Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Giant Effing Q

Watch the trailer for the DBT: Live from ACL DVD coming out next week!

DBT: Live from ACL Trailer!


Real or fake, this is a thing of beauty:

Daily Kos: Saturday hate mail-apalooza:

"Not a bad week, but this stuff starts getting repetitive after a while. But there was one piece of hate mail so brilliant, I almost wept at its beauty. So I decided it deserved the day to itself and a poll. Check it out below the fold."

"Don't let the door hit you...."

Fair enough.

Fireworks over Baghdad as Iraqis take over cities - Yahoo! News


Not Nyquil! Not the 13th step in a 12 step program!

As Dennis Leary once joked "Are you drunk? No, I have a cold. The same cold I've had for the past 3 months. My teeth are green and I'm high as a kite".

FDA poised to ban sales of Nyquil


Slow day today. That's all I'z gots.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Round and Round

I know, I know enough with the Michael Jackson. I couldn't agree more.

Last MJ related anything coming from me.... unless something particularly hilarious pops up.

The inmates in the PI pay a final tribute to their inspiration.


Because sometimes is gets confusing:

Sex Scandal Flow Chart | TPM News Pages


Between this and the lie-detecting MRI on 60 minutes last night... we be in for a wild future.

First Image of a Memory Being Made:

"For the first time, an image of a memory being made at the cellular level has been captured by scientists.

The image shows that proteins are created at connections between brain cells when a long-term memory is formed. Neuroscientists had suspected as much, but hadn't been able to see it happening until now.

The experiment also revealed some surprising aspects of memory formation, which remains a somewhat mysterious process."

Shitty journalism. The U.S.A.'s #1 export.

Jeff Koyen - The Places You’ll Go - Duped newscast airs ‘Lost’ scene as Flight 447’s last moments - True/Slant:

"In their rush to air exclusive photos of Flight 447’s destruction, no one in this newsroom stopped to ask the logical questions, such as: 1) How did the camera survive? and 2) Why are the photos in wide-screen format?"

Finally we have an answer for crop circles.

Opium-eating wallabies get high, make crop circles:

"SYDNEY (AFP) – Wallabies are getting “as high as a kite” on opium in Australian poppy fields and flattening crops as they hop round in circles, according to a report"

Friday, June 26, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 6/26/09

Tipping one back for the woman who assured my heteroness pre-puberty.

That nipple changed my young life..

'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett dies at 62 s:
"LOS ANGELES – Farrah Fawcett, the 'Charlie's Angels' star whose feathered blond hair and dazzling smile made her one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1970s, died Thursday after battling cancer. She was 62."

And, well, damn... Ain't nobodies business.....

RIP Michael

The man wasn't as 'off the wall' as he appeared. He patterned his celebrity after P.T. Barnum (no, really) and a lot of the 'weirdness' was premeditated.

But, yes, a troubled soul, too.

"You've got to look into his eyes, not his noses".

Thriller changed the music world and world of celebrity. But Off the Wall was his musical zenith.

However, PYT from Thriller is my fav.


Patterson Hood/DBT

Hat tip to breakingthesky7028 on the NB board.

2008 Paste article by Patterson Hood

Smell the Glove :: Features Music :: Articles :: Paste:

"Two things we can all agree on:
1. We all love Michael Jackson
2. We’re all glad he’s not our uncle.

I was 18 and working at a record store in Florence, Ala., in the fall of 1982 when Thriller was released. At the time, it was considered the inferior follow-up to his 1979 solo breakthrough Off The Wall. It had that weak McCartney collaboration as a first single. Then again, it also had “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” although neither of those had become ubiquitous by then. The elements were all there, but he hadn’t quite moonwalked into our collective consciousness yet. The Vincent Price thing seemed like a campy diversion, and Human Nature sounded like fucking Toto. Oh wait, it was fucking Toto."

Peter Grumbine from Current TV says MO is the best of 2009 so far on CNN.com


Via Jonicont:


Check out the band opening for Patterson and the Screwtopians in San Francisco. Good stuff:

The Stone Foxes on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads



Yes! Best festival in the U.S.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass:

"Mavis Staples, The Chieftains, Marianne Faithfull, Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers, Richie Havens, John Prine, Aimee Mann, Okkervil River, Gillian Welch, Hazel Dickens, Old Crow Medicine Show, Dr. Dog, Billy Bragg, Allen Toussaint, The Wronglers, World Party, Old 97's, The Del McCoury Band, Earl Scruggs, Little Feat, Neko Case, Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, Booker T. & the DBTs, Doc Watson"

The Washington Post - Quick Spins - Murdering Oscar

Extended Play: Patterson Hood | The Music Mix | EW.com

Honest Tune Online - Patterson Hood : Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs):

"The liner notes of Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs) pin the origins of “Foolish Young Bastard” on a former manager who “was always using salt when sugar would work better.” Patterson Hood clearly knows the the difference between salt and sugar, and for their patience, the fans get to lick the spoon."

Patterson Hood: Murdering Oscar (and other love songs) on JamBase

Patterson Hood backs up the truck | Washington Examiner

Greencastle Banner-Graphic

Vue Weekly : Edmonton's 100% Independent Weekly : New Sounds: Patterson Hood (Follow the Tracks)

Patterson Hood: Common Man as Hell - outsideleft


Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell of Drive-By Trucker's on his hometown, and hit factory, Muscle Shoals | Music | The Guardian:

"Here, then, are 10 of my favourite records to have come out of Muscle Shoals - from soul to rock'n'roll."

Music I Like

Come On Go With Us on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads



‘Insane’ file-sharing verdict could challenge law’s constitutionality

Richard Marx “Ashamed” He’s Linked To $1.92 Million RIAA Fine Against Minnesota Mom : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily:

"Last week a judge ruled Minnesota mom Jammie Thomas-Rasset owes the RIAA a $1.92 million fine for illegally downloading 24 songs. Richard Marx — one of the artists whose music Thomas-Rasset downloaded via P2P network Kazaa — is now speaking out against the court’s verdict, saying he’s “ashamed” to be associated with the massive fine.

