Friday, November 30, 2007

DBT Week in Review - 11/30/07

Coming soon: My song by song review of DBT's new epic album, Brighter Than Creations Dark.


Drive-By Truckers:

"ANNOUNCEMENT: THE HOME FRONT WORLD TOUR Premiere: Athens GA Jan. 10-12, 2008 We are thrilled to announce the beginning of our 2008 touring season. We will be kicking The Home Front World Tour 2008 off with a three night stand at our home base Athens GA's Fabulous 40 Watt Club on January 10, 11 and 12. The first night, January 10th will be a special benefit show for Nuci's Space - Artist's Resource Center DBT will play their new album BRIGHTER THAN CREATION'S DARK live in it's entirety, for what may be the only time ever. Two of our favorite bands: Don Chambers and GOAT and Bo Bedingfield and the Wydelles will open. Friday Jan. 11th and Saturday Jan. 12th will be full on Rock Shows and the premiere of our new tour. Openers will be Glossary (from Murfreesboro TN) on Friday the 11th and The Dexateens (from Tuscaloosa AL) will open on the 12th. These are two of the best bands in America so don't miss them. Stay Tuned for announcements of further tourdates in Europe and USA very soon. See you at The Home Front Rock Show, Drive-By Truckers BUY TICKETS STARTING NOV 30 AT 12PM EST "

Drive-By Truckers Discography - a DBT fansite :: View topic - Now that's a yard sale:

"Alright all you lucky bastards near Richmond... Wes and Jyl Freed are having a goddamn yard sale! I'm tempted to drive up there my damn self... ATTIC SALE: 12/1 & 12/8, 10-am-1pm. 1902 S. Battery Drive, Richmond, VA. 30 years of crap, must go! No tags, make an offer. All the usual yard sale stuff plus 11 antique gossip benches & some original artwork. Lots of dust, lots of junk to pick through & upstairs. Wear old clothes. No children. EARLYBIRDS WILL BE SHOT, PLUCKED & ROASTED."

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

The Year In Review - Jason Isbell MySpace Blog:

"Now that I've been home for a day and I'm fairly well-rested (and Otis Redding is on my TV), I believe I can reflect on this year with some modicum of clarity. I'd like to start by sincerely thanking everybody who saw us play in '07. I saw some fantastic crowds, reconnected with some good old friends, and made a hell of a lot of new ones. I am still in shock over how many of you guys showed up and rocked out with us, and I'm glad to maintain some sort of contact with you from all these miles away (thanks Myspace)."
New Tour Dates!

Jason Isbell | Tourdates


The Drams, Glossary, Two Cow Garage

dbts : Message: This is American Music Revue (O.T. on most lists)

I spent last night in Denton, for the This is American Music Revue. Grand Champeen, from Austin, TX (Michael Crow is a f'n BAD ASS guitar player), Glossary, from Murfreesboro, TN, Two Cow Garage from Columbus, OH, and The Drams from Denton, all shared the stage as one band or another, over the span of almost 3 hours of music. The show was topped off by members of ALL the bands on stage, paying homage to Tom Petty's, American Girl.

Seems that the bands drank 4 cases of beer, plus some whiskey, at Brent's house the night before, and after some rehearsing, they sat down with the new 4 hour Petty DVD to watch.
I gotta tell you, it was a DAMN fine cover, considering that only Champeen actually knew the song. I have it on the web at...

If any of you folks are near Kansas City, they are playing there tonight. Chicago tomorrow, Milwaukee on Friday, and ending it in St. Louis Saturday. GET YOUR ASSES THERE!!!

For you guys on the car lists, Glossary has their new cd, The Better Angels of Our Nature, for free download on their site.
But once you hear it, you will want to buy the bands copy, to help support good music.
If you motorheads can't get worked up over track 7, Gasoline Soaked Heart, try track 10, Blood on the Knobs (my favorite, so far)


Tequila Brad

Here's the greatness Brad recorded that night:

American Girl - This is American Music Revue

Add to My Profile | More Videos


Photography Read Bulletin:

"Please Vote! Body: Adam Smith has been nominated for The 11th Hour Publication's 'best photographer' award for 2007. The Readers choice awards will be announced on January 13th at The Cox Capital Theater in Macon. If you like my work please take the time to vote for me. Also in the running is Hank Vegas (the band I manage) for 'album of the year' and 'best rock band.' is the link login and vote! thank you ! A"


Guns N'Roses N'promises:

"When Peanuts creator Charles Schulz announced his retirement in the late 1990s, there was much talk about his final strip. One popular prediction was that Charlie Brown would finally get to kick the football - advice that Schulz very wisely didn't take. If Charlie Brown kicked the football, it would undo 50 years of good comics with one bad one. That's exactly how I feel about 'Chinese Democracy.' We, the remaining Guns N' Roses fan base, are Charlie Brown. The album is the football. And Axl Rose is Lucy, repeatedly setting deadlines he knows he'll never make, because the public is gullible enough to believe him. (I think Slash is Schroeder in this analogy, and Stephanie Seymour is the Little Red-Haired Girl, although I haven't totally thought that part out.)"

'Sweet Caroline' was Caroline Kennedy:

"LOS ANGELES - Neil Diamond held onto the secret for decades, but he has finally revealed that President Kennedy's daughter was the inspiration for his smash hit 'Sweet Caroline.'

'I've never discussed it with anybody before — intentionally,' the 66-year-old singer-songwriter told The Associated Press on Monday during a break from recording. 'I thought maybe I would tell it to Caroline when I met her someday.' He got his chance last week when he performed the song via satellite at Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg's 50th birthday party."

Clapton: My boozy sex life -

"Eric Clapton did not have sex sober until he was in his 30s due to his booze and drug use, he has revealed."


