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DBT Lyrics Tour - Fate Lead Her

Quick note before we start the picture tour: Jayfrombama is participating in Project Alabama's Alabama Adventure Weekend. On May 6, 2006 at FAME Studios Jay be will giving an oral history musical tour that should be outstanding. If you're in the area be sure to check it out!

Here we go....

Welcome to my hometown, Florence, Alabama, aka Buttholeville!

When my "Momma ran off..." my favorite drink when I was depressed was....


'Cause "it's a mean mean cruel world out there" and sometimes a little vodka and milk makes everything just fine.... for a while.

Although, I do enjoy some...

...while I "...listen to the crickets and trains".

And I'd never turn down a...

... to go with my "half ounce of (dirt) weed".

But most of all I love to "tear into....

"...Old No.7 and make love till dawn". That's how "Me and old Jack Daniel's, become the best of friends". Ah, "Whiskey is hard to beat".

If I ever find that special someone and decide to get married I'll head on over to....

Dolly Parton's Great Smoky Mountain family Amusement Park:
"Unique as its namesake Dolly Parton, Dollywood theme park is a one-of-a-kind Smoky Mountain Family Adventure! Spanning 125 acres and nestled in the lush foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, near Gatlinburg, Dollywood is one of the most popular family vacation destinations."
Good goddamn, clean, homespun honeymoonin' fun!

And I'll get hitched by some fella that looks like this:

But as I was sayin' earlier,

"It's a mean mean cruel world out there... So my momma was forced to work one shit job after another. Till finally fate lead her to a place called R&D Trucking in Florence, Alabama.
And they hired my momma to be a truck log auditor".

(I searched high and low for R & D Trucking. Everyone I talked to said it was out on Mars Hill Road. I couldn't find a listing in the Yeller Pages, either. I went and searched around and came across a couple of Trucking Cos. but none of them said R&D. I snapped a couple of photos of A trucking company).

Being that it is such a "mean, mean cruel world" I like to get away from it all sometimes. Taking a drive in the country does wonders. A good ol' country car....

...Whether it be "a 302 Mach One in green...."

...Or a 442, even if they do tend to get airborne...

..makes me want to be "Just like all them other crazy fools with racing in their blood". If I play it right I could be "...the coolest doggone motherscratcher on the silver screen".

"....and BEEEEEE-sides, thems highway miles"

I should have kept it on the highway though.... One time when I was muddin' "The piston rods hurled straight through the engine block dropping oil, gasoline, water, and anti-freeze onto the Alabama red clay below". It was a bitch gettin' that thing towed out.

But it could of been worse. If you get a bit too much whiskey in your gut, and that southern bravado kicks in, and you start "Tear-assing through the back part of town and those deserted country roads" you might end up with an unintended roadside memorial.

Why I knew this fella...."He was almost out of Leighton"...almost.

His greiving family put "Plastic flowers on the highway..." I remember seeing them and "For the next few minutes, I drove a little slower". You've got to be "Careful that you don’t use up your ninth one...".

"Cause I got dead brothers in Lauderdale south" from raising hell in a car...

But, really, "If I died in Colbert County, Would it make the evening news"? Probably not. But don't think "You can throw me in the Colbert County jailhouse" for drivin' fast. I'll probably run away...

Maybe I'll run away to the big city. Maybe Birmingham. (I actually did move away from Florence to Birmingham. Finished up undergraduate there). "No man should ever have to feel He don't belong in Birmingham" but, alas, "It’s no wonder everybodies scared of downtown Birmingham it’s just a little too close to home". At least no churches "...blew up in Birmingham" while I was there.

When I got to the big city I learned more about the folks that define my state. Of course, there was George Wallace who...

".... was for all practical purposes the governor of alabama from 1962 until 1986".

I learned that "Racism is a worldwide problem and it has been since the beginning of recorded history, and it ain't just white and black. But thanks to George Wallace, it's always a little more convenient to play it with a Southern accent".

We're still living him down. Fucker. Thank goodness "...he's in hell, now".

"And Bear Bryant wore a cool lookin' red checkered hat...."

"... and won football games...." When the Bear came to town there would be a parade". I love Bear Bryant.

"Now Ronnie Van Zant wasn't from Alabama..."

.... but, in Ronnie's case, we'll adopt you if you write a pretty song about us. EZB is an example of an Alabama adoption.