“As a longtime professional songwriter, I have always objected to the practice of illegal downloading of music. I have also always, however, been sympathetic to the average music fan, who has been consistently financially abused by the greedy actions of major labels,” Marx said in a statement. “These labels, until recently, were responsible for the distribution of the majority of recorded music, and instead of nurturing the industry and doing their best to provide the highest quality of music to the fans, they predominantly chose to ream the consumer and fill their pockets.”"

Coroner: Pain killer killed ex-Wilco member - Yahoo! News


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Secret Lovers

This was awesome!

Yes, I'm American and, yes, I dig soccer.

I have a bronze medal from the Junior Olympics to prove it.


United States beats Spain 2-0 - Yahoo! News


1. Writing something, needed to be away from the kids.

2. Hiking the App. Trail

3. Argentina for a little Gov 'me' time.

4. Affair

5. Priceless

Aren't all Republican affairs 'innocent'? Like the driven snow.

Another Family Values Republican. Yee-haw!

Sanford didn't have an problems entering Clinton's 'zone of privacy'. Hey-oh!

Damn gays! Messin' up hetero marriage!

I’ve been unfaithful to my wife, Sanford admits:

"South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitted to an extra-marital affair with an Argentinian woman Wednesday afternoon, at an eagerly-awaited press conference to explain his sudden disappearance last week.

Sanford also announced his resignation as chair of the Republican Governors’ Association.

“I’ve been unfaithful to my wife,” Sanford said in front of the cameras. “I developed a relastionship with … a dear, dear friend from Argentina. It began very innocently, as I suspect these things do. In the last year, it developed into something much more than that.”

“I spent the last five days of my life crying in Argentina,” Sanford said, explaining his break-up with his love interest.

As a consequence of his actions, “I hurt a lot of different folks,” Sanford said. He apologized to his family, to his staff, and to South Carolina voters, in that order.

Sanford asked the press to respect “a zone of privacy” for his family, saying that the work of rebuilding his family life is “not best dealt with through the prism of TV cameras and newspaper headlines.”"

Oh, I get it. He was only against stimulus for his state, not... ok, clear now.

The Raw Story � Sanford’s South American sojourn taxpayer-funded:

'"South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford spent more than $21,000 of taxpayers' money on international travel last year, at least part of which was spent on travel to Argentina -- where his mistress is located."

'Secret Looo-vers, yeah, that's what they were"

Sanford, lover carried on a romantic e-mail exchange | McClatchy


Nail on head:

Daily Kos: Note to RedState: How to Stop the Gloating


But, but, but, the insurance companies can't compete! Wah!

Public health plan could save money faster: policy group - Yahoo! News:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A nationwide health insurance exchange that includes a Medicare-like government option could save $1.8 trillion more than if only private plans are offered, a prominent private U.S. health policy group said on Wednesday."

Our homeless are smarter than your homeless

Physics discussion ends in skateboard attack:

"(06-24) 10:56 PDT REDWOOD CITY -- A homeless man is on trial in San Mateo County on charges that he smacked a fellow transient in the face with a skateboard as the victim was engaged in a conversation about quantum physics, authorities said today."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fighting Black Eyes

Welcome to reality, Chuck. Seriously, just now coming to this conclusion?

And that co-op option is utter horse shit.

Public Plan Period.

51 votes, dumbass.

GOP Opposing Public Health Care No Matter What It's Called:

"Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Tuesday afternoon that he is 'losing confidence that Senate Republicans will ever agree' to the creation of a national, nonprofit cooperative health care plan as an acceptable alternative to a public health care option, which Republicans strenuously oppose."


Krugman nails this. Shitty Democrats are a far larger problem than the beat-down Republicans.

Op-Ed Columnist - Health Care Showdown - NYTimes.com

The real risk is that health care reform will be undermined by “centrist” Democratic senators who either prevent the passage of a bill or insist on watering down key elements of reform. I use scare quotes around “centrist,” by the way, because if the center means the position held by most Americans, the self-proclaimed centrists are in fact way out in right field.

What the balking Democrats seem most determined to do is to kill the public option, either by eliminating it or by carrying out a bait-and-switch, replacing a true public option with something meaningless. For the record, neither regional health cooperatives nor state-level public plans, both of which have been proposed as alternatives, would have the financial stability and bargaining power needed to bring down health care costs.

Whatever may be motivating these Democrats, they don’t seem able to explain their reasons in public.


Amurika, Feck Yeuh!

Under Misspelled Banner, Buchanan And White Nationalist Brimelow Argue For English-Only Initiatives


Consistent brown hate.

Tapes Reveal Nixon’s View of Abortion - NYTimes.com:

"Nixon worried that greater access to abortions would foster “permissiveness,” and said that “it breaks the family.” But he also saw a need for abortion in some cases, such as interracial pregnancies.

“There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white,” he told an aide, before adding: “Or a rape.”"

I'll be purchasing every bit of Black Eyed Peas merch I can today. A national holiday should be created in honor of the BEPs.

This bottom feeders deserves an ass whuppin on a daily basis.


More, please!

Perez Hilton Called Will.i.am A "F*gg*t" Pre-Fight:

"TORONTO — Police have charged the tour manager of the Black Eyed Peas with assault after he allegedly punched celebrity blogger Perez Hilton outside a Toronto nightclub. Hilton said he got into an argument with band members Fergie and will.i.am at the Cobra nightclub early Monday morning and was punched outside by Polo Molina, the band's tour manager. They were at the club following a Sunday night video awards show."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Murdering Oscar (and other love songs)

Happy 'Murdering Oscar (and other love songs)' album release day!

Be sure to go out and purchase a copy today!

Here's my review: It kicks much ass. Much. (Best album review I've ever done).

You too can have the following lyric running through your head bringing my joy to your life:

Uncle Phil said to me
The woman will be the death of me
Don't think there's anything I can do

Congrats to Patterson!

Patterson and his Super-Group The Screwtopians will be touring the next few weeks. Go out and catch a most excellent show!

Tour Dates


Express Night Out | Arts & Events | Tough Love Songs: Patterson Hood, 'Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)':

"'Murdering Oscar' ends with 'Back of a Bible,' one of two odes to Hood's wife. It's a love song about writing love songs, specifically how they cannot begin to capture or convey his feelings satisfactorily. Hood is, of course, being overly modest, as this album further proves he understands how a simple song can express complex and often contradictory emotions. In this regard, 'Murdering Oscar' kills."