"A new complaint filed yesterday in LA Superior Court by Bier's lawyer, Keith Fink, added more items to the list, including African masks made of human skin, a full skeleton of a 4-year-old Chinese girl that Manson is said to have turned into a chandelier, and another skeleton of a man in a wheelchair - all illegal items in the US. He allegedly continued his spree with swastika wall tiles and matching custom rugs, a mounted grizzly bear and two mounted baboons. "

Springsteen bandmate on hiatus for health reasons:

"NEW YORK (Billboard) - Keyboardist Danny Federici, an original member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, is taking a leave of absence from the group while underground treatment for melanoma."

The Raw Story | Romantics sue video game maker over song:

"The Romantics have filed a federal lawsuit against Activision Inc., the maker of 'Guitar Hero,' saying the popular video game infringes on the band's rights by featuring a soundalike recording of its 1980 hit 'What I Like About You.'"

Rolling Stone : Radiohead Conspiracy Theories: Totally Nuts, or Just a Little Nuts?


best of craigslist : air guitar


best of craigslist : Frankenpick:

"Latest offering smuggled from the former Soviet Union, this pick utilizes old Russian nuclear laser technology. Strap on the convenient Velcro micro-unit, plug into any 1200 Watt power supply, and aim the solar panels directly at the sun and dial in the guitar style of your choice. From Chet Atkins to Duane Allman, guitar herodom is literally at your fingertips. The micro sensors process the bass and drum beats and submit a series of small electrical shocks directly into your nervous system causing you to involuntarily crank out searing leads. A word of caution: actual electrical discharges my vary, and side affects could include erratic blues face, trembling of the hips commonly known as Presley syndrome, drooling and involuntary anal discharge. In extreme cases, you may be mistaken for a drummer. Local sales only. Cash only. Contact your health care professional if erection last more than 6 hours. No scammers please. "

Thursday, November 29, 2007

No, I Insist

Another city another time zone. Jet lagged like a mofo.

Really short one today

Insisted, I tell ya.

Roberts says God forced his resignation:

"TULSA, Okla. - Richard Roberts told students at Oral Roberts University Wednesday that he did not want to resign as president of the scandal-plagued evangelical school, but he did so because God insisted.

Pretty incredible. There still are some good folk out there.

Driver's quick thinking prevents head-on crash on GG Bridge:

"(11-27) 22:25 PST San Francisco -- A Mill Valley man prevented a potentially serious crash on the Golden Gate Bridge today by using his pickup truck to guide a sport utility vehicle - in which the driver had gone unconcious - away from oncoming traffic, the California Highway Patrol said. A 62-year-old Tiburon woman driving south over the bridge at 6:50 a.m. slumped over her steering wheel after suffering a medical condition from which she later died. John Beatty, a 50-year-old electrician who was driving to work across the bridge as he's done almost every weekday for the past 30 years came up behind the Jeep Grand Cherokee stopped in the second lane from the center divide."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We're # 12!

Travel day today. Here's to hoping that the skies are friendly today.

Slobberbone fan Stephen King keepin' it real:

Q&A: Talking with Stephen King - TIME:

"I mean, I know people who can tell you who won the last four seasons on American Idol and they don't know who their f------ Representatives are."

Riiiiiiight. OK.

Rove: "Congress Pushed Bush to War in Iraq Prematurely"


One Meal-ee-on Dollars.

This guy is a Super Genius.

Ga. man tries to deposit fake $1M bill:

"AIKEN, S.C. - A bank teller in Clearwater had a million reasons not to open an account for an Augusta, Ga., man Monday, authorities said. Alexander D. Smith, 31, was charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of forgery after he walked into the bank and tried to open an account by depositing a fake $1 million bill, said Aiken County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Michael Frank."

We're # 12! We're #12! We're #12!

Iceland best place to live, Africa worst: U.N.

"BRASILIA (Reuters) - Iceland has overtaken Norway as the world's most desirable country to live in, according to an annual U.N. table published on Tuesday that again puts AIDS-afflicted sub-Saharan African states at the bottom.

Rich free-market countries dominate the top places, with Iceland, Norway, Australia, Canada and Ireland the first five but the United States slipping to 12th place from eighth last year in the U.N. Human Development Index."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alabama Slammer

Wow! Investigative journalism. Thought that was dead and gone.

Part one: How a coterie of Republican heavyweights sent a governor to jail

For most Americans, the very concept of political prisoners is remote and exotic, a practice that is associated with third-world dictatorships but is foreign to the American tradition. The idea that a prominent politician -- a former state governor -- could be tried on charges that many observers consider to be trumped-up, convicted in a trial that involved numerous questionable procedures, and then hauled off to prison in shackles immediately upon sentencing would be almost unbelievable.

But there is such a politician: Don Siegelman, Democratic governor of Alabama from 1999 to 2003. Starting just a few weeks after he took office, Siegelman was targeted by an investigation launched by his political opponents and escalated from the state to the federal level by Bush Administration appointees in 2001.


Remember the good old days of the Nixon adminitration?

The Republicans who would've impeached Bush? |

Nov. 26, 2007 | During the past six years, leading Republicans in Congress have prioritized allegiance to a Republican president above all other governmental and constitutional concerns. But there was a time when U.S. lawmakers, regardless of party affiliation, actually voted the way of their conscience. There was a time when a president could not break the law or ignore a summons from Congress with impunity. Indeed, by the height of Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal, a number of congressmen -- including Republicans staunchly loyal to their party -- acted to uphold the law and make Nixon accountable.


Been living in one for the past 7 years

Evidence of a parallel Universe


It's fundamental

Creating lifelong readers:

"If you are reading this column, chances are you are more successful than the average person, more involved in your community and less likely to be in prison. That is not because of anything I have written. It is because you have chosen to read."


He felt the noize a bit too much

Quiet Riot singer found dead in Las Vegas - Yahoo! News:

"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of the popular 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot, has been found dead from unknown causes at his home in Las Vegas, authorities said on Monday."