Since Birmingham I've moved to bigger cities and bigger states, but I still get home from time to time. And when I do go home I like to reminisce.

Living in the south puts you at risk to encounter some pretty nasty weather. Tornadoes are a part of southern life. When those "...clouds started forming at five o'clock pm..." you better get your ass safe somewhere. Maybe take in a movie at the local theatre.

I saw my first movie at the Shoals Theatre. I was there with my momma watching a movie... it was a cartoon...The Rescuers... the day Elvis Presley died. When we got home my dad and sister were waiting at the door with very somber looks on their faces, hating the fact that they had to break the news to my momma. When they did she started to cry.... hard... and so did I. The rest of the day, Elvis albums played on the stereo. "A homecoming concert, the night the tornadoes hit my hometown" if you will.

Luckily we went to an early show before the weather got bad. 'Cause "The few who braved the weather were sucked out of the auditorium"

I've always been fascinated with storms and tornadoes. I went through a period of my life where I dreamed about tornadoes pretty consistantly. There was never any fear and I was never running away from them, always toward them.

(Tornado on Wheeler Lake)

Back in the late 80's one hit at night. "The funnel clouds touched down five miles north of Russellville" and it ended up tearing through a truck stop/restaurant on 157. Here's a picture of that truck stop/restaurant as it stands today:

When I was home over Thanksgiving I stopped by and talked to Jody. She owns the restaurant. I asked her if she had any pictures of the damage the tornado caused. She had one picture hanging in her office. The glass was stained yellow after years of exposure to cigarettes and grease. It was a bit difficult to get a good picture of that picture. Below is the actual carnage described by Patterson in Tornadoes. You can see the "Pieces of that truck stop, litter up the highway".

The day after the tornado my cousin and I hopped in her car, went and bought a pint of bourbon, and toured the destruction.

"...and as the things came threw, it sounded like a train"

(Train running thru rural Colbert County)

I started my collegiate career at UNA in Florence. After my first year I dropped out for a semester and got me a real job. I spent the next "Six months in a St. Florian foundry, they call it Industrial Park". (Actually, I worked for an industrial painting company contracted to work at Reynold's Metal Company and I guaran-damn-tee you I didn't last 6 months. More like 2 weeks and I hightailed it back to college).

My momma worked at the tech school in Florence. It was called Burrell Slater. She taught something called distributive education, which was essentially learning how to work in retail. Her classroom was set up like a grocery store/clothing store. It was good fun to run around in as a kid. The school also taught automotive repair, welding and " maintenance and Tech School just to memorize Frigidaire parts".

The most popular activities for high-schoolers in Florence were drinking and parking. There was a great place right near McGee Town to do both. You just had to be careful of those sinkholes when you were out that way:

"Show him the view from McGee Town Hill"

"Bury his body in the old sink hole under cold November sky". They're still lookin' for that ol' Banker Man.

(Sinkhole in Decatur, Alabama)

It's no bullshit. sinkholes can kill. The article below was written last week and it happened in northern California. We've had a ton of rain the past few months.

Hole opens beneath Placer County home, killing man:
"Residents of private Sawmill Road in the Gold Country town of Alta (Placer County) knew that shafts from the old Nary Red Mine snaked near the bellies of their hillside homes. But they never expected this.

After a wet winter, the ground opened up and swallowed a 27-year-old schoolteacher at 9:30 p.m. Friday. He was in the converted garage of his family's home, where he lived with his pregnant wife, authorities said.

She escaped and called for help, but it was too late. State forestry department firefighters found Jason Chellew in a 10-foot-deep sinkhole with no pulse."
Thanks for spending some time with me as I spun some tales and reminsced about my hometown. Thanks to DBT for the soundtrack to my first 20 years on this earth and for the music that will carry me to the grave.

While you're still here can I asked you a little favor. Would you sing along with me? Ready.....



Dang, y'all sound good and ready for the Rock Show!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Little Party That Couldn't

Think about it.... $700 billion for education... for improving our infrastructure (a national high speed railway a la the interstate system of the 50s).... investing in renewable energy sources. Nope. $700 billion for a bullshit war that has made us less safe, created more terrorist, broken our military, and has greatly diminished our standing in the world. Nice.