Critics' Choice - New CDs by Mars Volta, Ginuwine, Holly Williams and Patterson Hood - Review - NYTimes.com:

"Neil Young stirred up echoes of the Civil War with his condemnatory “Southern Man” in 1970, soon to be answered by Lynyrd Skynyrd’s proud “Sweet Home Alabama.” Decades later Patterson Hood and the band he started in 1995, Drive-By Truckers, straddled a musical Mason-Dixon line by realizing what Mr. Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd shared: overdriven guitars and blunt, concise lyrics. Mr. Hood and the band have merged Mr. Young’s frazzled high vocals and Crazy Horse’s grungy trudge with a guitar twang, drawl and Southern perspective"

Patterson Hood: Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs) < Reviews | PopMatters:

"Patterson Hood is one of those songwriters for whom the pen moves faster than the mind. He writes, records, writes, records… like a Jack Kerouac or a Neil Young or a Stephen King, he pours himself out on the page and doesn’t linger much over the result. It’s like a reflex, an unconscious response: just write, sing it out, move on to the next idea. If the rhymes are thin, or the story a bit under-baked, just move along, friend, because when one of these things hits, it’s pure, raw, untouchable perfection."

Pitchfork: Patterson Hood: Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs):

"Nothing here totally upends what we already know of Hood's talents via the Truckers, but it does serve as a supplementary capsule capturing how he ticks, right down to his cover of the Runt-era Todd Rundgren proto alt-country gem 'The Range War', a response to anyone that, in Hood's words, thinks all he does is 'sit around and listen to Molly Hatchet.' What it and the originals on Murdering Oscar do is emphasize Hood's respect for and attraction to lyrical and emotional honestly above all else, the universals that have linked a lot of good music from the past to present. With every note, with every song, Hood sounds like he increasingly, if modestly, recognizes he's part of that great songwriting continuum, working hard to live up to his end of the obligation, as long as it takes."

Jambands.com | CD Reviews | Murdering Oscar (and other love songs) – Patterson Hood | 2009-06-22:

"I used to think that Paul Westerberg was the absolute master at writing clever, killer rock songs that said “eff you” but were somehow wistful at the same time.

I don’t know but Patterson Hood (best known as the leader of the Drive-By Truckers) has written the best one of all."

Catching Up With... Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers :: Features Music :: Articles :: Paste


Hood reaches back for songs | ajc.com:

"“I’m all about fun,” Hood said. “I’m at a point in my life that if it’s not fun or benefiting my family —- and preferably both —- then I just don’t want to do it.

“All that talk about great art coming from drama —- forget that. I’ve been there, I’ve had enough of that to draw on for the rest of my life. I don’t need it in my day-to-day life, and I sure as hell don’t need it in my band.”"

Old cassette tape leads to new solo abum for Patterson Hood | courier-journal.com | The Courier-Journal - Louisville, KY


Murdering Patterson and other old songs | Louisville's Alt-Weekly | LEO Weekly:

"And what about the paradoxical name of the album?
“It just kind of struck me as funny … It’s a true statement. ’Cause I think you can make an argument for each one of those songs, in one way or another, being somewhat of a love song. I’m not necessarily known for writing love songs, and my take on the love song probably isn’t going to put Lionel Richie out of business … let’s just put it that way.”"

allmusic ((( Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs) > Overview )))


Monday, June 22, 2009

Ahhhh, Freak Out!

Be scared. Be very, very scared.


Lying Liars.


Again, lying liars.

Damn librul media.

Major Media Headlines Pretend That Latest Polls Show Obama’s Policies Are Unpopular:

"The headlines have little to no relation to the actual data in the polls, both of which found broad approval for Obama’s foreign policy and economic agendas."

Your modern Republican Party. Keepin' it real.

They're lovin' it.

Missouri Republican responds to child hunger: "Hunger Can Be a Positive Motivator":

"Why have meals at home with your loved ones if you can go to the government soup kitchen and get one for free? This could have the effect of breaking apart more families.

Anyone under 18 can be eligible? Can’t they get a job during the summer by the time they are 16? Hunger can be a positive motivator. What is wrong with the idea of getting a job so you can get better meals?

Tip: If you work for McDonald’s, they will feed you for free during your break."


Apparently, Iran is loaded with hot model types. Yeah, yeah, revolution... people dying the streets....I'm just sayin' they got a lot of hot chicks.

What, too soon?

Daily Kos: Tehran Street Photos -- On the Brink


Title of video: Greatest Freak Out Ever.

Mom canceled World of Warcraft account. Little brother hides video camera.

Hilarity ensues.


Friday, June 19, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 6/19/09

This Sucks!

Pic by KellyD.

Roof collapses as Georgia Theatre burns in Athens | ajc.com:

"A major fire erupted Friday at the Georgia Theatre, an Athens landmark and center of the local music scene, police said.

The fire, which began around 7 a.m., inflicted major damage on the building.

Athens-Clarke County Fire Chief Chuck Gulley said the fire was contained but that the roof of the building had collapsed. He said there was no evidence that anyone was in the building when the fire broke out around 7 a.m."
I never got to attend a show at the GT, but I did spend a few nights sitting outside across from the old beauty during my Athens GA Getaway.

I know this place was near and dear to many a good friend. My heart goes out to y'all today.

But, knowing the folks in Athens, she won't stay down for long. She'll rise again.

Best part is nobody got hurt.

Hang in there, Athens!


Patterson Hood

Diversion needed.

How about the stellar new record from Patterson coming out on June 23rd.

Bunch of news on that front.

New tunes from Murdering Oscar have been uploaded to Patterson's MySpace:

Patterson Hood on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Best Cover Ever!


Album review: Patterson Hood's 'Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs)' | Turn It Up - A guided tour through the worlds of pop, rock and rap:
"Rating: 3 stars

The second solo release by the founder of Southern roots-rockers the Drive-By Truckers was nearly two decades in the making. Hood began cobbling together songs in the early ‘90s, but “Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs)” (Ruth St.) doesn’t sound like an odds-and-sods collection."

