The repeal of DADT was one of President Barack Obama's key campaign promises—one that he repeated in his first State of the Union address earlier this year. Now it's a promise that may well wither, especially if Republicans gain control of the House in November. But as usual, the White House did little to publicly pressure Collins, Snowe, or Brown. Obama spent the day before the vote at a fundraiser in Pennsylvania and did little to draw attention to the upcoming vote and the GOP's intrasingence. The White House wouldn't even answer the New York Times' questions about the bill. Vice President Joe Biden, according to the White House, did call Snowe. But Obama did no lobbying of his own. Instead, the pressure politics were left to someone who's never been elected to public office: a 24-year-old New Yorker named Stefani Germanotta—a.k.a. Lady Gaga."

Why would he start now, Rachel?

Daily Kos: Do the Right Thing: �Rachel Maddow Challenges the President


Wow. No one could have predicted... except all of us who did predict that the toothless Screw The Patients and Give all of the Money to the Evil Health Insurance Cos. bill wouldn't prevent said HICs from still screwing the fuck out of us commoners.

Major insurers to drop child policies ahead of coverage mandate | Raw Story

And no one could have predicted this either... EXCEPT FOR THOSE OF US WHO DID! FUCK!!!

White House looks to boost health law at 6 months - Yahoo! News:
"WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama once told Democratic lawmakers they'd be proud to campaign on historic health care legislation. Six months later, the only Democrats running ads about it are the ones who voted 'no.'"

And yet another failure. I'm sure they'll keep trying once they decide to fucking try.

Timothy Karr: Net Neutrality: We're Still Waiting:
"Remember, this is the man whom President Obama put into office with the explicit understanding that his first priority was to protect Net Neutrality. 'I am a strong supporter of Net Neutrality,' Obama pledged in 2007. 'As president I'm going to make sure that that is the principle that my FCC commissioners are applying as we move forward.'"

Shocking. I'm pretty sure I could have guessed this listed within about 90%.

States With The Lowest Percentage Of College Degree Holders (PHOTOS)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Better Chocolate

I was stoked to see this with all of the Unions bashing by Republicans and the Obama Administration.

Video: Saints and Vikings players show union solidarity - Shutdown Corner - NFL� - Yahoo! Sports:
"Minutes before the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings kicked off the 2010 NFL season, players from both teams stepped on the field and raised one finger into the air in a show of union solidarity.

The move was a public message to owners that players are united in negotiations for the upcoming collective bargaining agreement, which threatens to derail the 2011 season."

Of course all of the uber rich, announcer assholes got all uppity about it, because in their Taliban like view, Unions are like women and children.... not seen and not heard.

Tiabbi takes them to task. Read the entire article, it is a good.

This country needs much more union protest. Voilent, if need be.

On ESPN and "Replaceable" People --

So it seems the whole sports world is abuzz about the decision by the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints players to raise a finger in the air before the season-opening game as an expression of union loyalty -- "We are one" -- in a year in which the players and the owners are negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. I watched that gesture during the game and knew it was going to inspire the usual sneering (it started almost immediately, with Al Michaels chirping, "There's nothing like starting an NFL season with a labor statement"), as voices from all corners (including, unbelievably, many former NFL players) denouncing the absurdly brief, silent, and inoffensive demonstration as a tasteless interruption of our God-given right to nonstop mindless entertainment.

Forget about people actually supporting unions in a labor disagreement: they apparently don't even want to see them, not if it's going to delay a football game by three whole seconds. There were actually arguments across the media landscape to the effect that NFL players were out of line bringing their labor disagreement into our living rooms, the implication being that any display of union activity is somehow unseemly or ( I love this) selfish. We have a whole reality-show culture celebrating the cause of people eating centipedes and stabbing each other in the back for cash prizes and fame, but football players quietly showing union solidarity is tasteless. If you can explain that one to me, please don't hesitate to write in.

Here is the anti-union folk's agenda.

This is What Class Warfare Looks Like � Main Street

AMERICAblog News: 64% of US wealth went to top 10% since Reaganomics

Op-Ed Columnist - The Tax-Cut Racket -
"How did we get to this point? The proximate answer lies in the tactics the Bush administration used to push through tax cuts. The deeper answer lies in the radicalization of the Republican Party, its transformation into a movement willing to put the economy and the nation at risk for the sake of partisan victory."

Hows about another vaca down to the Gulf, Obama. Another swim with the daughters, perhaps? Enjoy some of the toxic seafood.

Heckuva job.

Shocking Fish Kill Reported In Plaquemines Parish (PHOTO):
"Over at The Upshot, National Affairs Reporter and Louisiana native Brett Michael Dykes has some shocking photos of a massive fish kill that Plaquemines Parish Billy Nungesser has been distributing to the media. Dykes ably sets the scene: 'What you see above isn't a rural gravel road. It's a Louisiana waterway, its surface completely covered with dead sea life -- a mishmash of species of fish, crabs, stingray and eel.'"

