Monday, January 31, 2011

Corporate PEEthos

Other than the 'jaded' biased BS, a fine read.

A Chicken Chain’s Corporate Ethos Is Questioned by Gay Rights Advocates -

I truly believe that if more people were conscious of the places they spend money and acted according to their personal morals and did not patronize establishments who do not represent their values, then more meaningful change would occur. One might have to go out of their way or spend more money at another establishment, though. Too bad American culture is pretty lazy.

Though, admittedly, I'll cave and eat a sandwich from American Taliban establishments as I would a Thai restaurant with Hindu idols in the corner. The difference is the Thai place isn't actively attempting to suppress my rights under the Constitution.

Purity is hard to attain with so much corporate concentration.

"“It’s a hard call, a personal call,” she said. “You have to decide which soul you want to feed.”"

Great analogy, though far too many elected Democrats are MLB. Far. Too. Many.

New Rules: Democratic NFL vs Republican MLB | Video Cafe

MAHER: So it's no surprise that some 100 million Americans will watch the Super Bowl next week. That's forty million more than go to church on Christmas. Suck on that Jesus! It's also 85 million more than watched the last game of the World Series and in that is an economic lesson for America, because football is built on an economic model of fairness and opportunity. And baseball is built on a model with the rich always winning and the poor usually have no chance.

The World Series is like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; you have to be a rich bitch just to play. Where as the Superbowl is like Tila Tequilla, anyone can get in. Or to put it another way, football is more like the Democratic philosophy. Democrats don't want to eliminate capitalism or competition, but they would like it if some kids didn't have to go to a crummy school in a rotten neighborhood, while others get to go to a great school, and their dad gets them into Harvard. Because when that happens, achieving the American dream is easy for some and just a fantasy for others.

That's why the NFL literally shares the wealth. TV is their biggest source of revenue and they put it all in a big Commie pot and split if thirty two ways. Because they don't want anyone to fall too far behind. That's why the team that wins the Superbowl in the next draft, picks last, or what the Republicans would call “punishing success.”

Baseball... baseball on the other hand is exactly like the Republicans. And I don't just mean it's incredibly boring. I mean their economic theory is every man for himself. The small market Pittsburgh Steelers go to the Superbowl more than anybody. But the Pittsburgh Pirates? Levi Johnston has sperm that will not grow up and live long enough to see the Pirates in a World Series. Their payroll is forty million. The Yankees is two hundred and six million. The Pirates have about as much chance of getting to the playoffs as a poor black teenager from Newark has of becoming the CEO of Halliburton.

That's why people stop going to Pirate games in May. Because if you're not in the game, you become indifferent to the fate of the game and maybe even get bitter. That's what's happening to the middle class in America. It's also how Marie Antoinette lost her head. So you kind of have to laugh that the same angry white males who hate Obama because he's “redistributing wealth” just love football; a sport that succeeds because it does just that.


Again, DADT has not been repealed.

Pam's House Blend:: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal: There Is No Target Date

It is just like the 'near universal health coverage' that does not exist but that the OA keeps crowing about.

Half-assed symbols does not equal any kind of 'change'.


Friday, January 28, 2011

DBT WOW Week in Review - 1/28/11

Old 280 Boogie

Starting off this week's post asking y'all to pitch a few dollars to help keep parts of Alabama weird and musical.

Lot of good folks down there? These are them.

You got an extra $10 on your credit card, I know you do.

11th Annual OLD 280 BOOGIE, Waverly ~ Alabama by Paula Frances Peek — Kickstarter


Oh, this happened last night:

Jason sat in for a few songs for the encore. Listen to encore here:

shoalsmusic 01/27/11 10:21PM, shoalsmusic 01/27/11 10:21PM willsfc on USTREAM. Other Music

Three Dimes Down • View topic - space city 1/27/11

Great to be alive, y'all.


Nashville Rock Show Goers!

Drop by the Estel Gallery and check out some Wes Freed Artwork before you hit the venue(s):

Estel Gallery


||| Third Man Records |||:
"Third Man Records is happy to announce the latest in our live show and live LP series, Drive-By Truckers.

In anticipation for their upcoming album, “Go-Go Boots” (out Feb 15th on ATO) and following up from their sold out show at The Cannery Ballroom, the Truckers will be performing a special matinee all ages show here at Third Man Records on this Sunday Jan. 30th that will be recorded direct to analog tape for release as a live LP (and a limited Black & Blue split colored LP for those in attendance)."



Drive-By Truckers to perform songs from latest 'Boots' album tonight |
"“It’s already out as far as we are concerned,” said guitarist and longtime band member Mike Cooley. “They (fans) already know the words and they’re liking it.”"