Aquarium Drunkard: Music Blog � Diversions :: Patterson Hood on Back Lounge Days (And Nights):

"(Diversions, a recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, catches up with our favorite artists as they wax on subjects other than recording and performing.)

Murdering Oscar, the long delayed follow-up to Patterson Hood’s 2004 solo debut, Killers And Stars, will finally see the light of day June 23rd. Unlike the sparse, home-recorded, Killers And Stars, Hood’s new collection finds him in familiar company backed by Dave Barbe, Centro-matic’s Will Johnson and Scott Danborn, his father, the famed Muscle Shoals musician David Hood, as well as his DBT bandmates. In this edition of Diversions, Hood reflects on the musical going’s on in the back lounge. A noted voracious music fan with eclectic tastes, below Hood waxes on everything from the Clash to Syd Dale."

Rollo & Grady Interview // Patterson Hood - Los Angeles Music Blog:

"When I spoke with Patterson last week, we discussed his excitement over the release of Murdering Oscar, his longtime relationship with Truckers guitarist Mike Cooley and big-box retailer deals."

Nashville Music - Patterson Hood's solo album Murdering Oscar is a striking blast from the past - page 1:

"Hood came by his grunge sensibilities honestly. 'Nirvana broke wide open and became huge pretty much the exact same week that my '80s band Adam's Housecat broke up, and doing a kind of music and opening the door for a kind of music selling records that I'd spent pretty much the '80s doing,' he says.

But there's a reason why it's not a sound that people generally associate with Hood's musical ventures, while loose, muscular Southern rock is. 'I was running like hell from it by the time the Truckers started,' he says. 'Because I had seen what happened in the wake of all of that. There were so many bad bands that came along in the wake of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. After that, all the sudden it was Bush and Nickelback.'

Murdering Oscar is an occasion for contemplating why musical styles, songs or life perspectives end up falling by the wayside. 'It gets to a point where you're too old to take your shirt off anymore,' Hood says. 'Grunge was bound to have a limited shelf life because once the flannel shirt came off... There's a real short shelf life with men without shirts on. About 22 or 23. It's like, 'Dude, put a shirt on, and for God's sake wear some shoes.'"

Live from Grimey's in Nashvegas yesterday.

Via Traci Thomas:


This is awesome.

hbo true blood musician casting:

"The second season of HBO’s acclaimed vampire series True Blood is fast approaching (June 14th) and, honestly, we’re pretty damn excited. While the show is already jam packed with memorable characters, being a music site and all, we can’t help but wish that some of our favorite (or not) musicians could make a cameo appearance or two. Why? For starters, because some of them just look like they would fit the part. Others would maybe fit the part, but we mostly just want to see them die a violent on-screen death.

Here is who we have in mind…

6. Patterson Hood (of the Drive-By Truckers)"

Pics and video Via Daniel Peiken:

June 2009:

"Patterson Hood & the Screwtopians @ Nuci's Space's Camp Amped, Athens, Georgia 6 15 09

video of 'Grandaddy'

video of 'I'm In Love With A Girl'

Ben Levin, reporting from Bonnaroo

Interview with Patterson:

DBT pics and video:

Patterson and Screwtopians video

Patterson and Screwtopians pics and write-up:


More from the'Roo

Bonnaroo's Top Ten Moments:

"4. The Drive-By Truckers back southern soul man Booker T. Jones on a three-song blast of Patterson Hood's Molly Hatchet-referencing autobiography 'Let There Be Rock,' a Jones-powered cover of 'Hey Ya' that got the sweaty crowd sweatier and a ramshackle-train run through 'I Can't Turn You Loose' that added up to a sprawling yet complete trifecta of Southern rock."

festivals: Drive-By Truckers

Patterson Hood interview on Vimeo


Via Chris DeLine:

Interview with Patterson Hood



dbts : Message: Booker & The DBT's make the NBA:

"Was flip'in by the game and they had Hey Ya play'in go'in into commercial.....cool!!....mg"

NineBullets.org - Message Board • View topic - New DBT License Plates


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Isbell band album nominated for Americana music award | TimesDaily.com | The Times Daily | Florence, AL



New video from the Dexateens.

Whoever came up with the idea for this video is a genius! ;-)


Bettye Lavette

MySpace.com Blogs - Bettye LaVette MySpace Blog:

This EP will only be available by download.

Follow the link to purchase


MPAA Admits to Losing PR War to the ‘Enemies of Copyright’

So, where do these misunderstandings possibly come from anyway? We figured a short list might be in order: destroying Napster and Audio Galaxy and not creating an alternative for the get-go, raiding people’s homes because they uploaded Star Wars (not necessarily leaking it in the first place), hacking the URN hash and polluting FastTrack, hacking The Pirate Bay, having Viacom serve DMCA notices to people posting video’s of people eating in a restaurant on YouTube, suing tens of thousands of average American’s including fining one individual $222,000 for sharing a couple songs, saying that files in a shared directory is copyright infringement in court, saying that evidence is too hard to get and that the industry shouldn’t be burdened to prove their cases in court, suggesting that iPods are little more than little pirate ships, saying in court that even making one back-up copy of a DVD is illegal, lobbying to put in the DMCA, demanding that laws should be in place to prevent any tinkering with DRM including for research purposes, installing rootkits on people’s computers, installing spyware on people’s computers via the MediaMax technology, being outed for being hypocrites for pirating a documentary movie and claiming that it’ll only be in a safe place, tried to bring people a broadcast flag and telling people you can’t record TV shows if the broadcaster doesn’t like it, trying to bi-pass the backfiring of WIPO and the FCC to bring in the broadcast flag anyway, tried to get ISPs to do all the copyright industry’s dirty work,

Resurrecting the band:

"If you could bring one artist or band back from the dead for a one-night-only concert, who would it be and why?"

Trent Reznor Tuning Out Twitter Because “Idiots Rule” : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


Springsteen Joins Phish At Sunday Night Show


Real `Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' gravely ill:

"They were childhood chums. Then they drifted apart, lost touch completely, and only renewed their friendship decades later, when illness struck.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shark Speedball

This is what you call getting abused for Tweeting stupid ass shit. Hilarious:

Twitter Users Heckle Hoekstra En Masse | TPMDC


I so glad this DINO douchebag didn't pay his taxes.