Why do we not have glass cathedrals honoring science. If there is every an alter I would worship at it is the one that has the power make chocolate even tastier. Water to wine? Fuck that. Give me a chocolate that I can't even imagine.

BBC News - Cacao genome 'may help produce tastier chocolate'


Monday, September 20, 2010

Finger Wagging and Hippie Punching

Obama just can't help himself. Must. Punch. Hippies whilst kissing money-bag ass.

AMERICAblog News: About Obama's recent comments:
"There's an arrogance to the President's comments, and an inability to recognize how much he is a part of the problem. What's increasingly disturbing is that the President just doesn't seem to get why so many Democrats are so disappointed in him. He seems to believe the apologists' standard line that we're all naive purists who simply don't understand politics.

The comments add fuel to a greater, and growing, concern about the President: that he honestly thinks he's been doing a great job, and that he honestly thinks his approach to problem solving and legislating - compromise first, then reach any deal you can - is an appropriate way to run a country. Inside the White House they call this success. Outside, it's perceived by a growing number of Democrats and Independents as weakness."

Problem is, Obama, that your hippy punching hasn't gone unnoticed by sensible Republicans who voted for you in '08. They are as unimpressed as we hippies are.

Op-Ed Columnist - When Peggy Left Barry -
One of the independent voters Obama will be trying to charm over the next two years is my sister, Peggy, a formerly ardent Obamican (a Republican who changed spots to vote for Obama).

Disillusioned with her beloved W. over Iraq and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and the disdain for bipartisanship, she gave her affections — and small cash infusions — to Barack Obama in 2008.

Despite being a Washington native, Peggy believed that the dazzling young newcomer could change Washington.

But she has lost a lot of faith now, saying she might vote for Mitt Romney over Obama if Romney is the Republican nominee in 2012. (Sarah Palin shouldn’t count on her vote though. In Peggy’s words, “Are you nuts?”)

Peggy thinks the president has done fine managing W.’s messes in Iraq and Afghanistan. And she lights up at the mention of his vice president, Joe Biden. But she thinks Obama has to get “a backbone” if he wants to lure her back to the fold. “He promised us everything, saying he would turn the country around, and he did nothing the first year,” Peggy says. “He piddled around when he had 60 votes. He could have pushed through the health care bill but spent months haggling on it because he wanted to bring some Republicans on board. He was trying too hard to compromise when he didn’t need the Republicans and they were never going to like him. Any idiot could see that.

“He could have gotten it through while Teddy Kennedy was still alive — he owed the Kennedys something — and then the bill was watered down.

“He hasn’t saved the economy, and now he’s admitting he’s made very little progress. You can’t for four years blame the person who used to be president. Obama tries to compromise too much, and he doesn’t look like a strong leader. I don’t watch him anymore. I’m turned off by him. I think he’s an elitist. He went down to the gulf, telling everyone to take a vacation down there, and then he goes to Martha’s Vineyard. He does what he wants but then he tells us to do other things.



Slow Boil | The Agonist:

"I also get told on a regular basis that if I don't shut my pie hole about all this and vote Democratic that it will all be my fault when tEh crazies get elected. Please explain to me in simple, clear, elementary language how the above seven highlights are my fault. To wit: I voted for a candidate who promised to close GITMO within a year. I voted for a candidate who promised to end DADT and provide equal rights for all Americans. I voted for a candidate who promised immigration reform. I voted for a candidate who promised to put Americans, all Americans, back to work. I voted for a candidate who promised to protect our social contract and expand the economic safety net.

Obama has not only not done any of it, he's made shit worse.

Now, tell me why I should vote for the Democrats in 2010? Because tEh crazies are coming? Fuck that: tEh crazies are here."


You know what has more power than a finger wag and sternly worded letters? A FUCKING SOLID HEALTH REFORM LAW!

Otherwise, the insurance industry (Sebelius' and Obama's masters) is just fucking laughing at your dumb asses.

Sebelius To Health Insurers: Stop Lying About Your Rate Increases:

"WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama's top health official on Thursday warned the insurance industry that the administration won't tolerate blaming premium hikes on the new health overhaul law."


Things could be worse, though.

Judson Newton, Missing Bahamas Boater, Likely Found Inside Shark Off Jaws Beach


Friday, September 17, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 9/17/10


Get your raffle tickets for a chance to win a sweet trip to see DBT!

Drive-By Truckers at The National in Richmond, VA October 29-30, 2010 - Rock 'N' Raffle - Benefiting Nuci's Space


Word from The Hood - 9/16/10 - Drive-By Truckers's MySpace Blog |



Win Tickets To See The Drive-By Truckers In Kansas City (Seriously.)


Every so often, a sports reference can make for beautiful music - Steve Rushin -


Aww. DBT's first bonafide Porn Star tweet. Thanks, Aurora!

Twitter / Aurora Snow: For @RichardAbowitz Drive ...



A tribute to Cammie King who played Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the Wind. Cammie passed recently.