Drive-By Truckers documentary comes to Capri Theatre in Montgomery, George Lindsey Film Festival in Florence |

Drive-By Truckers – Go-Go Boots [Album Review]


Alabama Artists � The Year of Alabama Music

The Drive-By Truckers slip on their Go-Go Boots for a perfect fit - Atlanta live music |

DBT rockumentary lights up film fest : Arts : Smile Politely



"aledraplease: LOVE how my mom said she wished I could go in her place to Drive By Truckers tonight. Can I be 18 now? Please? #frustration"

Twitter / Brent Hinson: Colonoscopy prep on Sunday ...:
"Colonoscopy prep on Sunday will prevent me from seeing @drivebytruckers at Third Man Records in Nashville. Please play #Assholes for me."

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Get it because it is gooood. Mo' later on Here We Rest.

Swampland:Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit's Upcoming Here We Rest




Excellent, Wilco. Excellent.

Exclusive: Wilco forms own label, aligns with Silver Lake's Anti- Records | Pop & Hiss | Los Angeles Times


Bettye LaVette & Herbie Hancock At Tribute To Chaka Kahn

Country pioneer Charlie Louvin dead at 83 -

Vinyl records: Five places to get into the groove



Artist you should be 'Liking' and following

browan lollar art

Bob Masse Studios

Wes Freed


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pragmatism = Surrender

Read it all:

The End of New Deal Liberalism | The Nation

We have reached a pivotal moment in government and politics, and it feels like the last, groaning spasms of New Deal liberalism. When the party of activist government, faced with an epic crisis, will not use government's extensive powers to reverse the economic disorders and heal deepening social deterioration, then it must be the end of the line for the governing ideology inherited from Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson.

Political events of the past two years have delivered a more profound and devastating message: American democracy has been conclusively conquered by American capitalism. Government has been disabled or captured by the formidable powers of private enterprise and concentrated wealth. Self-governing rights that representative democracy conferred on citizens are now usurped by the overbearing demands of corporate and financial interests. Collectively, the corporate sector has its arms around both political parties, the financing of political careers, the production of the policy agendas and propaganda of influential think tanks, and control of most major media.


"In these terms, the administration of Barack Obama has been a crushing disappointment for those of us who hoped he would be different. It turns out Obama is a more conventional and limited politician than advertised, more right-of-center than his soaring rhetoric suggested. Most Congressional Democrats, likewise, proved weak and incoherent, unreliable defenders of their supposed values or most loyal constituencies. They call it pragmatism. I call it surrender."

Democrats fail and quit? Wha?!? I'm shocked, I tells ya. Shocked.

More 'o the Same.

Senate Democrats Forfeit 50-Vote Option For Rules Changes


What, Satan not available?

Obama picks RIAA lawyer to replace Kagan as solicitor general


Change we can believe in.

Justice Department seeks to have all web surfing tracked | Raw Story


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shame On Them

Shameful. Shame on our government. Shame. On. Them.

U.S.: Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help - IPS
"NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, Jan 14, 2011 (IPS) - In an emotionally charged meeting this week sponsored by the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, fishermen, Gulf residents and community leaders vented their increasingly grave concerns about the widespread health issues brought on by the three-month-long disaster.

'Today I'm talking to you about my life,' Cherri Foytlin told the two commissioners present at the Jan. 12 meeting. 'My ethylbenzene levels are 2.5 times the 95th percentile, and there's a very good chance now that I won't get to see my grandbabies…What I'm asking you to do now, if possible, is to amend [your report]. Because we have got to get some health care.'"

Gulf Oil Spill Aftermath: Rosina, Geraldine Philippe Of Louisiana's Atakapa Tribe Tell Their Story (VIDEO)


Pods, people. Pods!

European 'Road Train' Cars Drive Themselves While You Sleep (PICTURES)

This should be done with pods, not cars. Though I do get that technology must make incremental steps, but can we please eliminate the car from the process. Transporting a 180 lb bag of human flesh and guts in 2000 lbs of steel is stupid.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheesey Fog

Nails it.

Michael Brenner: Barack Obama -- Out of the Closet

The weak supporting the weak. Comprehensive run-down how Democrats and some Liberals/Progressives are failing this country miserably.

"Faced with betrayal, they freeze at pronouncing the word, of thinking the thought, of feeling the emotion. They are easy marks for the upscale con man with the high-minded rhetoric. They see taking offense as itself somehow offensive. They shy away from accusing, from denouncing. So when Mr. Obama spits in their face week after week, they are stunned into denial. Some declare: Our Saviour is also a rainmaker -- a thousand blessings be upon him! Others turn the other cheek. A few instinctively reach for a handkerchief. The more imaginative suggest that he was really aiming at the Republicans, but he's under such great stress that he lost his aim. The truly original believe that it's all part of a clever strategy so ingenious that we poor mortals can't conceive of it. Mysterious are the ways of Our Saviour."

Of course they did. Democrats turn 51 votes needed into 67 because..... uh.....

Weak and wrong.

Democrats Scale Down Rules Reform Package, Aiming For 67 Votes


Might go get a juicer in Jack's honor.

Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, 96, dies at Calif. home - Yahoo! News:
"Just before he had heart valve surgery in 2009 at age 95, Jack Lalanne told his family that dying would wreck his image, his publicist Ariel Hankin said at the time."