Monday, November 26, 2007

Eye of the Beholder

The traveling gets cranked back up this week.

Keep your eyes peeled towards AAW for an upcoming post on my trip to Athens GA and a special post on a very special record that's coming out soon.


To hate it so, they sure to spend a lot of time researching it.... on their fake Wiki.

What Do Conservatives Spend Their Time Thinking About?


Bush crony bites the barby.

Howard's reign in Australia is over

SYDNEY, Australia - Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd swept to power in Australian elections Saturday, ending an 11-year conservative era and promising major changes to policies on global warming and his country's role in the Iraq war.

The change in government from Howard's center-right Liberal-National Party coalition to the center-left Labor Party also marks a generational shift for Australia.

Rudd, a 50-year-old former diplomat who speaks fluent Chinese, urged voters to support him because Howard was out of touch with modern Australia and ill-equipped to deal with new-age issues such as climate change.


A question I ask my students.

Sense of Beauty Partly Innate, Study Suggests:

"Is art beautiful because we are taught so, or are notions of beauty hard-wired into the brain?

When people were shown pictures of sculptures in a new study, brain scans suggest they judged beauty by at least partly hard-wired standards."

Friday, November 23, 2007


Still stuffed and so enjoyed only spending about an hour on the computer yesterday that today's post will be so like totally be DBT YouTube.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all

Wis. Man Upset Over Beer Shoots Goat: "A man who was upset with his wife for not buying beer took vengeance by shooting one of the family's two pet goats, prosecutors say."

Speaking of beer go check out Jez's beer blog:

Fresh Beer Every Friday

For the fellas cause you'll be eating some turkey breast today.:

Show Them To Me - Censored Version

Y'all have a good one.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Running Nekkid Down Sesame Street

A little too little, a little too late, piggie.

Former WH Press Sec.: Bush, Rove helped pass along 'false information' on Plame:

"President Bush, Karl Rove, and other top administration officials were 'involved' in misleading the White House press corps about the outing of ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame, a forthcoming book from former Press Secretary Scott McClellan alleges."

The old Looney Toons were far worse. Jeez what a generation of pussies we are raising.

Sesame Street - New York Times:

"The old “Sesame Street” is not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for softies born since 1998, when the chipper “Elmo’s World” started. Anyone who considers bull markets normal, extracurricular activities sacrosanct and New York a tidy, governable place — well, the original “Sesame Street” might hurt your feelings."


Bookmark improvements new to Firefox 3:

"NEW YORK - A new version of the Firefox browser, now available for testing mainly by developers, offers improvements on finding frequently visited Web sites and tools for running Web applications without a live Internet connection."

Just had to get his nekkid on.

Nude man accused of causing I-95 crashes:

"BRANDYWINE HUNDRED, Del. - Delaware State Police have arrested a Chester, Pennsylvania, man who they said was running naked and drunk on Interstate-95 and caused three accidents."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Raining Mega Bags

Let's get it on... Megachurch style.

It's Tuesday so there must be some fundie sex scandal popping.

Sex scandal hits Atlanta-area megachurch:

"DECATUR, Ga. - The 80-year-old leader of a suburban Atlanta megachurch is at the center of a sex scandal of biblical dimensions: He slept with his brother's wife and fathered a child by her.

Members of Archbishop Earl Paulk's family stood at the pulpit of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church a few Sundays ago and revealed the secret exposed by a recent court-ordered paternity test. In truth, this is not the first — or even the second — sex scandal to engulf Paulk and the independent, charismatic church. But this time, he could be in trouble with the law for lying under oath about the affair."

Oh yeah, the Catholics like 'em trapped and weak.

Priest Admits Having Sex With Inmates:

"A Roman Catholic priest who worked as a chaplain at a women's federal prison pleaded guilty Wednesday to sexual abuse for having sex with two inmates."

FAUX News: Fair and Balanced breasts bouncing all over the place.

Taylor Marsh: O'Reilly & Fox Sell Sex:

"One of the clever things they do to cover their actions is show the soft core crap then have a conservative on to rail against the stuff, as it plays gratuitously on the screen. It's classic programming, really, you've got to give it to them. It hits all angles, including the 'secular progressives' who are supposed to love this stuff with their news."
FAUX News After Hours.

Probably not safe for work b/c all of the footage is taken directly from FAUX News coverage. Fellas you'll need to break out the Jergens and some tissues.

FOX News P*rn


Yeah, an 'affirmation' that this dipshite watches the Weather Channel thus planning his little rain dance... I mean rain prayer a day before a front moves through.

I was in Georgia when this occurred and the forecast had called for a pretty decent rain. After the purple rain prayer the area only got a trace of rain in the wee morning hours.

Methinks Sonny's god not too happy with this type of exploitation.

Government water resource policy entirely based upon prayer. Heck of a job, Brownie.

Cold front brings rain; Governor calls it an 'affirmation':

"Gov. Sonny Perdue said Thursday morning that he's not gloating over the fact that it rained a day after he held a prayer vigil at the Capitol."

While in Baghdad by the Bay they're... banning bags. Kinda freakin' boring when you take a look at all of the Red State horniness above.

Starting Tuesday, plastic bags illegal at big S.F. grocery stores:

"Attention San Francisco shoppers: Plastic grocery store bags are going, going, gone."


Monday, November 19, 2007

Dixie Beer or The Clear

So this leaves them with the religious fanatics. 08 ain't looking so hot, GOP

Affluent voters bolting from GOP


Huzzah! Douchebag.

Barry Bonds indicted on perjury, obstruction charges:

"SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Barry Bonds was indicted Thursday for perjury and obstruction of justice, charged with lying when he told a federal grand jury that he did not knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs. The indictment unsealed Thursday against baseball's home-run king culminated a four-year investigation into steroid use by elite athletes. 'During the criminal investigation, evidence was obtained including positive tests for the presence of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing substances for Bonds and other athletes,' the indictment read."