Anyone opposed to the public option is firmly in the pocket of the insurance companies.

Daschle Urges Obama To Drop Public Health Care Plan:

"The man once slated to head Barack Obama's health care system overhaul is now coming out against one of the chief components of that effort.

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle said on Wednesday that the Obama White House would likely have to scrap a public option for health insurance coverage if it wanted to get the votes needed to pass systematic change.

'We've come too far and gained too much momentum for our efforts to fail over disagreement on one single issue,' the Senator and one-time HHS Secretary nominee said, according to ABC News."

10 paces would have been more fun, but....

Arizona town decides election with deck of cards - Telegraph:

"Thomas McGuire and Adam Trenk each won 660 votes in an election last month for a seat on the Cave Creek council.

A recount was considered too expensive and insufficiently entertaining.

Instead, town leaders invoked a 1925 local statute that calls for such eventualities to be settled by a game of chance.

Previous deadlocks have been decided by gunfights but the pair opted to draw cards instead."

Never fuck with a coked up shark. Never.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Mexico cocaine 'hidden in sharks':

"The Mexican Navy says it has seized more than a tonne of cocaine hidden inside the carcasses of frozen sharks."

Dang ol' internet will bust your nekkid ass everytime.

Woman cancels wedding after finding fiance was porn star - Telegraph:

"Haylie Hocking, 27, only found out that strapping 30-year-old fitness fanatic Jason Brake made adult films just weeks before the big day.

A friend organising her hen night searched online for a male stripper and spotted Jason with a woman in a porn movie."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now Make Me Do It

Look, so, apparently the Obama DOJ and Administration has been screwing the gay rights issue something royally lately. I say apparently instead of 'obviously because, with Obama, he may seem to be fucking something up, then WHAM, it becomes apparent that the sandbagging had a purpose in the greater scheme of things.

So, this article from 1/2009 and the FDR quote.....

David Sirota: The "Make Him Do It" Dynamic:

"I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.' - Franklin Roosevelt"

...Relate to this, which came out yesterday, in a compelling way.

Obama to extend some benefits to same-sex partners - Ben Smith - POLITICO.com

"Reacting to a rising tide of anger from gay and lesbian supporters at a series of slights and deferred promises, President Obama will tomorrow extend some benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees."

I'm doing a lot of tongue biting lately, as Obama has only been in office for 6 months, but it is interesting that Obama is really apply the 'now make me do it' in a way never seen before, which I think is potentially genius.

We'll see how it all plays out.



RJ Eskow: Could Doctors Go the Way of Record Companies?:

"Watching the AMA defend its turf on issues like doctor reimbursement is like watching the RIAA file copyright lawsuits against teenagers, even as its business model collapses around it. You can't fight your own market and win, and you can't fight yesterday's battles. Doctor groups should look more like think tanks and less like a lobbying groups. (Come to think of it, so should the RIAA.)"

Twitter will save the Republican Party! Not! FAIL!

Top 7 Conservative New Media FAILS So Far this Year | TPMDC



Woman suspected in 3 holdups within 35 minutes:

"Ohio authorities said they believe a woman held up three banks within just over a half-hour. Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards said based on the surveillance photos, it appears to be the same woman. Police said the first bank was hit at about 3:15 p.m. Monday, the second about a mile away at 3:30, and the third about three blocks farther at 3:50."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comfort Wipe My Arse

This is just super.

Military accepting neo-Nazis, white supremacists, probe finds:

"The US military has effectively adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy concerning white supremacists and neo-Nazis in an effort to bolster recruiting and retention, an article published Monday says.

Numerous articles have detailed the Army’s recruiting woes in the wake of two ongoing US wars abroad. Soldiers are less likely to enlist — or re-enlist — when faced with possible death overseas, though recruiting has gotten easier during the current recession.

But the Army’s recruiting difficulties have opened the floodgates to those who’d otherwise be turned away: neo-Nazis, white supremacists and gang members."

"Shut your mouth and get your ass on the plane"

Man with fear of flying spending month on plane:

"NEW YORK – A man who says he's afraid to fly is spending the month of June living on a plane.

Mark Malkoff, 33, a comedian and filmmaker, boarded his first flight June 1 from LaGuardia in New York, where he lives, heading to Atlanta. He plans to stay on AirTran flights until June 30. The airline offers wireless Internet service, so Malkoff is posting updates about his trip on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and on his blog, http://www.MarkOnAirTran.com."

This may push me over the edge. It takes all my might not to kill someone talking on their phone in the gym/grocery store/etc. And if you're one of these assholes.... stop it!

Initially, probably hilarious watching idiots write in the air... but, ultimately gonna be deadly for someone.

Air Writing: Next Big Thing in Cell Phones? :

"Forget fumbling with tiny cell phone keys. A prototype of a new application allows cell phone users to write short notes in the air and send them automatically to an e-mail address.

This represents just one possible step toward allowing people to naturally merge the real world with the information power of the Internet. Travelers and other mobile users could air-write notes to themselves rather than have to text on the run.

'By holding the phone like a pen, you can write short messages or draw simple diagrams in the air,' said Sandip Agrawal, an electrical and computer engineering student at Duke University in North Carolina."

Not just restaurants... everywhere.

Get off my lawn!

Michael Bauer: Between Meals : Let's ban perfume from restaurants:

"I am a restaurant industry professional. I am often faced with the issue of having guests arrive at the restaurant reeking of cologne or perfume. To say that this is both obnoxious, and in some cases nauseating, is putting it lightly. Can you explain to your readers to impress upon them the importance of not overdoing the use of cologne or perfume when going to a restaurant?

I feel -- and smell -- your pain. To me it's almost worse than secondhand smoke. I've had clouds of stinky floral perfumes engulf me as I try to enjoy my meal. Not only does everything end up tasting like a truckload of gardenias, I leave with a headache."

It writes its own snark.

America. Fuck Yeah!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Healthy Wallets

They may say they 'protect' the border, but once you cross the border it's every man, woman and child for themselves.

Kinda like anti-abortionist.