From a fan:



Check out Glossary's set on World Cafe:

The Philadelphia Folk Festival On World Cafe : NPR


Audra Brown

Audra workin' on her chops and rockin' the house.


Music I Like

If the Black Keys don't win album of the year, then shit is just fucked. That's right, shit is just fucked.



Dylan LeBlanc



The Best Record Stores in the USA: The top 25 spots for unique vinyl and CDs, from San Francisco to Boston | Rolling Stone Music | Photos


Alabama Fashion

Alabama Chanin and People Magazine by Robin Keyser. � Project Artisan's Blog


Freakin' hot chick

She is waging a mighty battle with Halle for the top spot.


Freida Pinto: Photos: GQ


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Douchebag Fight!

Grab the popcorn because we've got us a bonafide douchebag fight on our hands.

Limbaugh slams Rove for attacking O’Donnell | Raw Story

All over this anti-masturbation nitwit that just won the Republican nom in Delaware.

Read that delicious quote about blindly accepting evolution as fact. Not even a hint of the irony from the Fundie nut-job (redundant, I know).

Stupid science. Jeebus created the earth in 6 24 hour periods. Blindly accept that, bitches!

O’Donnell On Creationism: ‘Too Many People Are Blindly Accepting Evolution As Fact’


Funny how when a Rethug gets booted from the party and faces jail time how these prison conversions occur.

It just must feel really good to say something truthful after living the lie that is the Republican partay.

Greer Apologizes To Obama For GOP Racism, Recants Critique Of Socialist Indoctrination School Speech | TPMDC


What Atrios Says:

"I'm really not on board with the 'Republicans will rule one day so let's hope they're not crazy when they do' idea. First of all, Republicans... already crazy! I think the new batch of crazies are just more likely to be up front about it and less likely to be well trained in how to speak crazy in code. Second, yes Republicans might rule one day, but the existence of amateur crazy candidates makes that less likely.

As for the fact that Republican voters are crazy...well, that isn't new either. What's new is they've gotten permission from their leaders (Rush, Glenn, Sarah) to stop voting for the establishment."

I'd like to give an OA kudo here, but he's fucked up so much that he had to tap Warren. Had to. No other choice.

About the only right choice he's made for his cabinet.

White House To Tap Warren To Set Up Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Can't keep a good corpse down.

The way the redneck mafia use to do it is they'd hollow out the stomach cavity and fill it full of chickenwire and rocks. No shit.

Dead Man Floats Up After Botched Burial At Sea | NBC Miami


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Remember this? From March of this year?

AMERICAblog News: Reid promises public option vote later in the year

Awww. Hope and change hangover. Another broken Dem promise.


Our news media has been reduced to covering fucking tweets.... and they don't even seem to be embarrassed by it... which, I guess, shouldn't be too shocking.

Open Letter to MSNBC and CNN: Sarah Palin's Tweets are NOT Breaking News!:
"Why are you promoting the career of Sarah Palin by reporting 'tweets' as newsworthy?

This goes to you liberal commentators as well. Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, etc.

See above. Damn liberal media.

Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves:
"The story of how one lone idiot, pimping an 18th-century brand of community terrorism, held the media hostage and forced some of this nation's most powerful people to their knees to fitfully beg an end to his wackdoodlery is an extraordinary one. It's a modern media retelling of Faulkner's 'As I Lay Dying', in which a gang of Islamaphobes, cast in the role of Addie Bundren, bamboozle the media into carrying their coffin full of malevolence on a journey of pure debasement. Let's begin at the beginning."

Shocking. Whitey rules the airwaves.

Daily Kos: Study: Sunday talk tilts right, white and male:
"Anybody who still watches the Sunday morning political talk-show line-up is likely to say, 'yeah, so what else is new?' in response to that headline. But it's always surprising to have confirmation of work done at Daily Kos from a branch of the mainstream media."

Damn. And PG&E is trying to shift the cost of the explosion onto the taxpayers.

Surveillance Video Captures 'Moment of Impact' Explosion, Fireball - SFist



Gay People Can Quote The Bible Too | Slog | The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Strongly Worded Letters

Stewart and Colbert might just end up saving the country in the long run.

New Survey Reveals Why Jon Stewart is the Biggest Long Term Threat to Fox News:
"Fox News has made no secret of their distaste for Colbert, and especially Jon Stewart, and it is pretty obvious why. Colbert and Stewart are educating an entire generation of younger viewers to critically think about what they see in the media. The long term health of Fox News is going to depend on their ability to attract and retain younger viewers. These are the same viewers that are watching Jon Stewart expose and mock Fox News on a nightly basis. This is why FNC goes out of its way to impugn the credibility of Stewart anytime they can. It is funny to think that the competition that may do the most long term damage to Fox News is not Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, but a comedian who hosts a nightly mock newscast on a comedy network."