Yes, please.

A.S.B. • Oh god what is this


Humboldt Fog is like eating a dream. Word has it has it their truffle offering is devine, too.

National Cheese Lovers Day: The Best California Cheeses:
"'The Humboldt Fog is a tribute to classic French goat cheese-making. It's soft ripening from the outside inward and it has the vegetable ash through the middle and a little bit around the edges.'-- Norbert Wabnig."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Double Sun

And California is not far behind.

Vermont Lawmakers Lay Groundwork For Single Payer System In Place Of Obamacare

It should state 'BobDoleCare' or 'CrappyRepublicanBillfromthe90scare'.



Darya Pino, Ph.D: Is it Food? [Flowchart]


Really? Bath salts are a hell of a drug?

Officials fear bath salts are growing drug problem - Yahoo! News


Time for me to preach the joy of the cable-less existence again. Your life will be infinitely improved and your IQ will jump 20 points if you remove cable news and all the other crappy, time-wasting programing from your life.

Netflix, Hulu, ESPN3, Network websites. Good to go.

Oh, no political commercials ever again, too.

First Person: How We Cut the Cord and Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV - Yahoo! Finance


Cool, but probably bullshit.

Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012


Friday, January 21, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 1/21/11


Southern Shelter � Drive-By Truckers @ 40 Watt 1/13/11

Southern Shelter � Drive-By Truckers @ 40 Watt 1/14/11

Southern Shelter � Drive-By Truckers @ 40 Watt 1/15/11

Photos/Report: Drive-By Truckers, Athens on Blurt Online

Hotel Indigo Athens-A Sensibly Chic Eco Boutique • Hotel Indigo-Athens’ Assistant General Manager,...:
"“Last night, I fell in love with my job and Hotel Indigo-Athens all over again. Guests at the hotel made an impromptu decision to get married here at the hotel before heading to 40 Watt for the Drive By Truckers show."

Live Review: Drive-By Truckers at 40 Watt, January 14 | Atlanta Music Guide

Pin-Your-Ears Back Rock & Roll�|�inweekly

Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots | Album Review

Photos: January 14, 2011 @ 40 Watt – DEADLYDESIGNS.COM

Drive-By Truckers to Stomp Into Culture Room With Go-Go Boots - Page 1 - Music - Broward/Palm Beach - Broward-Palm Beach New Times

The Top Ten Albums We’re Excited For In 2011 | American Songwriter


UK/Ireland Tour Announced:

Drive-By Truckers: Shows

In-store in London on 11/2/11

Welcome to Rough Trade Shops:

Blast from the past:


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Jason Isbell serves up fresh tunes | Nancy Dunham | Music | Washington Examiner:
"Although the songs on the album are steeped in Southern rock tradition, the different flavorings likely aren't surprising when one considers Isbell's rich taste in music.

'I really like the Ting Tings,' he said. 'They are fun. I'm not crazy about [a lot of] hip-hop these days. I lot of hip-hop artists are not as creative as they were in the past. They are piling on guest appearances. MIA is doing some cool stuff, though, and Kid Cudi is a talented guy.'"

Muscle Shoals Sound - Alabama Music

10 to Watch in Muscle Shoals Music | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

On the Record :: Oxford American - The Southern Magazine of Good Writing



Chuck Prophet doing 'London Calling'

Rock star hopes his music is blasted at Bush officials in jail | Raw Story

Smiths Project: Janice Whaley sings entire catalog

Snooth: 6 Rock-Star Wines

Canada Bans Classic Dire Straits Song From The Radio

KDFC moves down the dial as nonprofit, KUSF dies

Scottish whisky the way South Americans like it... | Mail Online


Nice job, Tace!

SpokesBuzz 2011 Splash Video from Shirley Thompson Editorial on Vimeo.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dang, Y'all


Psychologists show how accent shapes our perception of a person


Great documentary. Directed by Banksy

Exit Through The Gift Shop


In news of no-shit.

"All of this crying is taking away my horny". - Simpson (with a slight alteration)

Sniffing women's tears dampens sexual desire in men, study suggests | Science |



Touching makes you healthier -


"It has all happened before. It will all happen again".

University researchers create networked flying robots that build complex structures | Raw Story

Dammit, people, have we learned nothing from Battlestar Galactica?!?

Bet they won't require a union, either... or will they....


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fight or Perish

To continue.... Progressives best get mad as hell and not take it anymore. Otherwise 'leaning conservative' will be the new 'very liberal' (actually, it already is. See 'President', 'Health Insurance Bill', 'Everything that's happened since 2008', etc).

Death by a thousand pragmatic and long-view cuts of our own making.

Daley is a reflection, not a cause - Glenn Greenwald -
"Why, angry progressives seem to be asking, would Obama ignore the views of his so-called 'progressive base' while seeking to please those who are his political adversaries?