Brewer Works to Bring Back Dixie Beer: Financial News:

"NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The old brick building where Dixie Beer was brewed before Hurricane Katrina is vacant. More than two years after the storm flooded it and looters devastated it, the building with its looming tower and ornate iron gates is gutted and surrounded by padlocked fences."

Ummmm... okay.

Name initials may influence grades: study :

"NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Certain initials may look better than others as monograms but they can also have an impact on how well a person performs in a sport or at school, according to a new study. ADVERTISEMENT Researchers who studied the impact of initials found that baseballs players whose first or last name starts with the letter K, which signifies a strikeout, tended to strike out more often than other players."

Friday, November 16, 2007

DBT Week in Review - 11/16/07


dbts : Message: New DBT Video links:
"Here are some new links just posted this weekend.....

Decoration Day
Uncle Disney
Play it all night long- NYE 2003

Enjoy, Jason"
Jason Isbell

Jason has new tour dates up.

Jason Isbell | Tourdates

Some big news coming out of the SOR camp.

SOR will be hitting the studio at the beginning of January 2008. Jimmy Nutt of the Nutthouse will be engineering the new record and Jason Isbell will be producing.

New record will include "Head", "Fever Hat", "Judy", "Soft Hands" plus several new songs.

On January 14th the band will hit the road for a 18 day tour of the Southeast with some more dates coming later in the year.

Also, Browan Loller of the 400 Unit will be picking up a few tour dates with SOR at the end of this month/beginning of December.

Bunch of good news for SOR. I'm a big fan of the band. Stay tuned for info on the upcoming tour.



Lauderdale was the first band to kick off WLAY-AM's Muscle Shoals Sound Studio interview and accoustic live show. Hopefully they'll have these archived online or podcasted in the very near future.

Go to WLAY-AM's MySpace and make the request to be able to hear these shows online. See if we can speed up the process.

Here's an article on the showcase:

Station features local musicians | | Times Daily | Florence, AL:

WLAY and Urban Radio Group are joining with Muscle Shoals Sound Studios to provide a venue for local bands and artists to perform and talk about their music, studio owner Noel Webster said. Beginning Wednesday, WLAY FM 92.3 will present 'The Sessions at Muscle Shoals Sound,' an hour-long program featuring local artists such as Lauderdale, Malcolm Singleton, Jordan Denton, Byron Green, Firewood, Dillon Hodges, Sons of Roswell and Jason Isbell.

If nothing else, Webster said, it will give a whole new crop of musicians the opportunity to experience the studio that produced many of the hits that helped the area become known as the 'Hit Recording Capitol of the World.' 'It's great for the museum and for the community,' Webster said. Muscle Shoals Sound Studios is also a working studio and museum. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. 'It will help let people know this little gem is still open.'"

"'It's wonderful,' Webster said. 'We're starting with Lauderdale this Wednesday.'

The group's bassist, Corey Hannah, is looking forward to performing acoustic versions of the band's songs. 'It will be different and fun to strip it all down to the bare essentials,' Hannah said. He said the Shoals music format will expose people to the music of new local groups, especially people who might not have attended shows at local clubs. 'I've had people tell me already they've heard Lauderdale on the air and really like the stuff,' Hannah said. 'It's a great opportunity for the local bands to get the word out.' Rickman said the shows will be recorded at the studio and archived, possibly for release later as podcasts."

Music News

Dedication brings tears, thanks | | Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"Monday afternoon, with more than 1,000 people packed into the Rogers High School football stadium, Conley was memorialized as a portion of U.S. 43 was named Cpl. Matthew Conley USMC Memorial Highway."

Music lessons pay off in higher earnings: poll

"TORONTO (Reuters Life!) - Those hours practicing piano scales or singing with a choral group weren't for nothing because people with a background in music tend to have a higher education and earn more, according to a new survey."

One-Third of Popular Songs Refer to Substance Abuse

"Could country music be worse for kids than rock music? If you judge by the number of alcohol and drug references in songs, a new study suggests the answer could be yes. ADVERTISEMENT Researchers who looked at the bestselling songs in several genres from 2005 found that 37 percent of top country songs featured references to drugs or alcohol, compared to just 14 percent of rock songs."

View: Rock and Roll Hall offers lackluster candidates:

"I can't bring my self to vote in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame elections this year. Here's why: This year's nominees: Afrika Bambaataa, Beastie Boys, Chic, Leonard Cohen, Dave Clark Five, Madonna, John Mellencamp, Donna Summer, the Ventures. See my problem?"

Miss. man buys Elvis Is Alive collection:

"ST. LOUIS - A collection of photographs, books and FBI files from The Elvis Is Alive Museum sold for $8,300 on eBay, and the 81-year-old proprietor of the roadside attraction hopes the bidder will carry on his theory that the King never died."

Leonardo painting has coded 'soundtrack'

: "ROME - It's a new Da Vinci code, but this time it could be for real. An Italian musician and computer technician claims to have uncovered musical notes encoded in Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Last Supper,' raising the possibility that the Renaissance genius might have left behind a somber composition to accompany the scene depicted in the 15th-century wall painting."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tears of a Wingnut

Birmingham native Ava Lowery pisses off the wingnuts. Ava rocks, y'all. Go check out the video.

Crooks and Liars � “Rebels With a Cause”: Kid Activists Make Wingers Cry:

We at C&L couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised to find our very good friend Ava Lowery of Peace Takes Courage being spotlighted as one of America’s “Rebels With a Cause”: remarkable youths committed to “changing that which they feel needs changing.” This clip we put together is just the part focusing on her, but we highly recommend you check out the full segment online. What makes this 20 minute documentary all the more special is it’s actually a Nickelodeon Nick News segment that apparently has been causing quite a fuss among wingers who think it’s an effort by the network to brainwash our children into becoming activists. (h/t to our angry friends) It’s so nice to see Ava still knows how to drive the right-wingnuts bats**t crazy. You go girl! How sad it is that the so-called news networks for grown-ups could actually use a few pointers from a channel perhaps best known for bringing us Spongebob Squarepants? "

Damn right! Finally seeing a progressive marketing plan in action. FINALLY!