Projected Iraq War Costs Soar:
"The cost of the war in Iraq will reach $320 billion after the expected passage next month of an emergency spending bill currently before the Senate, and that total is likely to more than double before the war ends, the Congressional Research Service estimated this week."
FEMA worked like a champ under Clinton. Why? Because Clinton stocked it with intelligent skilled people and Clinton provided the leadership for them to succeed. FEMA's not the problem. George Bush is the problem. Honestly, after seeing the video of Brownie in action, he did the best job he could. It was the leadership above him that failed.... miserably.

We're stuck in a bear trap so we cut off the free foot.

Senate Panel Recommends Abolishing FEMA:
"Hurricane Katrina's latest fatality should be FEMA, the nation's disaster response agency, a Senate inquiry concluded in calling for a government overhaul to avoid future failures like those the devastating storm exposed."
They are stupid and they stink.

Voters down on Bush, Congress:
"WASHINGTON - As gasoline prices have spiked above $3 a gallon throughout the country, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that the public’s view of President Bush’s job, the economy and the nation’s direction have continued to decline."
GOP = Clusterfucks R Us.

The Little Party That Couldn't:
"Ask a Republican why Iraq is a disaster? It's the CIA Media Democrats Iraqis General's fault. Ask why the Katrina response was bungled? It's NOAA Mayor Nagin victims Governor Blanco Army Corp of Engineer's fault. Why is the budget deficit at record levels? It's the tax code liberals telletubbies Al Gore retirees your fault.

How long will Americans put up with the endless excuses and Republican blame game? About as long as it takes for a GOP screw-up to impact their own pocketbook or lives."
Ummm, I don't think this was in the Tony Robbins manual

Calif. Woman Spanked at Work Sues for $1.2M:
"FRESNO, Calif. - Lawyers for a woman who was spanked in front of her co-workers as part of what her employer said was a camaraderie-building exercise asked a jury Wednesday for at least $1.2 million for the humiliation she claimed to have suffered."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Musical Fruit

At least they're not pretending anymore. A FOX pundit is hired as Bush's spokesperson. Not really a career move by Tony, more like a job title change.

FOX in the hen house or Snow Job:
"President Bush on Wednesday announced Fox News anchor and analyst Tony Snow as his new White House press secretary."
Red rover, red rover, send an indictment of Carl Rove right over:

CIA Leak Prosecutor Goes to Grand Jury:
"WASHINGTON - Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald early Wednesday went before a federal grand jury looking into the leak of the identity of undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame.

It is believed to be only the second session the prosecutor has had with the grand jury which is examining questions left unanswered in the Plame affair. The only other time Fitzgerald was seen going before the new panel was Dec. 7."
Great read on how to get our point across.

"I Don't Agree that Bush is God":
"Another Sunday of the talking head circus is past, where the 101st Fighting Keyboardists can bravely take up arms against an army of straw men who hate America. Yes, with extreme valor do they shoot down those who don't want to listen in on Al Queda, lob grenades at isolationists, or skewer the liberals who don't believe Iraqis deserve freedom.

Yes, week in and week out Republicans caricature Democratic positions to the point of ridiculousness, and then blow them over with a gust of hot air. Why? Because it works! The listener tends to have an instinctive revulsion to the silly position, and the person on the other side of the debate frequently is forced to dissociate himself from the strawman argument, to clarify his real position--leaving precious little time to discuss the merits of his position. Moreover, the Republican version of his argument is neat, clean and--most of all--memorable.

How do liberals respond? Why, with truth and logic of course. And they usually prevail, three hours after the show has gone off the air. "
Why are people trying to take all the fun out of beans? I mean, what's the purpose here. Why do Venezuelans hate comedy so? What are little kids and grown men gonna laugh at now. This world is going to shit.

Study shows secret to gas-free beans:
"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two strains of bacteria are the key to making beans flatulence-free, Venezuelan researchers reported on Tuesday."

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Boobs have inhibited my development as a Man

32. How long will it take to crack the 20s?

Bush's approval ratings slide to new low:
"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush's approval ratings have sunk to a personal low, with only a third of Americans saying they approve of the way he is handling his job, a national poll released Monday said.

In the telephone poll of 1,012 adult Americans carried out Friday through Sunday by Opinion Research Corporation for CNN, 32 percent of respondents said they approve of Bush's performance, 60 percent said they disapprove and 8 percent said they do not know."
And when you're at 32 percent, you'll say anything for a bump up. Even if you FLIP-FLOP.