Amen to this. However, I've always felt that the weak-ass Dems used the strongly worded letters with not teeth to lift the spirits of their very dispirited voters. Didn't work then and won't work now. Roll up your sleeves and get to fucking work.

Daily Kos: Strongly Worded Letters Don't Cut It:
"While Rep. Grivalja is definitely one of the Good Guys, promises that 'This time will be different' just don't cut it.

The Congressman should be doing more than writing letters about protecting Social Security, he should be protecting Social Security by introducing a bill to defund the President's Deficit Commission."

This is not good. I'm glad I haven't touched an antibiotic in more than a decade.

Drug-resistant super bacteria found in three US states and Canada | Raw Story:
"An infectious-disease nightmare is unfolding: Bacteria that have been made resistant to nearly all antibiotics by an alarming new gene have sickened people in three states and are popping up all over the world, health officials reported Monday."


Texan saves Quran from burning | AP Texas News | - Houston Chronicle


Rare to hear such praise from a Yankee, and he definitely didn't stick around long enough to kick off some of the dirt underneath, but a nice write up.

Commentary: Southern hospitality is no joke at Alabama |
"But I can tell you this much about my first trip to Alabama and I think a lot of PSU fans who made this trip would agree: Very few people associated with any team project as much grace and love for the game of college football than these folks. They’re good people. And it’s plain to see in every detail they’ve etched into their domain. Visiting it and meeting them has been a gratifying experience."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Profits > Maintenance

Coming to your neighborhood soon, because maintenance should never get in the way of profits.

Fire crews search through the rubble of - Media (1 of 74) San Bruno explosion toll rises to 4

Infrastructure, you say? Ask the city of San Bruno why we need it | Crooks and Liars

    • The ruptured main belongs to Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
    • The pipe that ruptured was installed in 1948
    • Residents in the area had smelled gas for 3 weeks. When it was reported, some were told to shut their garage doors; others were told not to worry about it. (note: those tweets were people reacting in real time to TV reports and interviews)
    • People are still missing. Expect the death toll to rise.
    • The force of the explosion also stopped the water supply, making it much more difficult to fight the fire.
    • PG&E's president was interviewed, but managed to cover himself and duck any hard questions in the process about whether reports of a gas leak had not received priority attention.
    • At the time of this writing, it is reported that 45 homes have been lost with hundreds more damaged.

    A neighborhood exploded. Just like that. It was there one minute, gone the next, apparently the victim of a deteriorating 62-year old cylinder in the ground that wore out, blew out, and exploded after rupturing the ground above it. That cylinder is just one of many old, deteriorating lines.

    And right now, early in the game, we're left with questions about whether that pipe was properly maintained, whether the right amount of attention was paid to reports of a gas leak in the area, and whether PG&E has adequately invested in keeping their equipment safe and up-to-date.

    This is a company that spent $46 million dollars to buy a California ballot initiative in the primary to keep municipalities from maintaining their own utilities.

    How's that other energy company doing since they were entirely left to their own devices to clean-up a gulf they ruined?

    Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor : NPR:
    "Scientists on a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico are finding a substantial layer of oily sediment stretching for dozens of miles in all directions. Their discovery suggests that a lot of oil from the Deepwater Horizon didn't simply evaporate or dissipate into the water — it has settled to the seafloor."

    Hows about instead of Obama splashing around in the gulf surf with his family and eating one or two fried oyster sandwiches for a day or two, hows about he move the freakin' White House to the Gulf and swim, with his family, daily in the Gulf and eat the seafood every goddamn day for the next 10 years.

    You can bet your sweet ass there'd be some 'change' for the gulf if Obama was faced with poisoning his family on a daily basis.

    Group finds contaminated oysters, despite state, federal assurances | | News:
    "NEW ORLEANS -- Sampling by environmental groups has found oysters contaminated with oil along the Louisiana coast befouled by the BP PLC oil spill, a finding that casts doubt on statements by state and federal officials that all seafood tested here is safe to eat.

    Batches of oysters were sampled on Aug. 2 and 3 near the mouths of the Atchafalaya and Mississippi rivers and laboratory tests revealed the animals were tainted by oil, according to Wilma Subra, a well-known Louisiana chemist working for environmental groups. The oysters were obtained from a reef and an old crab trap, she said."

    Swim in this everyday, Obama.

    EXCLUSIVE: Tests find sickened family has 50.3 ppm of Corexit’s 2-butoxyethanol in swimming pool — JUST ONE HOUR NORTH OF TAMPA (lab report included) | Florida Oil Spill Law:
    "“Our heads are still swimming,” stated Barbara Schebler of Homosassa, Florida, who received word last Friday that test results on the water from her family’s swimming pool showed 50.3 ppm of 2-butoxyethanol, a marker for the dispersant Corexit 9527A used to break up and sink BP’s oil in the Gulf of Mexico."

    A bit of unintended humor from the PG&E tragedy:

    San Bruno explosion: Families fear worst
    As the human cost mounted, residents were also coping with the stress of not knowing what happened to their pets. San Bruno animal control officers set up a station at the shelter to try to help.