These have been running in 4 states already.


Morford latest excellent piece.

Outrage fatigue? Get over it

"I know how it is. You've had it up to here. There are only so many stories about blood and death and pain you can take, only so many times you can hear about random shootings and corporate malfeasance and how BushCo's squad of scabrous flying monkeys have, say, supported torture or endorsed wiretapping or gouged the nation for another $200 billion to pay for a failed war. Your nerves are raw and your heart is tired and the media will just not shut the hell up already about the sadness and the war and the mayhem and the Cheney and the doom doom doom."

Because some of them are damn tasty. You ever had veal? Chicken wings? How about a nice piece of fish poached in a wine/garlic/butter sauce.

Why Some Animals Eat Their Offspring:

"Eating your offspring may sound unthinkable, but animals from fish to birds are known to do it. Scientists have been unsure why such a behavior would have evolved, but a new study sheds light on the factors that may drive some parents to eat their young."

Fun Thanksgiving cook-off but the best part of the article is the recipes. My friend Rich has perfected SFGate's turkey brine over the last 3 years. It is dee - lish. Keeps the bird nice and moist with flavor all the way through.

In it to win it / The Chronicle's Turkey Training Camp Cook-Off had a twist this year - home cooks put their best Thanksgiving dishes to the test:
"One contestant brought knives; another brought fire. The Presbyterian minister brought her secret weapon: God. But did she and the rest of her team have a prayer in this battle for the ultimate bragging rights of top Thanksgiving chef?"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Will Survive

Holy crap. Alcoholism is alive in well in Athens, GA. PBRs, Jamesons, Chipmunks (easy there Bo. Chipmunks are for drinkin' not for lovin').... more alcoholic concoctions than you can shake a stick at.

But what a collection of funny, crazy M-Fers this town holds. Really a bunch of great, great folk... except for the douchebaaaagggg makin' a play for my secret (meaning she don't know) bartender girlfriend last night. Don't he know that I'm from San Francisco?

More later.


Meaning we can adapt. Meaning we (the gawd-dang liberals) will survive. As long as I know how to love I know I will stay alive. 'Coz I've got all my life to live.... Hey, hey.

POLL: Liberals More Open To Opinions That ‘Reflect Values Other Than Their Own’:

"A new poll by the Norman Lear Center and Zogby International finds that liberals are more open to opposing viewpoints than conservatives, who tend to rely on Fox and Fox News for their entertainment and news. Some highlights from their findings:"

Borrowing from Chang to pay Muhammad. Not a smart financial strategy. But, my ass is broke. I don't have 20k for this war. Democrats, do freakin' something and do it yesterday.

Iraq, Afghanistan wars twice as expensive as expected, report says:

"President Bush's six-year invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq will end up costing Americans about $1.5 trillion, or nearly twice as much as the White House has actually spent to fight its wars, because of unseen costs like inflation, rising oil prices and expensive care for wounded veterans. The estimate was revealed in a Democratic staff report from Congress's Joint Economic Committee. The staff report, titled 'The Hidden Costs of the Iraq War,' estimates that the Iraq and Afghan wars have cost the average family more than $20,000."

I don't just want one, I have to have one. Christmas gift for JPW? Monkey clone.

Scientists create first cloned embryo from primate - Yahoo! News:

"PARIS, Nov 14, 2007 (AFP) - Scientists said Wednesday they had created the world's first cloned embryo from a monkey, in work that could spur cloning of human cells for use in medical research."

Woman being 'silly' hit by freight train:
"MARYSVILLE, Calif. - A 54-year-old woman was recovering in the hospital after being hit by a Union Pacific freight train south of Marysville.

Deborah Thompson told authorities afterward that she drank a bottle of whiskey before she wandered to the railroad tracks and tried to wave the train to a stop. When asked why, she told Yuba County sheriff's deputies she was just being silly."

Is this love... that I'm feeling?

Oddly enough, this was a topic of conversation last night.

Man in India marries dog as atonement:

"NEW DELHI - A man in southern India married a female dog in a traditional Hindu ceremony as an attempt to atone for stoning two other dogs to death — an act he believes cursed him — a newspaper reported Tuesday."


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Through the shadows of the cage around the forty watt light"

Another, state, another city. Apparently lots of cool rock and/or rollers have been birthed here. Pictures and tales later in the week... if I ever get the chance to sober up.... not looking bloody likely, though.

I am sleeping in a bed that the one and only Brent Best has slept in, so, yeah, it's kinda hairy.....


There's no real words I can put to the tainting of my favorite place in the world. I'm struggling daily with bolting back to help out in some way though my help is certainly not needed.

I hope they string some mf'ers up on the Bay Bridge for this major eff-up.

Seabirds' would-be rescuers can only watch in Marin Headlands:

'It was all over his face, mouth and eyes,' McNertney said. 'We tried to get it off his beak and his eyes first, but it was just covered with oil. It was disgusting.' The seabirds, many of them recent arrivals after their annual winter migration, became the innocent victims of the aftermath of Wednesday's accident, when a container ship struck the Bay Bridge. The damaged ship spilled thousands of gallons of bunker fuel, which drifted across the San Francisco Bay to the Marin County shoreline and finally out the Golden Gate, soiling beaches along the coast."