Bush Flashback: Using Strategic Oil Reserve To Lower Prices Damages “National Security”:
"President Bush will order the Department of Energy to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Oil Reserve “in order to get more fuel on the market and help reduce rising gasoline prices.”

In September 2000, then-Gov. George W. Bush criticized President Clinton for proposing to use the strategic oil reserve in response to high prices:

The Strategic Reserve is an insurance policy meant for a sudden disruption of our energy supply or for war. Strategic Reserve should not be used as an attempt to drive down oil prices right before an election. It should not be used for short-term political gain at the cost of long-term national security. - G.W. Bush

Today, Bush did precisely what he criticized President Clinton for five-and-a-half years ago."
Georgie Porgie doesn't want you smokin' the dope. Besides, we know his drug of choice is coke. So what does he do? He has his political operatives in the FDA ignore science and promote politics:

The FDA's statement on medical marijuana.
"Last week, the Food and Drug Administration reported that it had definitively established that marijuana has no medical use or value. Definitively? Established? I don't think so."
'Cause you know, the biggest problem in America is hip-hop.... and Mormons.... and Terrist.... (snark content)


I was about to write one of the most profound sentences in the history of literature, but I just saw some cleavage and..... Me name are cant beeze umbleeeee schnooze. Derrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sex cues ruin men's decisiveness:
"Catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man's decision-making skills into disarray, a study suggests.

The more testosterone he has, the stronger the effect, according to work by Belgian researchers.

Men about to play a financial game were shown images of sexy women or lingerie."

Monday, April 24, 2006

Beer for Menopause

I posted a link to Pink's new song, Dear Mr. President a few days back. I've come across a recent live performance of the song by Pink. Very powerful. This isn't some bimbette regurgitating some lines someone wrote for her. This is an artist with something to say passionately singing about something that matters to her. The crowd reaction and sing along gives me hope. Come on, youth. Save us.

Pink- Dear Mr President - Live

Do as I say, not as I do.

Democrats Suggest Double Standard on Leaks:
"Key Democratic legislators yesterday joined Republicans in saying they do not condone the alleged leaking of classified information that led to last week's firing of a veteran CIA officer. But they questioned whether a double standard exists that lets the White House give reporters secretly declassified information for political purposes."
This is telling when your personal propaganda machine can't couch a question regarding your approval rating in a manner that only garners 33% approval. There's just no good way to ask it, huh FOX? Bush sucks, bottom line.

FOX Poll: 33 percent:
"NEW YORK — More Americans disapprove than approve of how George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Congress are doing their jobs, while a majority approves of Condoleezza Rice. President Bush’s approval hits a record low of 33 percent this week, clearly damaged by sinking support among Republicans."
No only does he suck, he's dangerous:

George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President:
"President George W. Bush's presidency is a disaster - one that's still unfolding. In a mid-2004 column, I argued that, at that point, Bush had already demonstrated that he possessed the least attractive and most troubling traits among those that political scientist James Dave Barber has cataloged in his study of Presidents' personality types.

Now, in early 2006, Bush has continued to sink lower in his public approval ratings, as the result of a series of events that have sapped the public of confidence in its President, and for which he is directly responsible. This Administration goes through scandals like a compulsive eater does candy bars; the wrapper is barely off one before we've moved on to another."
ummm, yes!

Is U.S. being transformed into a radical republic?:
"We Americans came not from a revolution but from an evolution.

That is in large part why our so-called revolution produced success while most throughout history did not. We came as much from the Magna Carta as from our own doings, as much from British common law and parliamentary development as from the Declaration of Independence and Continental Congress.

Unlike the true revolution on the other side of the Atlantic that led to Napoleon's dictatorship and strife and conflict all across Europe, our evolution founded the greatest country the world has ever seen. That was true in every element of power and in the uniqueness that makes us great, our constant striving for 'a more perfect union' and, as we do so, our open arms for the other peoples of the world 'yearning to be free.'

As Alexis de Tocqueville once said: 'America is great because she is good. If America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.'

In January 2001, with the inauguration of George W. Bush as president, America set on a path to cease being good; America became a revolutionary nation, a radical republic. If our country continues on this path, it will cease to be great - as happened to all great powers before it, without exception."
I thought we already used beer to ease the symptoms of menopause? OH, its for the women!

Scientists working on beer for menopause:
"Prague - Women struggling with the discomforts of menopause may soon find relief in a cold glass of beer.