    "He is missing one leg and had a floppy ear," one woman said through tears.

    "That's good," an animal control officer responded. "It means he is recognizable."


    Friday, September 10, 2010

    DBT Week in Review - 9/10/10


    Happy belated birthday to Emmett Hood. 1 year and 1 day in this fancy world.


    This is the place from whence I was born and raised. Hardly recognize it. Maybe someday Florence/The Shoals can be considered Athens - West.


    10 Giants of Southern Rock Guitar:
    "With their heady mix of fuzzed-up riff rock, rootsy acoustic shuffles and Crazy Horse-like excursions into the wild blue yonder, the Drive-By Truckers offer up an especially ambitious brand of southern rock. Favoring SGs and Gold Top Deluxes, frontman Patterson Hood generally tunes down a whole step in order to achieve the Truckers’ distinctive sound. The band’s sprawling 2001 opus, Southern Rock Opera, paid conscious tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allmans, and the Marshall Tucker Band."

    DRIVE BY TRUCKERS interview @ Mile High Music Festival 2010 - MoBoogie


    His mouth may not speak Spanish, but his guitar sure does. Cooley fucking dominates this guitar solo:


    Fan Videos:

    China. Still awesome:



    Film Review: The Secret to a Happy Ending at Northwest Film Forum:
    "Drive-By Truckers is a musical family affair; not just because inspired leader singer/songwriter Patterson Hood is the son of extremely supportive Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section bass player David Hood, or the fact that he has been collaborating with fellow Shoals, North Alabama vocalist/guitarist Mike Cooley for decades. DBT is an extended filial force driven by a web of affection and responsibility within the band — which also includes another vivid vocalist and tunesmith, Jason Isbell, married to bass player Shannon Tucker; and longtime drummer Brad Morgan — and a deep connection to their fans."

    A hidden gem, ‘That Evening Sun’ has the ring of authenticity | |



    Get it. Do it!

    Joey Kneiser "The All-Night Bedroom Revival" CD



    Check out Centro's version of 'All Night Long'

    Centro-matic on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


    Lera Lynn

    1. Drool. 2. This is such a great song, one that should make LL rich and famous.

    I like the cut of this ladies jib.

    Facebook | Videos Posted by Rich Mullinax: Lera Lynn ~ "I'm Your Fool" Performed Live on WUGA 5 of 6


    Music News

    Alt-rock icon struggles to make a comeback after fire -


    Rock Stars do know how to make an exit.

    Ex-ELO cellist killed in collision with hay bale

    Charles Haddon Dead: Dies From Fall During Ou Est Le Swimming Pool Concert

    The Call's Michael Been Dies of Heart Attack at B.R.M.C. Show - Spinner

    Company presses your ashes into vinyl when you die


    Shorter Cougar: Get off my lawn!

    John Mellencamp Likens Internet To A-Bomb

    Shorter Nicks: Get off my lawn! (and help me stick this needle in my anus)

    Stevie Nicks: 'Internet is killing rock 'n' roll' : SFGate: Daily Dish


    NYT is not far behind as will be all other print magazines.

    Paste Magazine jettisons print product | Atlanta Music Blog | Atlanta Concerts & Shows | Crib Notes | Creative Loafing Atlanta


    And the sky is blue.

    Axl Rose STORMS Off Stage After Bottles Are Hurled At Him:


    Atta girl.

    Polish star faces trial on claim drunks wrote Bible - News


    Do Coat Hangers Sound As Good Monster Cables? - The Consumerist

    Texts, Tweets and Rock n Roll: How Social Media Saved the Sunset Strip :: Culture :: Features :: Paste

    Bob Dylan's No-Ticket Experiment: A Success But Not A Sell Out : SFGate: Culture Blog!

    Apple rocks the music world...again - Americana and roots music - No Depression

    Jeff Pollack: The Music Industry's New Model: Where Is It?
    "Individual artist apps aren't 2009, some of the major labels rolled out apps for a few of their largest artists built largely around exclusive access to video content, mainly performance clips, promotional items, and behind-the-scenes peeks. But that simply is not enough; there has to a more unique offering to entice real fan engagement. Artists can only generate real revenue from apps on a long-term basis if the fan is getting something they deem valuable.

    So, the battle to discover the new model continues on all fronts as the realization sinks in that the answer surely will be a combination of ideas (such as bundled subscriptions, cool artist apps, compelling fan experiences), not one magic solution. One thing won't be the answer, everything will be."

    Thursday, September 09, 2010

    Confucian Technology

    Our next rulers. How the fuck do they create this technology before we do.

    Thank Confucius I've mastered chop-sticks.

    China's Great (Quantum) Leap Forward - Yahoo! News:
    "While China has been showing off its new hardware, a potentially more important military advancement has gone largely unnoticed: In May, Chinese scientists announced a demonstration of 'quantum teleportation' over 16 kilometers (10 miles), creating what Matthew Luce, a researcher at the Defense Group Inc.'s Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis, calls 'secure communications guaranteed by the laws of physics.' China is now at the cutting-edge of military communications, transforming the field of cryptography and spotlighting a growing communications arms race."