'Dire consequences' : The 2007 San Francisco Bay Oil Spill:

"Last week, history repeated itself in the San Francisco Bay when a container ship leaked 58,000 gallons of fuel oil after colliding with one of the Bay Bridge towers. It is the biggest oil spill in the Bay since 1996, when 40,000 gallons of fuel oil escaped into the Bay from a ship spill in a dry dock area. The November 7 oil spill resulted from 'human error':"

FAUX host shocked, shocked that '24' isn't, you know, actually how the world works. What a weird, weird universe these people have created from themselves. Weird and pretty effing dangerous to the rest of us.

Fox host 'let down' by implausibility of suitcase nukes


Tis. Reall tis.

Nora Ephron: It's Hard to be a Democrat:

"It's hard to be a Democrat, don't you think? There's no alternative, of course, but it's hard. Someone asked me the other day to write something about why I was a Democrat, and I had no trouble making a list of 10 reasons. Of course, five of those reasons were the Supreme Court, and the other five were more or less historical -- reasons like FDR, which is not meant to mean Franklin Delano Roosevelt exactly but some fantasy blob of Democratic values that are a distant racial memory."


Monday, November 12, 2007

Walk Abouts....

Some pictures and musings regarding my walk about......

Walk abouts are fun because......

Of pretty waitress who your buddy invites to his party to drink beer... and they actually come... and drink beer.

Of good friends who dance like nobody's watching....

And the same buddy who builds a real life bar in his house.....

Because of ocean side restaurants.....

With sweet views from the pier.....

Because of microbrews served with a slice of orange....

And crab dip and oyster's oceanic to go with that microbrew.... (hell yeah, I ate it all)

Piers that still stand after numerous hurricanes....

Because of sea oats lining the ocean.....

And, of course the ocean on the right side....

Dipping your toes in that ocean even when its cold, cold, cold.....

Sea birds hunting for food.....

Coastal water ways as pretty as a picture.....

Rivers that lead to the ocean.....

Surprising statues when you round a corner on the board walk....

Being there when the Coast Guard returns from a long trip at sea.....

Battle ships that are now museums.....

Finding old places of employment......

City streets as old as any in the nation.......

Just a few reasons walk abouts are good for the soul....


Friday, November 09, 2007

DBT Week in Review - 11/09/07

Been a while since I've posted a DBT WIR.

So away we go.

WLAY - AM is a radio station based out of the Shoals. They have currently switched to a format that showcases only tunes written and recorded in the Shoals. Freaking brilliant idea.

WLAY - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"WLAY-AM is also part of the Florence/Muscle Shoals market and is heard at 1450 AM and on a translator at 92.3 on the FM band; it is licensed to the city of Muscle Shoals. WLAY-AM is reputed to be one of the oldest broadcast stations in Alabama and the Southern U.S. It presently airs only music written and recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL. Its Program and Music Director is Brian Rickman"
Sons of Roswell, Lauderdale, Jason Isbell and a host of other great Shoals artist are being played on WLAY-AM.

Obviously, I'm a big fan of Isbell but I want to reiterate that Sons and Lauderdale are two of my very favorite bands who I think and hope will be doing very big things soon.

WLAY-AM is also doing live on air sessions of local artists.

Lauderdale kicks off this series on November 13.


"November, 13 2007 at LAUDERDALE - Live At Muscle Shoals Sound Studios

Muscle Shoals Sound Studios/Jackson Highway, Muscle Shoals, Alabama 35674

Cost : Free!

LAUDERDALE. Live & Unplugged as part of our on-going Muscle Shoals Sound Sessions. Check it out on the air Wednesday at 6pm"

Mr. Isbell is up on the 12 of December.

December, 12 2007 at JASON ISBELL - Live At Muscle Shoals Sound Studios

Muscle Shoals Sound Studios - Jackson Highway, Muscle Shoals, Alabama 35674

Cost : Free!

JASON ISBELL. Live & Unplugged as part of our on-going Muscle Shoals Sound Sessions. Check it out on the air Wednesday at 6pm on 1450AM or 92.3FM."

This promises to be some great radio.

I'm in the process of finding out if these sessions will be broadcast live on the web or podcasted. When I hear back I'll let y'all know.

Check out their MySpace for some cool interviews with David Hood discussing The Rolling Stones and Areatha and Donnie Fritts. - WLAY-AM - MUSCLE SHOALS, Alabama - R&B / Rock / Country

Also, check out their playlist from the past week: Blogs - 1450 & 92.3 FM THE SOUND Playlist Week of 11/4/07 - WLAY-AM MySpace Blog



Check out Patterson's new blog post and most excellent Halloween costume on his MySpace page: Blogs - November 6, 2008 – Home Again (Athens GA.) - Patterson Hood

" November 6, 2008 – Home Again (Athens GA.) Moved my stereo into my office (replacing the iPod dock that was in there with turntable for playing vinyl. We actually had a turntable on the bus for the last tour, which inspired all of us to blow most of our per-diems on vinyl. I literally came home with a crate of records (old and new). Records at the house is nothing new, but the living room wasn't as conducive to the kind of listening I crave as my little green room."

Drive-By Truckers:

"Thanks to everyone who came out to the final leg of The Dirt Underneath and for helping to make 07 in many ways the best year in our bands bumpy history."

Wooo-hooo Shonna!

Nine a DBT fansite Shonna premieres 'I'm Sorry Houston' in New York:

"We all knew it was coming, just didn't know when. Well, this past Friday night at the Bowery Ballroom in New York Shonna finally stepped up to the mic and sang her first lead vocal as a Drive-By Trucker. Then she did it again on Saturday in Brooklyn. And again on Sunday in Baltimore. And if that's not enough, Bettye LaVette joined DBT on stage Friday night in New York to perform her song 'I Still Want To Be Your Baby'. Fortunately for all of us, the A/V club was out in full force this weekend..."
_______ - View Comments:

"JENNY JENNY Oct 22, 2007 6:59 AM Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Hello Patterson...this is my new Great Dane puppy named Patterson after my favorite singer/songwriter. I have never said your name so many times as I have in the last 24 hrs I have had him..'Patterson No', 'Patterson stop', Good boy Patterson', 'Patterson go potty' 'Patterson get down'....etc."