But it's perfectly rational for Obama to do exactly that. There's a fundamental distinction between progressives and groups that wield actual power in Washington: namely, the latter are willing (by definition) to use their resources and energies to punish politicians who do not accommodate their views, while the former unconditionally support the Democratic Party and their leaders no matter what they do. The groups which Obama cares about pleasing -- Wall Street, corporate interests, conservative Democrats, the establishment media, independent voters -- all have one thing in common: they will support only those politicians who advance their agenda, but will vigorously oppose those who do not. Similarly, the GOP began caring about the Tea Party only once that movement proved it will bring down GOP incumbents even if it means losing a few elections to Democrats."

That is exactly what progressives will never do. They do the opposite; they proudly announce: we'll probably be angry a lot, and we'll be over here doing a lot complaining, but don't worry: no matter what, when you need us to stay in power (or to acquire it), we're going to be there to give you our full and cheering support. That is the message conveyed over and over again by progressives, no more so than when much of the House Progressive Caucus vowed that they would never, ever support a health care bill that had no robust public option, only to turn around at the end and abandon that vow by dutifully voting for Obama's public-option-free health care bill. That's just a microcosm of what happens in the more general sense: progressives constantly object when their values and priorities are trampled upon, only to make clear that they will not only vote for, but work hard on behalf of and give their money to, the Democratic Party when election time comes around.

Not funny but sadly true.

A Cartoon—By Mr. Fish (Harper's Magazine)



Exclusive: DoJ veteran sees ‘dangerous precedent’ in letting Bush officials walk | Raw Story:
"Hebert said he believed that in wanting to appear nonpartisan, they instead weakened the Justice Department, sending a consequential message to the American people.

“It’s one thing to want to appear like you’re above the political fray and your cases aren’t motivated by politics,” Hebert pointed out. “But it’s another to not hold people accountable and to not bring justice.”"


"Hebert said he believed that in wanting to appear nonpartisan, they instead weakened the Justice Department, sending a consequential message to the American people.

“It’s one thing to want to appear like you’re above the political fray and your cases aren’t motivated by politics,” Hebert pointed out. “But it’s another to not hold people accountable and to not bring justice.”"

What Atrios says:


I'm sure the Very Serious People response to anti-rich people leaks to wikileaks will be the same as their response to leaks embarrassing powerful people in governments. It's just wrong to hold powerful people accountable for anything.

Look forward people!"

Let the teabaggers deal with it so we can watch their heads explode trying to figure out which one is baby jeebus:

Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens, say scientists | Science |


Monday, January 17, 2011


YouTube - Watch President Obama's Full Speech at Tucson Memorial

Beautiful speech. Hit all the right notes. Not many people could deliver something like this. Its content is truly what we as a nation should aspire to.

However, speeches don't cut it anymore.

Does anyone really believe the Republicans-Blue Dog Democrats have any interest at all at civility? Does anyone really believe this mass-murder by a crazy person will change anything political in this country?

If Progressives won't fight back (and as dirty as possible).... If Progressives continue to vote their fears, if Progressives will not bite the bullet and stand down in supporting all the faux Dems in office, right to the very freakin' top, if Progressives don't start punching conservative blow-hards in the mouth every time they open it, then we'll all have a bullet in our head soon enough.


Good for him. I'll send bail money.

Tucson shooting victim arrested after making threat | TPM News Pages


Pfft. Maybe they'll pass a note "Do you like me? ___Yes ___No ____Maybe.

2 senators agree to sit together for Obama address - Yahoo! News

Fucking Kabuki.


Please tell me how awesome teh health insurance bail-out bill is again?

Blue Shield of California defies state insurance commissioner over rate hikes | Money & Company | Los Angeles Times:
"Defying California’s new insurance commissioner, Blue Shield of California has refused to delay Davejones-span controversial health insurance rate hikes for 60 days that prompted an uproar among customers who are seeing successive increases over the last five months of up to 59%."

Friday, January 14, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 1/14/11


Read the rest of Beantownbubba's inspired post about last night's Rock Show at 3DD:

Three Dimes Down • View topic - Athens January 13, 14 & 15 2011

The fourth floor of the Musee d'Orsay in Paris houses the greatest collection of impressionist art in the world. It's not even close. To my knowledge, there is no second place. I have had the good fortune and privilege to spend a fair amount of time there across a number of visits and every visit since my first has been somewhat similar:

First there is the sense of being in the presence of greatness. Of seeing things that represent the finest in the human spirit and the greatest aspects of our evolution. But after a while it's just overwhelming. The eyes, the mind just can't process any more, just doesn't compute. One monet starts to blend into another. And along w/ the highest high, that feeling of a supreme aesthetic experience , comes a kind of depression.

There is the knowledge that no matter what i do, i will never achieve a single moment of brilliance that approaches even the average of these great artists. That the very best i can do is simply ordinary. There is the certain knowledge that i will never touch people, move people, reach people in any way remotely like what these artists did routinely. I am not w/out ambition or w/out ego. Nor am i w/out talent. So this realization is, like i said, depressing, even amid the celebration, the glory, the rush of being surrounded by greatness and wondrousness.

Tonight was kind of like that. ...