    Needs to be done. Will never be done.

    The Case for a New Top Income Tax Bracket � The Washington Independent:
    "Democrats could, for instance, offer to create a new tax bracket for the top one percent of earners (those making more than about $410,000) or for any earners making more than $1 million."


    Teh Stupid owns our world.

    Daily Kos: An army of stupid:
    "'Barack Obama is racist'. 'Barter chickens for healthcare'. 'I read all of the newspapers that are put in front of me.' 'I can see Russia from my house' (ok, fine that one wasn't her exact quote, but still). 'Terrorist anchor babies'. Birthers. Railing against high taxes when 95% of Americans received a tax cut - the biggest middle class tax cut in history. 'Barack the magic...' well, never mend. An American where 'freedom' means that you love the country so much that your spouse can join a separatist political party as you talk about how great this country is. Conspiracy theories about ACORN, about unions, about 'big government', except when it was a few years ago and it was in the name of 'freedom'. And of course, 'death panels'.

    I really could go on and on and on.

    How the fuck did this become mainstream and acceptable enough that Sharon Angle and Rand Paul are where they are, and how Glenn Beck isn't mocked in every (other) corner of reality and society - is beyond me. How empty and hypocritically ironic slogans, sheer ignorance and stupidy - willfull, proud stupidity and ignorance - has become a bigger force in politics and American discourse than ever before is just baffling."


    Don't piss off the old boys from Alabama...

    Police: 81-year-old set off device that killed him:
    "Police say an 81-year old man died in an explosion he set off intentionally in his third-floor room at an Alabama home for senior citizens."

    Soothing, in a way. - Pacific Sun Cruise liner in very heavy seas. Internal CCTV footage.


    Boston Dawna, the Batman of Venice Beach, retires - Yahoo! News


    Wednesday, September 08, 2010


    A history lesson for Rahm's sorry ass:

    Daily Kos: Happy F*ckin' Labor Day!
    Before there were unions, there was no middle class. Working people didn't get to send their kids to college, few were able to own their own fucking home, nobody could take a fucking day off for a funeral or a sick day or they might lose their fucking job.

    Then working people organized themselves into unions. The bosses and the companies fucking hated that. In fact, they were often overheard to say, "Fuck the UAW!!!" That's because the UAW had beaten one of the world's biggest industrial corporations when they won their battle on February 11, 1937, 44 days after they'd taken over the GM factories in Flint. Inspired by their victory, workers struck almost every other fucking industry, and union after union was born. Had World War II not begun and had FDR not died, there would have been an economic revolution that would have given everyone — everyone — a fucking decent life.

    Nonetheless labor unions did create a middle class for the majority (even companies that didn't have unions were forced to pay at or near union wages in order to attract a workforce) and that middle class built a great country and a good life. You see, Rahm, when people earn a fucking good wage, they spend it on stuff, which then creates more good paying jobs, and then the middle class grows fucking big. Did you know that back when I was a kid if you had a parent making a union wage, only one parent had to work?! And they were home by 3 or 4pm, 5:30 at the latest! We had dinner together! Dad had four weeks paid vacation. We all had free health and dental care. And anyone with decent grades went to college and it didn't fucking bankrupt them. (And if you ever used the F-word, the nuns would straighten you out in ways that even you couldn't bear to hear about).


    Mayor Daley isn't running for re-election. Sorry to do this to you Chicago, but please, jeebus take Rahm's ass out of the White House before he completely destroys the Obama Presidency.

    Progressive Group: Rahm's A 'Cancer On The Democratic Party,' Should 'Flatly Go Away':
    "Rahm is unfit to represent Democrats in office,' Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Adam Green said. 'He's a cancer on the Democratic Party. Democrats' current 2010 situation is due to a weak Rahm Emanuel mentality that says water down real reform at the urging of Republicans and corporations, thus making Democratic reform less popular with voters than the real deal would have been. If Democrats had passed the overwhelmingly-popular public option and broken up the big banks when they had the chance, they'd be cruising for a landslide victory right now.'"

    It is partly because of Rahm that we are receiving stupid tax cut bullshit news from the WH when tax cuts will not do one goddamn thing to create jobs.

    Addicted to sucking GOP daddy dick, this WH is.

    Robert Reich (Why Obama Is Proposing Whopping Corporate Tax Cuts, and Why He's Wrong):
    "The economy needs two whopping corporate tax cuts right now as much as someone with a serious heart condition needs Botox."

    Infrastructure -


    It must kinda suck when your captors stereotype you like this (I mean, beside being able to secure your freedom and all, but still).

    'Oh, the Japanese dude MUST know how to work the cell phone'.

    Bet they didn't let him drive, either.