Cleveland - Music - Shifting Gears:

"Of course, after 20 years of writing together — first in their college band, Adam's House Cat, and now in the Drive-By Truckers — Cooley should know Hood pretty well. Looking back on their partnership, he says one thing comes to mind. 'What the fuck was I thinking?' Cooley chuckles, reflecting on all the wrong turns and cul-de-sacs along the way. 'At any given moment, one of us had a bad idea, and the other one agreed with it.'
"Then he gets serious and remembers the moment — when both of them were in their 30s — that he felt their partnership just might succeed. They were working dead-end jobs and saw no future, but somehow, something clicked. 'Suddenly we got to a point where we didn't care; we were just having fun, and damn if people didn't start liking it.'"
"'Once you start being honest with yourself and doing what it is you do, that's when it's going to work or not,' offers Cooley. 'And generally it does.'"
_______ - a DBT fansite :: View topic - Bowery Ballroom Photos:
Oliver's Army

Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:23 am Post subject: Bowery Ballroom Photos

I've got my photos from Friday's show at the Bowery Ballroom here...

My only Dirt Underneath show and I was not disappointed. A great night. Enjoy the shots, y'all."

Learn about 'Monster' Chris Quillen - Chris Quillen Tribute - 37 - Male - Florence, Alabama -


Jason Isbell Jason Isbell Keeps on Truckin'



dbts : Message: Lauderdale on Paste CD Sampler (No DBTs)


Sons of Roswell

Stay tuned for SOR news. A little birdy told me that some big stuff is coming down the pike.


Audra Brown
As most of you know, I am to be featured in the December show of Detour Memphis on channel 5 here in Memphis. I have captured a rough edit of the show and yall can sneak in and look at it. It is a 30 minute show and I start about 11 minutes in and get the rest of it!!!

You can find the preliminary file in It is the file, dmtve3.wmv. This is not the final edit.

The song titles are not all correct yet and Nick says that they will add proper credits at the end. This was shot way back in the summer when I was one of the young female songwriters at Otherlands. Hope yall like it and watch it when it comes on TV. Consult my myspace for exact times for the show...




Film Read Bulletin:

"Do It For Johnny Success in Hollywood! Body: The Do it for Johnny crew are back in Denver after an amazing week at the Hollywood film festival. Looks like several industry people which include all the 'biggies' are interested in both 'Do it for Johnny' and 'Narcophonic the Ballad of Bad Bax'. we now officially have our toe in the door. The Hollywood industry people are beginning to call our film the 'Entourage of the real world' and are seeing this film as an expose on the reality of how hard it is to crack into the industry of commercial film. Wish us luck as we enter the next phase of our mission which is to market DIFJ and begin work on producing our dramatic feature Narcophonic."


Sick humor is the best humor

dbts : Message: Re: [dbts] "i hope they serve beer in hell" by tucker max:

"I second that, one HILARIOUS read. Oddly enough, offers up one of the funniest stories I have ever read in my LIFE. I was on a flight to Seattle, and reading his book. When I got to this part, I was laughing (as quietly as I could) so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Every time I would go back to reading, the laughter and tears would start again, and I had to stop, dry my eyes, and start over. It took almost 10 minutes to get through one page. This is the section in the above link, that had me in tears... Day Two: The Texas State Fair and The Embassy Suites Story Scroll down about halfway, you'll find it. Rest assured, the entire story is funny, but this should have you in tears. Again, as Steve says, NOT for those easily offended..."


Punk kids from Australia who I'm digging on: - Operator Please - Gold Coast, AU - Indie / Alternative / Rock

Operator Please - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"2007 ARIA Awards, Breakthrough Artist - Single for 'Just a Song About Ping Pong'"


Check out the Dutch singer Anouk. I'm digging on it hard.


Perez Hilton � Blog Archive � Quote Of The Day:

"“Music kind of sucks. Nobody’s into being a musician. Everybody’s getting their mogul on. You’ve been so infiltrated by this corporate mentality that all the time you’d spend getting great songs together, you’re busy doing nine other things that have nothing to do with art. You know how shitty Stevie Wonder’s songs would have been if he had to run a fuckin’ clothing company and a cologne line? … Rap sucks, for the most part. Not all rap, but as an art form it’s just not at its best moment. Sammy the Bull would have made a shitty album. And I don’t really have a desire to hear Warren Buffett’s album - or the new CD by Paul Allen. That’s what everybody’s aspiring to be.” - Chris Rock tells the new issue of Rolling Stone"

The Big Picture | The Eagles Disintermediate Major Labels:

"The Eagles -- the multi-platinum selling alt country/rock band circa 1970s -- are trying an interesting sales strategy for their first studio album in 28 years. For the new disc, it appears that there is: - no recording label participation; - downloads at their site only; - physical 2-CD Set purchased only at Wal-Mart, or ordered at their site (("

Porter Wagoner, Gospel Music, King Of Country Gospel, Mr. Grand Ole Opry:

"Porter passed away peacefully last night, October 28, 2007, at 8:25PM Central Time, in a local hospice. All of his friends here at Gusto Records are deeply saddened by his loss. Porter’s family and his friends here would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Country music and the Grand Ole Opry will miss not only Porter’s music, but also his stage presence and his infectious smile. We will always hold him in our hearts, and his musical legacy will live on forever."

Rosanne Cash to undergo brain surgery - Yahoo! News:

"NEW YORK - Rosanne Cash is facing brain surgery for a 'rare but benign condition' and must cancel the last four concerts on her tour. ADVERTISEMENT 'Rosanne is expected to make a full recovery and will return to the studio to complete the recording of her debut for Manhattan Records,' the music label said Tuesday. 'Ms. Cash will also resume her live performance schedule in the spring and will complete a new book to be published by Viking in early 2009"

Reunited Sex Pistols' middle-aged anarchy in the USA | the Daily Mail:

"Johnny Rotten seems to have lost none of his bad boy rancour during the last 30 years. The Sex Pistols frontman snarled and shrieked his way through the band's comeback performance in an LA club ahead of their reunion tour.