And they killed a 9 year old in cold blood.

And they were big supporters of the Tea Bagging.

Yeah, feelin' much safer with redneck vigilantes patrolling the border.

Minuteman leader arrested for double homicide


Texas: Libertarian paradise.

Dying to Build by Melissa del Bosque - construction, safety, Texas:

"A construction worker dies in Texas every 2 1/2 days. No other state in the country has as many construction-related deaths: 142 fatalities were reported in 2007, up from 131 the year Puerto died, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s most recent statistics. The causes are far from mysterious: lax enforcement of labor and safety regulations, too many overtime hours without rest breaks and a lack of safety training and equipment."

Money grubbing motherfuckers.

A.M.A. Opposes Government-Sponsored Health Plan - NYTimes.com:

"WASHINGTON — As the health care debate heats up, the American Medical Association is letting Congress know that it will oppose creation of a government-sponsored insurance plan, which President Obama and many other Democrats see as an essential element of legislation to remake the health care system."

Money grubbing... see above.

Dr. Chris McCoy: Dear AMA: I Quit!:

"Dear American Medical Association,

I recently had the opportunity to read your response to the Senate Finance Committee proposal for health care reform, and it is clear to me that I cannot remain a member in your organization. Please remove my name from your membership rolls, effective immediately.

In reading the response, I was frustrated and disheartened by the fact that you couldn't get through the second paragraph before bringing up the issue of physician reimbursement. This merely highlights how the AMA represents a physician-centered and self-interested perspective rather than honoring the altruistic nature of my profession. As a physician, I advocate first for what is best for my patients and believe that as a physician, as long as I continue to maintain the trust and integrity of the profession, I will earn the respect of my community. The appropriate financial compensation for my endeavors will follow in kind."

Public plan or bust.

Ezra Klein - Health Care Reform for Beginners: The Many Flavors of the Public Plan:

"Enter the public insurance option. It doesn't replace the insurance individuals already rely on. But it provides an alternative. It lets them make the decision. It's the health care equivalent of being pro-choice. And it thus serves two purposes. The first is to act as a public insurer. To use market share to bargain down the prices of services, much as Medicare does. To lower administrative costs. To operate outside the need for profit, and quarterly results. The Commonwealth Fund estimated that this would result in savings of 20%-30% over traditional private insurance:"

Who needs formal health care anyway if you are a self starter.

Teen diagnoses her own disease in science class - CNN.com


There are a couple of hundred birds like this in SF. I use to get tagged at USF all of the time by one mean-ass bird who resided on Golden Gate Ave.

This is the first one with a blog, though.

Bird In San Francisco Smacks Unsuspecting Pedestrians In The Head (VIDEO)


Friday, June 12, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 6/12/09

Muscle Shoals Sound

RIP Barry Beckett. Thank you for all you did.

Swamper Barry Beckett dies at 66 | TimesDaily.com | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"Barry Beckett, keyboard player and founding member of the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, died during the night at his home in Hendersonville, Tenn.

Known affectionately as “The Swampers,” Beckett, along with guitarist Jimmy Johnson, bassist David Hood and drummer Roger Hawkins, performed with a variety of artists including Bob Seger, The Staple Singers and Paul Simon.

He was 66-years-old, said his close friend and former assistant, Dick Cooper. He had suffered from several ailments."

Patterson Hood/DBT

Booker T & the DBTs set from Bonnaroo this weekend will be broadcasted at AT&T Blueroom on Sunday June 14th at 3:30pm. If you cant make it to Bonnaroo this year be sure to check out their performance via the AT&T Blueroom


New blog post from Patterson with new DBT tour dates! Also, don't forget to pre-order Murdering Oscar!

Patterson Hood:

"NEW DBT TOURDATES just announced (more coming soon!):
Thu Jul 23 - Florence, AL - SHOALS THEATRE
Fri Jul 24 - Florence, AL - SHOALS THEATRE
Thu Aug 13 - Sun Valley, ID - ELKHORN SPRINGS RESORT
Thu Aug 20 - Macon, GA - COX CAPITAL THEATRE
Fri Aug 21 - Myrtle Beach, SC - HOUSE OF BLUES"

Patterson Hood - Murdering Oscar [Album Review] — HearYa - Indie Music Blog:

"Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers is set to release his sophomore solo album called Murdering Oscar on June23rd. Killers and Stars, his solo debut, was an acoustic album that sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom. The lo-fi treatment served the album well. It’s a depressing affair that was recorded at a time when Patterson was going through some tough shit. I was expecting similar slow, acoustic sounds on Murdering Oscar, but that is not what greeted me when I pressed play.

Big, ominous guitar riffs roll in like thunderheads when the title track opens things up. You immediately feel the song’s intensity before a grizzled word is uttered from Patterson’s southern jowls. Then the tale of kill or be killed begins to unfold: “I killed Oscar/Shot him in the head/Put the gun in his mouth/ Watched his brains fly out.” Um, okay. Let me start that song over knowing what I know now. And proceed."

Spin gives Murdering 3 1/2 stars. They kinda phoned in the review, though, as they only address one song and try to apply it to the entire album.

And they used the term 'Southern Rock'. Minus 25 points for that one.

Lots of 'light' on Murdering, in my opinion. It's hard to listen to a more joyful song than 'I Understand Now' (One of my favorite Patterson songs of all time).

Lazy Spin.

Patterson Hood, 'Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs)' (Ruth St.) | Spin Magazine Online:

"Although most of the songs on Patterson Hood's second solo album predate the existence of Drive-By Truckers, they'd easily fit on any of his band's records -- same low-life characters, busted dreams, and black humor, rendered in solidly gothic Southern rock. The body count starts on the title track, with Hood sounding both regretful and turned on as he howls, 'I killed Oscar and I forgave me.' Then he attempts to claim self-defense. Hood's unreliable narrator is always lookin' for forgiveness in all the wrong places, even if he's the only one listening to his confession."

Congrats to Creigh who beat Terry Mcs sorry ass and who, turns out, is a fan of the Drive-By Truckers.

Thanks to Wes Freed for the tip on this one.