    Japan reporter tricked captors into using Twitter - Yahoo! News:
    "TOKYO – A Japanese journalist held hostage in Afghanistan for five months managed to send out a message via Twitter that he was alive when his captors asked him how to use a cell phone.

    Just days before he was freed, Kosuke Tsuneoka said one of the militants brought him his new cell phone and asked the prisoner to set it up."

    I thought 'parking' was the only move not allowed on a dance floor.

    Men seeking to impress on the dance floor, move that body - Yahoo! News


    Tuesday, September 07, 2010

    Fight, Goddammit!

    If yesterday's attempt by Obama to push 50 billion (way, way, way too small an amount) in infrastructure spending (something the dirty fucking hippies have been howling for from the get go... but WELL FUNDED, not some half-assed-Obama measure) is some form of GOTV for liberals, then we really are fucked in November.

    Go big or you are going home, Obama.

    Warning: Democrats are losing the votes of young adults:
    "The reason this is happening is the recession, and the perception that Democrats are not doing enough to fix it. There is a feeling that Democrats tricked people into thinking that they were going to make big changes to the country, and then failed to make those changes."

    The austere, wrong-about-everything assholes still rule our world.

    Rahmism -
    "This theory led to a strategy of playing it safe: never put forward proposals that might fail to pass, avoid highlighting the philosophical differences between the parties. There was never an appreciation of the risks of having policies too weak to do the job.

    And then it led the administration to keep claiming that the legislation it had gotten through was just right, long past the point when it was obvious that the policies were inadequate.

    And they’re still doing it. This is crazy: when you’re well down in the polls, minimal steps that won’t move the economy and won’t grab voters’ imagination are just a way of guaranteeing a devastating defeat.

    I can understand why the people who persuaded Obama to go for the capillaries might still be claiming that they have the right strategy; bu I don’t understand why Obama is still listening to them."

    Again, thanks Obama. Heckuva job.

    Daily Kos: Unilateral Disarmament Has Destroyed the Democrats:
    "President Obama spent the first two years of his administration practicing political unilateral disarmament. He laid down his arms to reach out to Republicans, and they ripped his arms off and clubbed him over the head with them.

    This idea of playing patty-cakes with the Republicans is enormously na�ve. When is this administration going to get it through their thick skulls that they will never work with you?!"

    Posted in 2003 by the departed Steve Gilliard. Still so very relevant today, unfortunately.

    "It was the liberals who opposed the Nazis while the conservatives were plotting to get their brown shirts or fund Hitler. It was the liberals who warned about Spain and fought there, who joined the RAF to fight the Germans, who brought democracy to Germany and Japan. Let us not forget it was the conservatives who opposed defending America until the Germans sank our ships. They would have done nothing as Britain came under Nazi control. It was they who supported Joe McCarthy and his baseless, drink fueled claims.

    Without liberals, there would be no modern America, just a Nazi sattlelite state. Liberals weak on defense? Liberals created America's defense. The conservatives only need vets at election time.

    It is time to stop looking for an accomodation with the right. They want none for us. They want to win, at any price. So, you have a choice: be a fighting liberal or sit quietly. I know what I am, what are you?"

    Daily Kos: This will likely get me into trouble...

    Now it's two years later, and I'm reading an e-mail about GoTV, and can I contribute, and all I can think is 'I've got a solution for your GoTV problems, and it won't cost you a dollar. Have a pen? Start by: - ripping Simpson out of the Catfood Commission; with a crowbar if necessary - not terminating federal employees because Glen Beck says you should - not going before the supreme court to fight legal trials for the Guantanamo prisoners - fighting for healthcare. Not 'giving away the store and calling it a win' healthcare - fighting for financial reform. Not 'giving away the store… (you get the idea) - Not seeking compromise for it's own sake, especially when it's so clearly uncalled for. And then seeking it again, and again… - not being so wishy-washy on gay marriage and DADT that I can find Republicans who're more progressive than you. - Calling out the war architects for their utter and resounding failures, instead of giving them an OVERWHELMING free-pass. [note: someone out there is thinking 'well, he's a forward looking president…' I get that, but look at the news cycle this past day and you tell me if you think this was a good idea] - NOT whining about having a maybe maybe-not 60 vote majority - I don't recall this being a problem for Republicans. Further, don't chalk this up to 'well, they aren't playing by the rules…' because shame on you for not thinking of this when they were in power, as apparently you could've spared us the major abuses of the Bush years. - standing up and saying 'dammit it's a community center, not a mosque, and even if it were a mosque this is America, and so long as you have a permit you can build whatever you like - grow up people' - Lastly, picking a fight. I mean it, a real fight. I knock down, spitting, cursing, MOTIVATING fight. Pick something - something overwhelming. Something just plain huge - the biggest, baddest issue we're facing, and run at it full steam. Try to pass a budget with a trillion dollars set aside for job retraining and housing assistance for the poor, another trillion for rebuilding the power grid and bridges, and revoking the corporate liability shield so 'I didn't know my company was committing crimes' doesn't fly, or raising the tax rate on incomes over 10 million dollars to 50%.