Radio Boycotts Bruce Springsteen's Latest:

"Alas, there's a hitch: Radio will not play 'Magic.' In fact, sources tell me that Clear Channel has sent an edict to its classic rock stations not to play tracks from 'Magic.' But it's OK to play old Springsteen tracks such as 'Dancing in the Dark,' 'Born to Run' and 'Born in the USA.'"

Led Zeppelin saves the world / Because your kid deserves 'Kashmir' as a ringtone. Hey, at least it's not the Beatles:

"There's this moment in 'The Song Remains the Same,' the often wildly cheesy yet still utterly groin-tingling epic 1976 Led Zeppelin concert film/fantasia where a reed-thin, black-clad, heavily sequined Jimmy Page is so violently violating his Les Paul with a shredded violin bow it sounds like demons f-ing in a hurricane."

Alter Your Mind

Fresh Beer Every Friday:

"Got a new small standard fridge for the basement. Primary purpose is for storing beer, and also allows a nice little annex to the freezer upstairs."

Test created for wine headache chemicals - Yahoo! News:

"BERKELEY, Calif. - The effects are all too familiar: a fancy dinner, some fine wine and then, a few hours later, a racing heart and a pounding headache. But a device developed by University of California, Berkeley, researchers could help avoid the dreaded 'red wine headache."

Cannabis use down since legal change

Gordon Brown's plans to tighten the law on cannabis by increasing the penalties for possession suffered a fresh blow yesterday as the latest official figures showed the decision to downgrade the drug had been followed by a significant fall in its use.

British Crime Survey statistics showed that the proportion of 16- to 24-year-olds using cannabis slumped from 28% a decade ago to 21% now, with its declining popularity accelerating after the decision to downgrade the drug to class C was announced in January 2004.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ruffy Toys

How effing stupidly low will the media go with another Clinton in the presidential picture?

This low.

The silly season is upon us. Expect all types of bizarre BS accusations from the from "News" media.

Fox News airs bizarre claim that Hillary ordered hit on cats:

"Fox News on Wednesday aired a bizarre accusation that Sen. Hillary Clinton is connected with the murder of two cats."

More and better Democrats elected. We also took the Kentucky governorship.

Democrats Seize Control of Virginia Senate


'I'll be back' most used film line: survey:

"Top 10 must used film lines:"

Regulations? Aussie's don't need to stinkin' regulations.

Australia pulls 'date rape' drug toy:

"SYDNEY, Australia - Australian officials ordered a popular Chinese-made children's toy pulled from the shelves after scientists found it contained a chemical that converts into a powerful 'date rape' drug when ingested."

Noodling. You've got to be a little crazy to do this:


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wedgie-Proof Underwear

On the road again today. Going to check out the Atlantic Waters. Coast to coast, baby.

The Republicans solution to the drought in the SE? De-regulation and tax breaks for corporations.

Ummmm, right.

"I don't know nothin' about birthin' no water resources".

The Strange Destiny and Sudden Death of Atlanta, Georgia

After 18 months of drought, a dim environmental awareness is dawning over the Republican states of the Old South. You can see it in a few sad headlines here and there: No plan if water runs out. But the heroic virtues of big business are also celebrated: Business big in fighting water crisis. Coca-Cola has turned off the fountain in front of its Atlanta headquarters!

Although some pointy-headed tree-huggers want to pin part of the blame for the impending disaster on the unregulated growth of the fastest growing city in the United States, Republican Governor Sonny Perdue identifies the real villain as over-regulation.

What to do? Georgia's favorite son Newt Gingrich recommends desalinization of ocean water as part of his Contract with the Earth, which would also cure global warming with... wait for it... tax breaks for auto makers.

"I'll think about that tomorrow," as Scarlet O'Hara used to say, and that famous phrase still fits the pitiful, anti-regulatory, tax-break "environmentalism" of the New South, even as it merges irresistibly with the Old South among civilizations Gone with the Wind.

How convenient.

Daily Kos: Oh, NOW they're Democrats?:

"My wife's Cuban grandparents were lifelong Republicans (as is usually the case in that community). My grandfather-in-law used to forward to me Republican direct-mail pieces to tweak me. Then he got sick, his medicines were costing over one grand per month, and suddenly, the whole family was railing about the costs and expecting the government to pick up the slack. He'd spent his lifetime sending money to the GOP -- the same GOP that claimed the government has no role in making people's lives better and which had enabled the pharmaceutical industry's egregious business practices -- yet suddenly he expected the government to bail him out, and was outraged that more help wasn't available!

Everyone has stories like this one.

Now, it's never a bad thing when people realize that government can play a positive role in our society. And while it would be nice if such conversions could happen like John's and mine did -- based on reason and analysis and not personal hardship -- fact is, a lapsed Republican is a lapsed Republican. And the more of those we have, the closer we are to a solid, generational, progressive majority."

Two little super geniuses:

Twins Develop Wedgie-Proof Underwear - Geekologie:

"8-year-old twins Jared and Justin, tired of being bullied, have developed wedgie-proof underwear, the Rip-Away 1000s. This may be the greatest internet video of all time, those poor little bastards. It may also be the saddest. You just have to watch. The only problem is, I failed to hear any mention of swirlie-proof heads, indicating these kids still have plenty years of torture to look forward to. Video after the jump, along with my favorite lines."

Holy Cow! or.... It's raining Cows. or.... Free steaks.

Cow Falls Off Cliff and Hits Van:

"Charles and Linda Everson were driving back to their hotel when their minivan was struck by a falling object — a 600-pound cow."