Creigh Deeds wins Virginia primary - War Room - Salon.com:

"Deeds did seem a little stunned when he spoke to supporters in Charlottesville. 'No one could have imagined what we've accomplished here in the commonwealth of Virginia tonight,' he said. And though the music playing as he walked onstage was Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing,' Deeds actually spent a fair amount of time on his Twitter feed talking about what other tunes he was listening to, throughout the campaign. A scroll through the feed shows his favorites — Drive by Truckers, Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Cat Power and others — popping up more often than anything having to do with politics. If aides don't wrest control of his account away from him to use the feed for more conventional messaging, it should be fun to read throughout the fall."

'Daddy Learned to Fly' from the upcoming, new DBT album out in 2010.

If this don't get the nips taunt for the new, new record (3 DBT/Patterson albums are coming out before the new, new one) then you ain't suckin' in air right.

It's certainly great to be alive in TruckerLand these days.


A band from Spain covering 'Where the Devil Don't Stay'

And then they go and cover Marah.

Spaniards: Great taste in pork and music:


Will Johnson/Centro-Matic

I missed this blog written by Will Johnson on the death of Jay Bennett.

Wonderful read.

RIP, again, Jay.

Jay Walter Bennett:

"Jay, Edward, Paul, Scott and I all got together for our first rehearsal in Jay’s Arlington Heights basement on Sunday, June 23, 2002. Some of us were just meeting for the first time, and others of us had long running friendships. The syrupy Chicago summer afternoons had well arrived, and we only had a couple of days to get ready for the first trek in support of “The Palace at 4am”. The room was a sweatbox, a mesmirizing musical laboratory of guitars, keyboards, amplifiers and curiosities."


Dexateens take 'Singlewide' on the road | TimesDaily.com | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"When the Dexateens perform live, the Tuscaloosa-based rockers want the occasion to be special."

Music News

George Jones song added to national registry | TimesDaily.com | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

"'I have a dream.' 'One small step for man …' 'This Land is Your Land.' And now, 'He Stopped Loving Her Today.'

Country singer George Jones will have a song immortalized alongside the words from Martin Luther King Jr., Neil Armstrong and Woody Guthrie."

Krist Novoselic For Office: Nirvana Bassist Running For County Clerk:

"CATHLAMET, Wash. — Nirvana's former bassist is running for clerk of a rural county to protest Washington state's method of letting candidates name their own party affiliation."

Fuck, we be gettin' old.

Prince: So Hip He Needs Two New Ones | The Hollywood Reporter: SHOWBIZ 411


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Right Wing Politics

If only some government agency could have predicted the potential for violent right-wing extremism.....

Holocaust museum shooter reportedly white supremacist James von Brunn.:

"This afternoon, a gunman apparently shot at least one person at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. MSNBC is reporting that the suspected shooter, who also sustained gunshot wounds, is James Von Brunn, a white supremacist born in 1920. Brunn has been approvingly cited on Stormfront, a national white supremacist website. He is apparently the author of a tract called, “Kill the Best Gentiles,” which his website describes as “a new, hard-hitting expos�of the JEW CONSPIRACY to destroy the White gene-pool.” Brunn, a WWII veteran, also wrote a screed on President Obama’s citizenship that was re-posted to popular right-wing message board Free Republic:"

...oh, wait, one actually did:

Will Republicans Admit That Their Partisan Outrage Over The DHS Report Was Misplaced? | Media Matters Action Network


Almost the sanest thing ever stated on FAUX News.... until they tie it to the blogs and ignore the fact that the fuel for these fires is coming directly from their 'news' organization. From the Becks. From the Hannitys. From the Limbaughs.

The accountability rest squarely on FAUX News and its associated ilk.


Really? You think? You mean the report that FAUX reflexively dismissed out of some partisan outrage?


But what do they know anyway....

Health Professionals Tell Congress They Want Single-Payer:

"At a long-awaited House subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, health-care professionals made it clear that they believe a single-payer system to be the best and perhaps only workable option for health care reform.

'Single-payer is the only reform that can control health care costs,' said Walter Tsou, a University of Pennsylvania professor and an adviser to Physicians for a National Health Program. The last 50 years of government policy have protected insurance industry profits at the expense of taxpayers, doctors and hospitals, he said.

'Our most famous radical document begins with the words, 'We the People.' Not 'We the Insurers,'' he said. 'It is time for our own generation's revolution."

More like this, Democrats. Keep in mind that this is a Freshman Senator. We need more progressive Freshman Democratic Senators.

Senator Calls Out Frank Luntz From Senate Floor:

"Here we go. Frank Luntz's memo, that's his memo on how to kill health care, came out in April. It says - talking point number five - 'Health denial care horror stories in Canada and other countires do resonate, but you have to humanize them. You notice we recommend the phrase 'government takeover' rather than 'government run' or 'government control.'' Why? Because government takeover sounds even scarier.

So what did we hear in the chamber from our minority leader just recently? I quote - 'Americans are concerned about a government takeover of health care and for good reason.' And it goes on. So recognize that that is a point that's coming from a document about how to kill health care, not a responsible debate about the plan we have in front of us."

WTF is he talking about? $10 for anyone that can decipher this tortured analogy.

God, I love Michael Steele.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Minnesota Independent: News. Politics. Media. � ‘Big tent’ no more: RNC’s Steele says GOP is a hat:

"Here’s more evidence that the GOP is still struggling to find fitting metaphors to talk about itself. The party was likened to a miffed Eminem by Gov. Tim Pawlenty at the College Republicans’ national confab over the weekend, while at another of the convention’s sessions, RNC chair Michael Steele was coming up with imagery of his own. Steele told the audience that “no one knows what the hell it means” when the GOP refers to itself as a “big tent.”

So he offered another analogy: The GOP is a hat.

Some people wear a hat frontwards, others cocked to the left, he explained. Some wear it backwards, he added, echoing a past statement, “because that’s how they roll.” But “the strength of the party is in this: … the fact that you’re willing to put the damn thing on… The problem we’ve had as a party is: too many of our friends, neighbors, colleagues are taking the hat off, because we’ve decided we don’t like the way they wear it… The GOP is not about how you wear the hat, but the fact that you want to wear the hat.”"