Experts in the Czech Republic are working on a beer specifically brewed for women experiencing hot flashes, troubling sleeping and other woes during this phase.

The low-kilojoule, low-alcohol beer being developed by the Prague-based Research Institute of Brewing and Malting contains heightened levels of phytoestrogen, a plant form of the hormone estrogen often lacking in menopausal women, said the institute's director Karel Kosar."

Friday, April 21, 2006

DBT Week in Review - 4/15- 4/21

UPDATE: Check out this review promo from New West. Sweet!

Finally! The Release. And what a release it is. Fantastic album by the band. Great reviews pouring in.

Tour dates with the Black Crowes have been annouced.

This WIR is gonna be short and sweet. I'm working on another picture tour that should be ready next week. Here's a sample:

Also, I'm writing a review of the reviews. The punditry of punditry. It'll be like a freakin' Escher painting. I'm already confused writing it. Should be good fun.

I do want to highlight one review in this post. This review is really the only one that matters and it comes from the Birthday Girl, DBTJenn. Jenn just turned 21, so now she can drink at the shows ;-P
dbts : Message: Re: [dbts] Re: Well Runs Dry: "Alright, I'll jump in here. Mind you I've been listening to these songs a while and in all kinds of order. The first one that got me was the title track - I just love that chord progression. I love the harmonic guitar work. Lots of people don't like Patterson's high voice, but it works for me, especially when he's backed by a such minor-key storm of instrumentation, and so earnest about what he's saying. Feb 14 was hot on it's tail, because of Brad's fucking bad ass drumbeat. I swear, I don't know many drummers who can hold a candle to the man. Plus, it's a very old song that even Horse Pussy used to play (my brother recognized it immediately and reminded me, though he said it sounded a little different when HP was doing it). I'd cried over Space City many a time, and it turned out about as good as I've ever heard Cooley play it. Of course Gravity's Gone got me at the same time as Feb 14, because it's just such an amazing song. We joked that Cooley'd just written down a bunch of the funny shit he said in one day and made a song out of it, cause that's pretty much how he talks. I think Easy On Yourself snuck up on me then, and I was running it over and over again for a while, too. Jason's songs cause that really sweet pop addiction that comes from his catchy hooks, and plaintive voice. I love his lyrics and their phrasing. I'd always appreciated Little Bonnie and I thought World of Hurt was a beautiful and intense song (possibly a masterpiece), but it took me a while to hook into Aftermath - just because it does sound so much like The Faces - but the lyrics got to me eventually, and now I love it. Goodbye and Wednesday were always there, always kickass, always creeping up on me. Shonna's bass playing on Goodbye gives me chillbumps, and the driving beat of Wednesday (plus that staccato guitar - I LOVE that!) does too. Along with Daylight, they're like the nougaty center of this album. And that's how it's rolled for me. -j"
From the Ninebullets board comes a cool promotion. I sure would likes me one of dem prints:
Nine Bullets: "I run an online store for The Great Escape - a small chain of stores in TN and KY. We are holding a drawing on our website to win an autographed, numbered print from the Decoration Day release. Anyone who purchases any DBT CD or DVD before April 23rd is entered to win. If you purchase Blessing & a Curse, we do have the 4-track bonus disc to ship out with it as well. Our website is TheGreatEscapeOnLine

We also are running a similar promotion (and giving away another signed print) at our Bowling Green KY location - so if you are in the area come by and see us!

~Rob "
What's left of Skynyrd did a benefit for the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. DBT WILL be honored in those halls someday:
Welcome to "David Johnson, executive director of the hall of fame, is to be commended for organizing the Lynyrd Skynyrd benefit concert. Johnson was one of the first record producers to work with the Florida-based band back in the early 1970s, when no one had heard of them, and no one could understand their sound. Skynyrd recorded its first tracks at Quinvy Studios with Johnson and at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios with Jimmy Johnson.

Had Skynyrd not come to Muscle Shoals in search of a record deal, the pioneering band would not have found success later. And the surviving members of the band were happy to repay the debt with a benefit concert."
Here's a shout out to Jayfrombama, a fellow Shoals alumnus and musical savant. Jay's puttin' on a Muscle Shoals music history lesson at FAME in a couple of weeks. I'd love to attend that one. I'll try to get more information from him and post it next week. If you're anywhere near the Shoals and if the event includes the general public, I'd highly recommend going to hear Jay.