The Go-Go Boots Episodes - Episode 2 - Drive-By Truckers from Drive-By Truckers on Vimeo.


Cartoon Gold - Acoustic - Go-Go Boots - Drive-By Truckers from Drive-By Truckers on Vimeo.


The Go-Go Boots Episodes - Episode 3 - Drive-By Truckers from Drive-By Truckers on Vimeo.


I Hear You Hummin - Acoustic - Go-Go Boots - Drive-By Truckers from Drive-By Truckers on Vimeo.


Fricke's Picks: A Personal Top 10 | Rolling Stone Music | Alternate Take by David Fricke:
"The Drive-By Truckers, The Big To-Do (ATO)
When these Southern avengers ripped into 'This Fucking Job' in New York last spring, it was with the righteous incandescent anger and mutinous �lan that have made the Truckers the most dangerous cult band in America. It's time they got the breaks and lost the 'cult.'"

Anderson Hood, member of DBT.

REEL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011: The Secret to a Happy Ending: A Documentary About the Drive-by Truckers — Saturday | Oregon Music News:
"David Hood, the house bass player describes his crew as “just some average-looking guys doing unusual things.” And so when Hood’s son, Anderson, turned out to be “not quite like the others” he wasn’t discouraged from letting his unusual habit of writing, constantly writing songs and poems—even if it meant that very little schoolwork got done."

Several new screenings listed for the DBT documentary:

The Secret to a Happy Ending


Features: The Drive-By Truckers' Jay Gonzalez - Flagpole Magazine: Colorbearer of Athens, GA

Drive-By Truckers at Brighton Concorde 2 - a set on Flickr



Twitter / Gary Parrish: @rodneylipps Seen the @dri ...:
"@rodneylipps Seen the @drivebytruckers many times. I use Carl Perkins' Cadillac on my radio show."

William Kitty, III (LionelKitty3rd) on Twitter:
"@drivebytruckers I've put more squirrels in the ground than AL laid CottonSeed; tell my lames ass 'rents to bring me w/ them to the Lyric"

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit



Country-Song-Flowchart2-large.jpg (JPEG Image, 950x822 pixels)

Broadcast singer Trish Keenan dies of swine flu after contracting disease in Australia | Mail Online

Alabama in the spotlight: We join others in yearlong celebration of music-makers |


Thursday, January 13, 2011

A 'Conversation'

Yes, we should continue to compromise our values for these bat-shit insane people.

This tragedy will assuredly spur Democrats to cave even more in the spirit of... fuck if I know, but I'm positive on the additional caving. Wish I was joking. Not.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unfriending Rage

Preach it, David Lowery. Preach it.

Why you should Unfriend Me. A Raging Moderate's Manifesto: Let's drop the F-Bomb.:
"Yes it's time for us moderates to get uncivilized."

William Rivers Pitt | The Wrath of Fools: An Open Letter to the Far Right:
"You who worship Jesus at the top of your lungs (in defiance of Christ's own teachings on the matter of worship, by the way) helped put several churchgoers into their graves and into the hospital. You who shriek about the sanctity of marriage helped cut down a man who was about to be married. You who crow with ceaseless abandon about military service and the nobility of our fighting forces helped to critically wound the wife of a Naval aviator who fought for you in a war. You who hold September 11 as your sword and shield helped put a little girl born on that day into the ground.

You helped. Yes, damn you, you helped."


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Delicate Flowers

Congrats, Auburn Tigers on the NC win. Fun game to watch. Five in a row for the SEC.

Dyer, Tigers reaffirm SEC’s stranglehold - College Football -

However, any dumbass coach or player who attributes a win to their 'god' really doesn't understand that concept. By making such a statement you are implying that your 'god' did not favor the opposing team. Your 'god' chooses sides'. Your 'god' is kinda a dick, then.


Guns don't kill people. It is the bullets that come out of the guns. Duh.


Bloodshed and Invective in Arizona -
"It is facile and mistaken to attribute this particular madman’s act directly to Republicans or Tea Party members. But it is legitimate to hold Republicans and particularly their most virulent supporters in the media responsible for the gale of anger that has produced the vast majority of these threats, setting the nation on edge. Many on the right have exploited the arguments of division, reaping political power by demonizing immigrants, or welfare recipients, or bureaucrats. They seem to have persuaded many Americans that the government is not just misguided, but the enemy of the people."

If, again, the most devastating attack he can muster is a finger wag, not much is going to fucking change.

Republicans must laugh themselves to sleep every night over how easy it is to roll OA+Dems.

Obama to GOP: Stop the ‘symbolic battles’ in Congress | Raw Story:
"WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama urged newly empowered Republicans on Saturday not to wage 'symbolic battles' against him but to instead work together to help spur job growth and economic recovery."

Monday, January 10, 2011

When Do We Fight Back?

If the good guys do not start fighting back in a very meaningful way, we'll all have bullets in our heads before too long.

Repeat after me "Both Sides DO NOT do these types of things". Blood is on the hand of every conservative in this country.