GOP Leader Rep. Eric Cantor Predicts Republican Landslide in 2010 - ABC News:

"These may be dark days for the Republican Party, but a top GOP congressional leader predicted today that Republicans would trounce Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections and could take back control of the House of Representatives."

Damn, those conservatives sure do love to hate on some America.

Ed Goes Ballistic over GM "Socialist" Boycott

Hewitt: I won't be visiting a GM or Chrysler lot, now matter the quality of the product. The only way to fight socialism, is to Boycott GM.

Ed: We are talking about hundreds of thousands of Americans. And this is what they have? They openly say, if you‘re angry. No, I think the word is "if you hate Obama." If you hate Obama. If you can‘t stand the fact that he‘s having success as a president. If you just hate the fact that this guy has got a 60-plus percent approval rating. He‘s trying to save American industry.

If you hate him that much, don‘t buy a GM and don‘t buy a Chrysler. Now the thing that bothers me, this is the crowd that was on the president because they didn‘t—he didn‘t wear a lapel pin. This is the crowd that wrap themselves in the flag and said that the liberals weren‘t American.

Loves me some Lawrence O'Donnell.

Another Lawrence O'Donnell Teaching: This Time On Joey "Book Boy!" (Updated 2x: The Video):

"'Liberals ended slavery, liberals got woman the right to vote, liberals created Social Security, Medicaid and a minimum wage, they wrote the Civil Rights Act, , the Voting Rights Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, they have done all of those things in at every moment, for every one of those things in this country, what did conservatives do, they opposed every one of those things, including your right to vote (pointing at Mika).'"

Heh. Palau.

Palau to take Guantanamo's Chinese detainees - Yahoo! News:

"WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Palau agreed to accept 17 Chinese Muslims who have languished in legal limbo at Guantanamo Bay, indicating a resolution to one of the major obstacles to closing the U.S. prison camp."

Ah, CL. I knew ye when you were but a nascent local posting board.

Craigslist expects record revenue: $100 million:

"Defying its anti-commercial reputation, Craigslist is expected to rake in $100 million in revenue this year, the most ever for the classified advertising site, according to a new report."

Ladies, FYI, I'm available for 'end of world' sex. Better hurry. 3.5 billions years will be here before you know it. And you don't want to get crushed by Venus without first having experienced my... rhymes with 'Venus'.

Earth-Venus smash-up possible in 3.5 billion years: study


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wild Fields of Crunch Berries

No you two assholes, it's not the actual picture, it's the goddamn content of the picture. It's the act that the pictures portray not the physical existence of the picture.

Why don't you focus on holding accountable the people who allowed the content of the pictures to occur?

By hiding the pictures, you're not doing away with the actual content.

These two douchebags will do anything for camera time.

Graham, Lieberman threaten Senate shut down over abuse photo bill:

"In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Joe Lieberman (I-C.T.) threatened to shut down the Senate by blocking any further legislation unless their bill preventing the release of any further detainee abuse photos is passed.

Both men said they fear more disclosure would trigger heightened violence against Americans overseas"

FAUX News: Promoting domestic terrorism fair and balancey-like.

O'Reilly and Fox News will have more right-wing vigilantism to explain | Media Matters for America:

"If Fox News is going to continue to traffic in hateful rhetoric, then folks at Fox News, as well as their apologists in the GOP Noise Machine, are going to have to come up with better talking points to spin away the atmosphere of vigilantism fomented by their words and actions."

Someone snapped WAY too far into a Slim Jim.

I blame this guy.

3 missing, 20 hurt in NC Slim Jim plant collapse - Los Angeles Times


'A' for effort... dude.

Man accused of trying to smuggle pot on surfboard:

"The Border Patrol said a man has been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle 24 pounds of marijuana ashore on his surfboard off the San Diego County coast. The man was spotted Sunday morning about 200 yards off Imperial Beach, near the Mexican border."

Another 'A' for effort and an homage to 'Jerome'. Those who know, know.

The Mommy Files : Where the wild crunch berries grow:

"Guess what? The multicolored balls in Cap'N Crunch's Crunch Berries aren't real berries.

If you have ever purchased this cereal for your family, you probably already know this but that's not the case with San Diego woman Janine Sugawara.

Sugawara bought the cereal for four years believing crunch berries were a real fruit, according to the blog Lowering the Bar. When she learned the purple, teal, and green berries were actually cereal balls flavored with strawberry concentrate, she cried fraud and sued the manufacturer."

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What's the Difference Between Us?


Tim Pawlenty Urges College Republicans To Follow Eminem's Example

Does he mean this Eminem?

Dr. Dre - What's The Difference lyrics:

"Well that's cool, and I appreciate the offer
But if I do decide to really murder my daughter's momma
I'ma sit her up in the front seat and put sunglasses on her
And cruise around wit her for seven hours through California
And have her wavin at people (Hi!) Then drop her off on the corner
at the police station and drive off honkin the horn for her
Raw dawg, get your arm gnawed off
Drop the sawed off and beat you wit the piece it was sawed off of
Fuck blood, I wanna see some lungs coughed up
Get shot up in the hot tub til the bubbles pop up
and they nose and cough snot up, mucus in hot water
That's for tryin to talk like The Chronic was lost product
That's for even THINKIN of havin them thoughts thought up!
You better show some respect whenever the Doc's brought up!!
So what's the difference between us? We can start at the penis
Or we can scream, 'I Just Don't Give a Fuck,' and see who means it!"

And the problem here is what exactly?

McConnell admits: "private ins can't compete" UPDATE.:

"'The private insurance people would not be able to compete with a government option.'"

As a tallish person with long legs, I've almost gotten into fist fights with dumb-fucks who rack their seat back into my lap.

Just going to get worse now.

Another industry too big to fail.

Should have let them eat it after 9/11.

I guess we can expect the same from GM in the coming years.

Airlines at It Again: Less Legroom - WSJ.com


The first ever 'god' one can lick and have a true spiritual experience.

Mmm, frog licking.

Colour changing frog worshipped as god in India - Telegraph:
"The creature was discovered in a flower bed and now draws hundreds of followers to the home where it is kept in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Now one of India's top zoologists has decided he will study the unusual creature – provided it can be kept alive"

Dammit. Not hard enough. He still lives.