The following post is for Jay and all the other expatriated Shoalsians who might get the occassional homesickness. From the NY Times:

Florence, Alabama - Fashion Capital of the South - New York Times:
"Passing through on Highway 72, you could easily mistake Florence, Ala., for a backwater of Winn-Dixies and double-wide trailers. But turn off, and the city — population 36,264 — soon reveals its attractions: elegant 19th-century buildings, a living musical heritage and very fine fried okra. Five years ago, when Natalie Chanin returned home to start her clothing company, Project Alabama — known for high-fashion garments that are hand-stitched by local quilters — she was a pioneer, but today Florence is in full swing."
This is a picture of a booth at the Hollywood Inn in Florence, AL. I grew up right next to this soul food restaurant. My mouth waters just writing about it. Mac and Cheese. That's all I've got to say. Across the street is Bunyan's BBQ. Oh... My... God.... This is how we do in Flo-town: Smoked meat, no sauce. You can get mayo (which I do) and slaw (which I don't) on your BBQ sammiches. Put some hot sauce on that bad boy. Plain Lay's Potato Chips. Take your ass to the River.....

This is a picture of The Smokehouse Billiards, or simply, The Pool Hall. My senior year in highschool, I'd skip lunch every day and head to The Pool Hall. Between this place and being taken to the Tennessee line by some of the older crowd I ran with, I became a pretty damn good pool player. I can still get on a tear and whip anybody's ass in the land. Oh, and Chili Cheese Burgers with hot sauce. I might not slap my momma, but I'd probably slap somebody elses momma for one of those burgers right now. Damn, I done got hungry:

Keep an eye out next week for the picture tour and the review of the reviews.

Rock Show, Bitches!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vietnamese Waxer Lady

A long read but a must read:

Rolling Stone : The Worst President in History?:
"George W. Bush's presidency appears headed for colossal historical disgrace. Barring a cataclysmic event on the order of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, after which the public might rally around the White House once again, there seems to be little the administration can do to avoid being ranked on the lowest tier of U.S. presidents. And that may be the best-case scenario. Many historians are now wondering whether Bush, in fact, will be remembered as the very worst president in all of American history."
The Decider:
While the frustrated generals named Mr. Rumsfeld in their complaint, they clearly aimed at Mr. Bush. They know that the Commander in Chief was implicated, from the beginning, in every bad decision perpetrated by the Pentagon civilian leadership. They understand why the President cannot take their advice to dump Rummy, as Brookings Institution military analyst Michael O’Hanlon pointed out: “For Bush to fire Rumsfeld is for Bush to declare himself a failure as president.”"
A Crisis Almost Without Equal:
"The alarm should be bi-partisan. Many Republicans fear their president's image as a bumbler will hurt their party for years. The rest may fret about the almost certain paralysis within the administration, or a reversal of certain favorite policies. A Gallup poll this week revealed that 44% of Republicans want some or all troops brought home from Iraq. Do they really believe that their president will do that any time soon, if ever?"
The Soldier in Me:
"There’s a reason most vets running for office this year are running as Democrats. The military is perhaps the ideal society -- we worked hard but the Army took care of us in return. All our basic needs were met -- housing, food, and medical care. It was as close to a color-blind society as I have ever seen. We looked out for one another. The Army invested in us. I took heavily subsidized college courses and learned to speak German on the Army’s dime. I served with people from every corner of the country. I got to party at the Berlin Wall after it fell and explored Prague in those heady post-communism days. I wasn’t just a tourist; I was a witness to history.

The Army taught me the very values that make us progressives -- community, opportunity, and investment in people and the future. Returning to Bush Senior’s America, I was increasingly disillusioned by the selfishness, lack of community, and sense of entitlement inherent in the Republican philosophy. The Christian Coalition scared the heck out of me. And I was offended by the lip service paid to national service when most Republicans couldn’t be bothered to wear combat boots. I voted for Bush in 1992, but that was the last time I voted Republican."
best of craigslist : You Rule, Vietnamese Waxer Lady:
"My regular waxer was not available and I just could not bear the wild, untamed amazon bush jungle that my, well, bush had become for another day.

So I came to you on my lunch hour, Anonymous Vietnamese Waxer Lady who works at the cheapie nail place. We were mere strangers before this afternoon, but after knowing you only an hour, I feel like I must point out the reasons why you rule. "