    Monday, September 06, 2010

    Enjoy Yo-Self, Courtesy of Unions

    If you are lucky enough to have a job, I hope you enjoy today's break brought to you by progressive/liberals/unions of yore.

    Labor Unions are the back bone of this country. As they are killed by the government so goes the middle class.

    U.S. DOL - The History of Labor Day:
    "The First Labor Day

    The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union. The Central Labor Union held its second Labor Day holiday just a year later, on September 5, 1883.

    In 1884 the first Monday in September was selected as the holiday, as originally proposed, and the Central Labor Union urged similar organizations in other cities to follow the example of New York and celebrate a 'workingmen's holiday' on that date. The idea spread with the growth of labor organizations, and in 1885 Labor Day was celebrated in many industrial centers of the country."

    This short article only scratches the surface.

    Outlaws abound in Shoals’ past -


    California pot legalization ‘could end Mexican drug war’

    Canadian pot growers use wild bears to guard stash


    Friday, September 03, 2010

    AAW Life in Review

    Mourning the loss of my youth today (with golf, redwoods, certainly beer, certainly fine food) whilst celebrating being an adult....? Maybe?

    Day off. Peace out and.....


    Thursday, September 02, 2010

    Put up or shut up

    I'm so glad that our capitalistic, free-market creates such corporate competition that customer service in the States is the best in the world... nay, best in the Universe.

    Why, just yesterday I spent 5 hours (the record is 6 hours) on the phone with Sprint attempting to fix my internet card, because the problem had to be on my end, just HAD to be, only to be informed this morning that 3 towers are down in my location.

    Fuck Sprint, those incompetent bastards.

    What Ebert says:

    Put up or shut up - Roger Ebert's Journal


    Obama's continuing rehabilitate-the-NeoCons fetish continues its destructive force.

    Weak and wrong. Weak and wrong.

    Maddow blasts Obama for praising Bush, letting WMD liars ‘get off easy’ | Raw Story:
    "'I think we shouldn't get past how remarkable it is how much the proponents of the Iraq war are getting off easy here,' Maddow said to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann immediately following the speech.

    'And to to have in this speech, as combat operations are ending, to have, as you point out Keith, the president not only not addressing the circumstances in which he we went to war, but these kind words for President Bush, describing his commitment to our security, despite the recklessness with which President Bush discarded that national security in favor of this war of choice, which only diminished our security, and is responsible probably for the Afghanistan war still going on today, for the depths of people who have died in Afghanistan after the time, after which that war would have ended had we not gone to Iraq, not to mention all of the people who died in Iraq,' Maddow continued."

    Obama's scared the GOP Daddies will be made at him if he doesn't include worthless tax cuts which will not do one goddamn thing to improve the economy. Spend and spend big or just shut the fuck up so we can elect someone with balls and sense in 2012.

    Tax cuts do not grow the economy. Never have, never will.

    Tax Cuts, Infrastructure Spending Weighed to Spur Economy -
    "The Obama administration is considering a range of new measures to boost economic growth, including tax cuts and a new nationwide infrastructure program, according to people familiar with the discussions."

    Shocking that the people who rule use aren't suffering. Remember when we had a viable middle class. Yeah, remember. Awww. Functioning democracies are cute. Like, baby seal cute... and Republicans and Blue Dog Dems are the club.

    Wealthy lawmakers increased their riches as U.S. economy sputtered in '09 -
    "The wealthiest members of Congress grew richer in 2009 even as the economy struggled to recover from a deep recession.

    The 50 wealthiest lawmakers were worth almost $1.4 billion in 2009, about $85.1 million more than 12 months earlier, according to The Hill’s annual review of lawmakers’ financial disclosure forms."

    Wednesday, September 01, 2010

    Nothing to See Here, Folks

    The ghost of GW Bush was on the TV last night acting presidential.

    Obama's 'nothing to see here, folks' style of management is dragging this country further into the pit.

    Fuck you, Obama. If we forget, If we do not hold accountable, then we have failed and we might as well start teaching Chinese in those lovely charter schools you desire in order to crush those nasty unions that are all mean to you and shit.

    Daily Kos: Turn the page on Mister Bush? Never:
    "I cannot and will not turn the page until George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the others in that cabal of scorpions are brought to justice and make amends for Iraq. Which means never. No apology, much less time in the slam. I'll go to my grave knowing Bush and the rest got away with it. In a couple of months, Bush hopes hundreds of thousands of Americans will be turning the pages of his memoir, a book certain to add to the plethora of lies and pathetic, murderous rationalizations with which we became so familiar during the last seven years of his presidency."

    Connect these dots:

    Franken tells FCC: Without ‘Net Neutrality’, a ‘handful’ of corporations will control the Web | Raw Story

    Fox News: DEAD LAST In Online Ratings

    In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Remains a Rarity


    Some of the first color film moving images. Pretty neat.