Dems will 'nice' us all to death.

Arizona Rep. Giffords shot, 6 killed in rampage - Yahoo! News:
"During his campaign effort to unseat Giffords in November, Republican challenger Jesse Kelly held fundraisers where he urged supporters to help remove Giffords from office by joining him to shoot a fully loaded M-16 rifle. Kelly is a former Marine who served in Iraq and was pictured on his website in military gear holding his automatic weapon and promoting the event.

'I don't see the connection,' between the fundraisers featuring weapons and Saturday's shooting, said John Ellinwood, Kelly's spokesman."

Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service for death threats against Barack Obama - Telegraph:
"Sarah Palin's attacks on Barack Obama's patriotism provoked a spike in death threats against the future president, Secret Service agents revealed during the final weeks of the campaign."

ThinkProgress � Home Page: "Related Posts:

* Rand Paul Supporters Drag MoveOn Supporter To Ground And Stomp on Her Head
* Republican House Candidate Calls For Violent Government Overthrow If GOP Loses Election
* Self-Described ‘Christian Counterpart To Osama Bin Laden’ Arrested In Plot To Bomb Abortion Clinic
* Boehner Admits Some Tea Party Attendees ‘Want To Kill All Of Us In Public Office’
* Tea Party Sells ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Playing Cards With Pictures Of Federal Lawmakers
* GOP congressman: Palin’s ‘reload’ map with crosshairs targeted at House Democrats is ‘inappropriate.’
* Vandals hit at least five Dem offices nationwide, threaten to ‘assassinate’ children of pro-reform lawmakers.
* Pentagon Shooter Was Right-Wing, Anti-Government Terrorist
* Rep. King Justifies Suicide Attack On IRS: Sympathizes With Hatred Of IRS, Hopes For Its Destruction
* GOP congressional candidate pretends to shoot at Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
* REPORT: ‘We Will Overthrow The Government’ — Calls For Violence Repeatedly Stoked By Conservative Voices
* FBI Arrests White Supremacist Blogger Hal Turner For Threatening To Kill Federal Judges
* DHS Report: After Obama’s Election, Right-Wing Extremists ‘May Be Gaining New Recruits’"

Friday, January 07, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 1/7/11


Drive-By Truckers @ Brooklyn Bowl�|� | The Music Street Team:
"Given the desolate location, terrible sight lines, and cavernous Thunder Dome-esque space of Terminal 5, it would have been worth it to buy tickets to the New Year’s Eve show just to get tickets to the Brooklyn Bowl show, and skip the Terminal 5 show entirely. Unless you really love the Drive-By Truckers. And given the crowd reaction at Brooklyn Bowl, it didn’t seem like many of the fans planned on skipping a Drive-By Truckers show. Ever."

Top 10 Albums Of 2010, by Paul Shirley:
"I could make the case (once again, to myself, because, once again, no one else would care to hear the argument) that the Drive-By Truckers managed to write my favorite AND second-favorite songs of the year, with “Birthday Boy” and “This F*cking Job”.

But I could be talked down from that position; those two songs might only be my third-favorite and fifth-favorite of the year. However, there is one thing of which I am positive: the Truckers wrote my favorite stanza of the year. From “Birthday Boy”, which is written from the perspective of a world-weary stripper:

“Got a girlfriend, don’t you, boy,

Nervous hands can’t lie,

Married men don’t ask how much,

Single ones ain’t buying.”

Even now, after something like 1,795 listens this year, the song gives me the chills; the Drive-By Truckers’ ability to cut to the heart of the human condition is one of the great musical revelations of the 21st century.

Drive By Truckers: Incisive."

Deano Bravo's Modern Life

Drive-By Truckers Rock Brooklyn Bowl � brooklynbelles

Yfrog Photo : Good Dog

Picture This: � Blog Archive � 1. DBT on NYE in the NYC 2010/2011


1 hour of the Rock Show from Spain this summer. Give it a minute to load.




Justin Townes Earl w/Jason Isbell


Elliot McPherson - Dexateens

Ram it, Jam it, Five Questions with The Dexateens' Elliott McPherson:
"EM: The best talent in Tuscaloosa is by far URI Horton. URI is unique and completely out of the box. He is sort of the godfather of the Tuscaloosa rap scene, but instead of being content with that, he has broadened his horizons and taken his craft to the stage with a band."





David Lowery from Cracker



Bob Masse Studios

Pitchfork: Listen: Two New R.E.M. Songs:
"Alternative nation luminaries R.E.M. will release Collapse Into Now, their new album, on March 8 (March 7 in the UK) via Warner Bros. On their website, they've already debuted the opening track, 'Discoverer'. More recently, the band shared a lyric video for their Eddie Vedder collaboration 'It Happened Today'; you can watch that below. And on the NPR website, you can now stream another song from the album, the scaled-back ballad 'Oh My Heart'."

OMB Staff – Best Albums Of 2010 | Oxford Music Blog

BBC News - Pink Floyd end EMI legal dispute


I snagged the following via Velena V. on Facebook. This weird lump thing occurs in my throat when I watch. Weird.

Also, he plays the git-tar upside down.

Click over and read about him and his daughters.


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crab Boil

Not so wild kingdom.

Mass bird and fish deaths becoming worldwide phenomenon | Raw Story:
"Update: 40,000 crabs have been found dead on England beaches."
Also, on the same beach a 300 gallon vat of clarified butter along with 3000 empty Corona bottles were discovered.

Seriously, doh, this could be a problem or it could be a bored media connecting dots that don't connect.

Never know these days... until it is too late, then how could anyone have predicted. Lawdy.


'Chupacabra' Mystery Solved? Strange Animal Identified In Kentucky (VIDEO)

I've seen many a raccoon and this is one ugly raccoon if so, but....

"There's just no way around it.' When Mark Cothern spotted this bizarre creature in his yard, he shot it. Pictures of the animal spread like wildfire, as many fans eagerly thought it could be a chupacabra."
Chupacabra receives cult, mythical status in Mexico.

Chupacabra receives both barrels in Kentucky and almost made it to the stew pot (I'm betting).


United State of California.

We build big shit, thus employing a lot of people:

The new Bay Bridge tower as seen from the - Media (1 of 22) Bay Bridge's new tower starts to rise

Granted, the steel comes from China because the nobody else does big shit in the U.S. anymore.

We are serious about protecting our environment.

California Cap And Trade Rules: Sweeping Regulations Set To Be Adopted:
"'AB32 was passed primarily to fill the vacuum created by the failure of Congress to pass any kind of climate or energy legislation for many years now,' said Mary Nichols, the air board's chairwoman. 'The goal was to lead by example, and being a leader you have to bring others along with you.'

California's cap-and-trade rules would set up the largest U.S. carbon trading market as the way to enforce the state's gradually tightening cap on emissions."
We are getting out of the damn car, too:

Calif. Amtrak ridership rising on state trains:
"'As I go around the country talking about Amtrak, I say we can't add trains fast enough in California,' said Marc Magliari, a national Amtrak spokesman in Chicago. 'That strikes people who believe California is the land of the car.'"
We also elect real Democrats who run the joint.

Be more like California, the rest of you.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Suspicious Bagel

Again, thank jeebus for Matt Tiabbi. Our national discourse is flooded with these faux-Democratic 'moderate' pseudo-long-view, clueless-what-pragmatic-actually-means, status quo fluffers.

As long as they got there's, they'll spew any stupid shit imaginable in order to hold onto that shit.

Matt Bai's Post-Partisanship | Rolling Stone Politics | Taibblog | Matt Taibbi on Politics and the Economy:
"Bai is one of those guys -- there are hundreds of them in this business -- who poses as a wonky, Democrat-leaning 'centrist' pundit and then makes a career out of drubbing 'unrealistic' liberals and progressives with cartoonish Jane Fonda and Hugo Chavez caricatures. This career path is so well-worn in our business, it's like a Great Silk Road of pseudoleft punditry. First step: graduate Harvard or Columbia, buy some clothes at Urban Outfitters, shore up your socially liberal cred by marching in a gay rights rally or something, then get a job at some place like the American Prospect. Then once you're in, spend a few years writing wonky editorials gently chiding Jane Fonda liberals for failing to grasp the obvious wisdom of the WTC or whatever Bob Rubin/Pete Peterson Foundation deficit-reduction horseshit the Democratic Party chiefs happen to be pimping at the time. Once you've got that down, you just sit tight and wait for the New York Times or the Washington Post to call. It won't be long."

If your fellow passengers are a bunch of terrified teabaggers, you might be an American.

Florida Professor Arrested for Having a "Suspicious" Bagel on a Plane | NBC Miami:
"A Florida professor was arrested and removed from a plane Monday after his fellow passengers alerted crew members they thought he had a suspicious package in the overhead compartment.

That 'suspicious package' turned out to be keys, a bagel with cream cheese and a hat.

Ognjen Milatovic, 35, was flying from Boston to Washington D.C. on US Airways when he was escorted off the plane for disorderly conduct following the incident.

Monday's incident is another example of other passengers essentially becoming the authority on terrorist activity on planes."

Nothing to see here folks, but we should pre-emptively give bailouts to all chemical factories within a 1000 mile radius.

Dead Birds Fall From Sky AGAIN In Louisiana, 300 Miles From Arkansas Incident Days Earlier


Since we have been discussing dicks today.....

Indiana Snow Penises Given Generous Local News Coverage (VIDEO)


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sailing. Takes Me Away....

Very cool. This will be a site to behold and free seating around the entire bay:

San Francisco selected to host America's Cup:
"Rather than holding the races miles off shore, which was the case in Valencia and in Newport, where the Cup was held from 1930 to 1983, San Francisco Bay offers a natural amphitheater. Spectators in Financial District high rises, along Crissy Field, on Angel Island and in the Marin Headlands will be able to view the action."

An excellent economic read for those of us who need economic info to be simplified. Extremely comprehensive.

Daily Kos: Why the rich get richer and poor get poorer


Obama is gonna hire his next chief of staff from JPMorgan. You tell me if Obama will stand up to The Big Lie. Hard to stand up to something when you are behind pushing it.

Robert Reich: The Big Lie:
"The truth is our economic problems stem from the biggest concentration of income and wealth at the top since 1928, combined with stagnant incomes for most of the rest of us. The result: Americans no longer have the purchasing power to keep the economy going at full capacity. Since the debt bubble burst, most Americans have had to reduce their spending; they need to repay their debts, can't borrow as before, and must save for retirement.

The short-term solution is for government to counteract this shortfall by spending more, not less. The long-term solution is to spread the benefits of economic growth more widely (for example, through a more progressive income tax, a larger EITC, an exemption on the first $20K of income from payroll taxes and application of payroll taxes to incomes over $250K, stronger unions, and more and better investments in education and infrastructure.)

But instead of telling the truth, Obama has legitimized the Big Lie by freezing non-defense discretionary spending, freezing federal pay, touting his deficit commission co-chairs' recommended $3 of spending cuts for every dollar of tax increase, and agreeing to extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Will Obama stand up to the Big Lie? Will he use his State of the Union address to rebut it and tell the truth? Maybe, but so far there's no evidence."

"We like everything convenient". Even our orgasms.

Alabama Sex Toy Drive-Thru Business on the Rise - CBS News:
"'It's been doing well, and really well on nights when it's cold or rainy,' said employee Toni Kennedy. 'Discretion and the ease of it are big, and convenience. We're Americans. We like everything convenient.'"

Monday, January 03, 2011

DBT Week(s) in Review - 1/3/11


Ken Tucker's Top 10 Albums Of 2010 : NPR

The 11 Top Albums for 2010 - MJwycha - Open Salon

No Expiration - a blog about timeless music: BEST OF 2010 - #1! - THE DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS "THE BIG TO-DO"

SOMETHING ELSE!: The Best of 2010, Part 1: The Mainstream

Three Dimes Down • View topic - The Night Before Christmas

'Drive-By Truckers' on roll for show | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/31/2010

No Expiration - a blog about timeless music: THE DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS AT BKLYN BOWL - LET THERE BE ROCK!:
"I have seen the present of rock and roll, and it is The Drive-By Truckers. I'm not even kidding. They're not punk, metal, 'alternative,' 'indie' or anything else. They are rock and roll. There aren't too many bands like that today."

No Depression Readers Poll and Featured Bloggers' Favorite Albums of 2010 - Americana and roots music - No Depression:
"From those entries, we compiled a giant masterlist and plugged the top 100-or-so most-listed albums into a polling widget. As it turned out, the widget was imperfect - it only allowed one vote at a time, and raised some questions about voting consistency and the widget's reliability. Some members of this community noted the widget seemed to be getting 'stuffed' by fans of artists who encouraged their Facebook friends and Twitter followers to vote for their album. While this struck us as frustrating at first, we figured we may as well throw those gates open and make it a free-for-all. In an effort to see what would happen if many of the artists listed in that Top 100 (or so) list leveraged their fanbases, Kyla sent emails to the management and labels of as many artists for whom she had contacts, encouraging them to also post a link on Facebook and Twitter. Some of them joined in the fun, others didn't. In the end, the results of that round of polling seemed to more adequately reflect the ability and interest of several artists to leverage their social media presence and ignite the enthusiasm of their fans."

11 Picks For Early 2011 - Americana and roots music - No Depression:
"Drive By Truckers: Go Go Boots. On the heels, literally of The Big To-Do, The Truckers are kicking of 2011 with a bang. They are returning with a new album, a band documentary called The Secret To A Happy Ending, and embarking on an upcoming tour. Go Go Boots has been described as a 'country meets rhythm and blues' kind of album. Check out Bettye LaVette's excellent Scene Of The Crime, which featured the Truckers as LaVette's backing band, and you'll get an idea of where this is going. (2/15/2011)"



Jason Isbell - Drivin N Cryin


Vic Chesnutt

Remembering Vic from scott stuckey on Vimeo.


DOWNLOAD: Black Keys & Big Boi Mashup! |

Merle Haggard: Obama 'Very Different' Than Media's Portrayal | TPM LiveWire

Finally, Local Community Radio Act Was Passed Saturday. Time For A Media Revolution! | Crooks and Liars

Fake article prompts NYC mosque opponents to boycott Justin Bieber | Raw Story

Friends: 8 killed in NO fire musicians, artists - Yahoo! News

Concert prices to fall as rockers try to woo fans

Memoirs By Dead Rock Stars We Wish We Could Have Read (PHOTOS)

BBC News - Don Van Vliet, aka 'Captain Beefheart', dies aged 69

Teena Marie, known as 'Ivory Queen of Soul,' dies - Yahoo! News

And I don't care what you say, this is the jam: