Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stippers, Tequila, Torture and Landslides

A terrible event in San Francisco yesterday. A landslide occurred on Broadway street running through what is known as the 'Stripper District' of my fair city. As the hateful fates would have it, Showgirls Cabaret was damaged due to said landslide.

The landslide brings me down... indeed:

North Beach landslide forces evacuations
Rocks crashed down into the rear of Broadway Showgirls Cabaret, next to a residential hotel. Police barricades are blocking the front of Showgirls, which has been red-tagged, as well as two four-story apartment buildings west of the club.

I'm solociting funds to help support those dancers of the exotic variety who are affected by this terrible tragedy. My promise to you is that every last dime you send in, will be passed directly to the dancers, dollar after dollar, night after night, until each and everyone of them has been personally touched by your generousity.

My email is in my profile. I'll send you my address and you can start mailing those checks.... or even it it just a dollar... make sure it is a dollar bill, though. Singles show you care.


In what can only be explained as "The Most Ridiculous Thing in the History of the United States if Bush was NOT our President", the Army is bringing in Jack Bauer to tell the troops that torture is bad.

Next up, Paris Hilton will be traveling the country visiting 5th grade classes telling the children the benefits of abstinence and 'straight-edge' living.

U.S. Army Invites Kiefer Sutherland to Give Anti-Torture Speech at
"HOLLYWOOD - 24 star Kiefer Sutherland has accepted an invitation from the U.S. military to teach army cadets it is wrong to torture prisoners. "

So this is how bad it has become. This is how run down and ill trained our military has become under the reckless-drunken-direction of Dear Leader. An actor who plays a fictional TV character on one of the most fantastic (in the fantasy sense) and ridiculous shows on TV must go to the troops and explain to them very slowly that what he does is made up. Not real. Shouldn't be copied.

"Kool Kids Don't Torture"

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Update: It is even worse than you think...

Former Army Specialist: U.S. Troops ‘Turn To TV And Movies’ For Torture Techniques:
"Interrogators didn’t have guidance from the military on what to do because we were told that the Geneva Conventions didn’t apply any more. So our training was obsolete, and we were encouraged to be creative. We turned to television and movies to look for ways of interrogating. I can say that I saw that with myself, also. I would adopt the posture of the television or movie interrogator, thinking that establishing that simple power arrangement, establishing absolute power over the detainee, would force him to break. "


Drive a man to drink, I swear. But wait... I may not be able to do that for much longer due to the B.S. push for biofuel.

We'll run out of beer before we run out of oil


Thank Hey-Zeus for the Mexican's, though. They'll keep us plenty liquored up.

This restaurant is a few blocks away from my house. Julio Bermejo is very good friends with my roommate. The man is SERIOUS about his Tequila:

Mastering Tequila, one glass at a time:
"Tommy's Mexican Restaurant, with a mere 275 bottles squeezed onto its shelves, no longer has the largest selection of 100 percent blue agave Tequila outside of Mexico, but likely has the most Tequila-savvy clientele. The restaurant's Blue Agave tasting club is the nation's largest, with more than 6,000 members -- not too shabby considering the restaurant is located out in San Francisco's avenues and the bar has only nine stools."

Now the Blue Agave Club has several levels and corresponding degrees. For the master's level, students must drink 35 different kinds of Tequila to graduate, upon which they receive a T-shirt, a framed diploma and a Tequila Master booklet. With 35 additional tastings of Tequila and a (notoriously difficult) 70-question written test, ambitious students can earn a Ph.D. (if they drink the Tequila in margaritas) or become a Ninja Master (if they drink it neat in snifters). Then, if the student visits Tequila distilleries in Mexico, usually on a Bermejo-led tour, he or she becomes a Demigod of Tequila.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You Can't Cherry-Pick Life

Must watch Special Comment by Olbermann last night. He guts, de-veins, fillets, and slow roasts Rice and the rest of the meat heads.

Special Comment: Secretary Rice, Get Your Facts Straight!:
"On the Sunday Morning Interview Show of Broken-Record on Fox, Dr. Rice spoke a paragraph, which if it had been included in a remedial history paper at the weakest high school in the nation, would've gotten the writer an "F" - maybe an expulsion."

"Get your facts straight."

" can't cherry-pick life...."

When will they learn not to use the bogus Hitler comparision? Don't they know Keith will kill them on it?

Olbermann Takes On … Everything, MSNBC News Anchor Is Ruffling Conservative Feathers:
'Countdown' was flying beneath the ratings radar for several years until last August when a speech by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sent Olbermann into a fury.

'He said, essentially, that anyone who was critical of the war on terror, or the war in Iraq, or, indeed, of the administration's policies, was equivalent to those who appeased Hitler in the '30s,' he said. 'I'm not a big fan of being called a Nazi appeaser, or even a parallel to a Nazi appeaser. I took that personally.'"

File this under 'no-shit'.

If Bush were CEO, he'd be fired, says business executive:
"Hellman concentrates on six acts of commission or omission by the president that would be grounds for firing of the president were he chief executive officer of a company: failing to be fiscally responsible; making poor strategic decisions; poorly executing those decisions; choosing poor personnel; poor research and development for the future; and, failure to adhere to the institution's charters and bylaws."

Look, I'm down with the talk of 'Barkley as Governor of Alabama' as a novelty. He's great for a quote and is fun to watch on TV. But, come-on, if he gets elected (a black man elected Governor of Alabama? It may happen in my life-time, but I don't expect until I'm in the adult daiper part of my journey) he'll be another shitty Governor of the state per norm. The man didn't even graduate from Auburn which I can't decide if that goes in the plus column or not.

But, as I said, he's always good for a quote.

Charles Barkley: 'It's an easy call. We've got to get out of Iraq.':
"When asked about the war in Iraq, Barkley replied that the situation was simple, 'It's an easy call for me. We've got to get out of Iraq. [Saddam Hussein] is dead. That situation hasn't gotten better. So, anything that the Republicans say about the war in Iraq -- it's just bogus. I mean, it's a terrible situation. We've got a lot of innocent kids getting killed over there, and we're never going to be safe over there.'"

Do Something!

"Fox is not a credible news outlet and needs to be stopped. will give you the information and tools you need to hit fox where it hurts. The current video presents the erroneous and slanted stories Fox recently ran about Barack Obama. In response, Obama refused to appear on Fox. Watch the video, then follow Obama's lead and... Do Something."

Umm, hello?! Rest of the U.S. The Western states have officially started the prossess of succeeding from the Union. See ya!

5 governors agree to work on climate

The governors of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington state agreed that they would develop a regional target to lower greenhouse gases and create a program aimed at helping businesses reach the still-undecided goals.

"In the absence of meaningful federal action, it is up to the states to take action to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in this country," said Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, a Democrat. "Western states are being particularly hard-hit by the effects of climate change."


Oh, man... just.... heh.

Report: Family Ties Sharpton to Thurmond:
"NEW YORK — Geneaologists have found that civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton is a descendent of a slave owned by relatives of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond, a newspaper reported Sunday."

Jesus did this. Look away. Nothing to see here. No evolving going on here. Jesus loves me this I know...

Chimps make wood spears, kill smaller animals for food / Females described as problem-solvers in primate culture:

"Chimpanzees living in the West African savannah have been observed fashioning spears from sticks and using the handcrafted tools to hunt small mammals -- the first routine production of deadly weapons ever seen in nonhuman animals.

The multistep spearmaking practice, documented by researchers in Senegal who spent years gaining the chimpanzees' trust, adds credence to the idea that human forebears fashioned similar tools millions of years ago.

The landmark observation also supports the long-debated proposition that females -- the main makers and users of spears among the Senegalese chimps -- tend to be the innovators and creative problem-solvers in primate culture."


Monday, February 26, 2007

Sugo, Yugo, and Gore

Oscar... Check
Nobel Peace Prize.... Coming in the Fall 07
President of the United States..... Hopefully coming in the Fall of 08

Gore's global warming doc wins Oscar:
"LOS ANGELES - 'An Inconvenient Truth,' the documentary that turned former vice president Al Gore's power-point presentation on global warming into an engaging and entertaining film, won the Oscar Sunday night."

"My fellow Americans," Gore said to laughter from the crowd. "People all over the world, we need to solve the climate crisis. It's not a political issue, it's a moral issue. We have everything we need to get started with the possible will to act. That's a renewable resource. Let's renew it."

Al Gore, Rock Star:
"'He is more popular now than he ever was in office, and he knows it,' says Laurie David, one of the producers of 'Inconvenient Truth' and a Hollywood environmental activist (and wife of 'Seinfeld' co-creator Larry David) who has traveled around the world promoting the film with Gore. 'He's a superhero now.'"

Oh, and to those that say this whole 'Global Warming' thing is made up by socialist who want to crush capitalism.... NOT, you dumb fucks. There's tons of money to be had and 'bidness' schools are way ahead of you:

It's not easy being green:
Earlier this month, the highly-rated Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the U.S. launched its response to the problem, the Laboratory for Sustainable Business.

Interactive computer-based simulations will let students to play the role of entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their profits investing in companies that do not harm the environment."

I love when intertubes articles validate my opines. I've been saying this every since I entered the work force:

Meetings make us dumber, study shows:
"People have a harder time coming up with alternative solutions to a problem when they are part of a group, new research suggests."

More work related news. NO MORE ASSHOLES!!!:

Crusade against the jerk at work / Some companies seek to filter out toxic employees

"I am disgusted with the norm in business and sports that if you are a really big winner, you can get away with being a creep," Sutton said. "My dream is that leaders of all organizations will eventually treat acting like an -- hole as a sign of bad performance rather than an excuse for good performance."



My Little Tricycle Can Go 110 Mph / Meet the Spyder, a wicked 3-wheeled motorcycle/car mutant to make your id -- and your crotch -- tingle:
"Have you seen this thing? It's new. It's a giant, powerful, gas-powered trike. It's a three-wheeler, a Y-framer with two wheels up front, one giant one in back, ridden like a motorcycle but which apparently has comfort and stability approaching a car while still giving you (they say) the wind-in-your-face thrill of a bike but is roughly 50 times more stable and safe and easy to ride and you are therefore much less likely to accidentally lay it down while taking a sharp 40 mph turn in the city and lose your kneecap."

How big would the lemon need to be?

Tire-sized calamari rings? Half-ton squid reeled in:
"WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- A fishing crew has caught a colossal squid that could weigh a half-ton and prove to be the biggest specimen ever landed, a fisheries official said Thursday.

If calamari rings were made from the squid they would be the size of tractor tires, one expert said."

...And what goes good with calamari?

SEDUCED BY SUGO / Long-cooked Italian sauces captivate chefs and diners:
"In our collective culinary imagination, there is a mythical Italian grandmother perpetually simmering a pot of ragu"

Letter to the Editor - Southern Style

Snow job | | Times Daily | Florence, AL

To the editor:

Rising global temperatures and an El Nino system contributed to the warmest January ever recorded. Warmer air holds more moisture, and with no ice on the Great Lakes the Arctic air blasting south in February picked up even more moisture. The result was a record snowfall in New England and the upper Midwest.

Yes, the world got hotter, and it snowed.

For the anti-intellectuals and global warming deniers, more snow means the world is not getting warmer. The vast majority of climate scientists, meteorologists, and all their conclusions, are proven wrong by a single snowfall.

As I've demonstrated, the opposite is true. But to understand a problem as complex as global warming requires knowing, not just pretending to know, and we Americans would much rather have things made simple for us.

That is the problem with global warming: it isn't simple or sexy. It doesn't "sell." And it is a slow disaster. We know it's bad, but we don't want to make the hard choices our descendants are depending on us to make.

Make no mistake: this is about our choices. So far, the world's leading polluter -- that's us -- has chosen to do nothing and conserve nothing. Instead, we extol the virtues of unfettered, free-market consumerism and say "let our grandkids worry about it."

Not only will our descendants curse us for our shortsightedness, they may well curse everything for which America stood -- including that unfettered free-market capitalist consumption.

Wouldn't that be ironic? A retrenchment of state-centered economics and totalitarianism. Marx vindicated by the failure of markets, Stalin vindicated by the failure of free peoples.

It's a vision scary enough to make me buy a hybrid.

Matt O*******

Florence, AL

Friday, February 23, 2007

DBT WIR - 2/22/07 - AAW Book Club

Starting off today I want to highlight an author out of Virginia that goes by the name Dallas Hudgens. Dallas is a big DBT fan (thus he must be cool as shit) and Southern Rock Opera actually inspired the completetion of Dallas' book titled Drive Like Hell.

I've got it on good authority that Mr. Mike Cooley gives Drive Like Hell two very BIG thumbs up.... Loved the book, actually. If a master story teller a la Cooley loved DLH then it must be gooder than good.

Mrs. Jyl Freed (Hey Jyl!) turned me onto Dallas and DLH through her blog and then with a subsequent email. Here's what the Dixie Butcher had to say about Dallas' reading last night in Richmond:

Willard's Garage
Our writer buddy & author of the best work of fiction we've read in years ( Drive Like Hell ), Dallas Hudgens, will be doing a reading in Richmond, VA, on Thursday, February 22, 2007. Him and a few other edgy authors will be discussing sex. Maybe. I might have just said that so you'd be more inclined to come out. But it could be true.

Let's take a look at what's in store:
Sixteen-year-old Luke Fulmer gets an education in misbehaving in Hudgens's raucous, Southern-fried bildungsroman. Luke hasn't had the greatest role models: his gorgeous mom, Claudia, needs her soaps like a wino needs his Thunderbird; his deadbeat dad, Lyndell, gets Luke involved in a B and E within 24 hours of seeing him for the first time in a decade; and his older brother, Nick, has done time twice for dealing drugs. It's Georgia in 1979, where Luke steals his brother's nickel bags for pocket money and his neighbor's car for errands—that is, until he smashes it into a tree. He loses his license, is forced to take a job as a busboy at the Holiday Inn, and has to move in with his brother—after all, isn't Nick walking the straight-and-narrow these days? Not hardly: he may have a landscaping business, a decent golf game and a band, Puss N' Booze, but he's also got a nice cocaine trade. Then Luke falls for a kleptomaniac, Nick lands in jail, and Luke has to play pick-up man in a drug drop. Hudgens's sharp dialogue sparkles throughout, and the cat-and-mouse confrontations between Luke, Nick and the local lawmen are particularly funny. Hudgens's takes on car racing, Claudia's dating, Luke's first love and Nick's attempts to teach Luke his dubious keys to success also shine in this shaggy but thoroughly enjoyable debut.

Uhhhh, this book could be a DBT album. Here's another blurb:

"Dallas Hudgens has done something I always thought was impossible: He's written the Great American Redneck Novel, a kind of bildungsroman of the urban South, complete with racing, wrestling, and lots and lots of drinking and smoking. In doing so, he has created a cast of characters so real to me I thought one of them was going to steal my car. This is a sharp, violent, hilarious, and endearing book. Like its narrator, the young Luke, it doesn't know how good it is."

-- Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish

Check out the reviews on Amazon and while you're at it order yourself a copy or get your butt to your locally owned and operated bookstore this weekend and buy a copy there. I'll have mine in hand on Monday.

Dallas also has a great group blog called Drive Like Hell. Music and literature and all sorts of good stuff. I've given the blog a link on AAW, too.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. DBT isn't just DBT. DBT is a collective of musicians (Drams, Centro-Matic, Dexateens, to name a few) artists (Wes Freed, to name the best) writers (Dallas Hudgens, to name a newbie) filmakers (Ray McKinnon, to name one that will have a new film out shortly) that produce high quality art that is much deserving of our support and dollars.

I know where my money goes when I support these folks.


While we're on the subject of racing cars, Jyl and Wes Freed sent me some pictures Wes took of the DBT Jack Daniels NASCAR that ran either last year of the year before.... My CRS (can't remember shit) has kicked in....

Take a look at this fine automobile:


The first 'Dirt Underneath' shows have been posted along with some additional solo shows for Jason as he tours with Son Volt. Check them out here.


Patterson updated his GIBSON blog recently:

Been hibernating since I got off the ship and returned from Miami. The cruise was fun from the standpoint of watching Ava run around that "Big boat" and Miami was bittersweet, as we had a funeral to attend, but also we made it to the zoo and had a fun night of driving around South Beach in convertible and looking at Art Deco District, which might be my wife's heaven on earth.

I mentiond in last week's DBT WIR that I got behind a car in downtown San Francisco with a DBT bumper sticker.

Well this week, I was grousing around the local Safeway Supermarket sporting a nifty hangover and wearing my DBT hat. I was headed to the check out counter after picking up my final grocery (that would have been beer) when I pass two college lads. As I pass them one whispers to the other, "Hey, that guy has a Drive-by Truckers hat on". I turned and smiled because that's about all the gas I had in my tank.

Oh how the gospel is spreading.....


Check out this DBT thread on a Pearl Jam board. These DBT threads on other band's posting boards are always great reads. Here is the first post but the thread runs current:

Red-Mosquito ~ View topic - Drive-By Truckers:

"I just got back from what might be the greatest rock concert I have ever seen. The band was the drive by truckers, a hard-rock group from alabama that, although I hate to say it, outpreformed Pearl Jam. I walked into the venue, a small club made from a former movie theater, without having heard a note of their music. These guys blew me away. They came on at 11:00 and played till 2:30. They somehow managed to combine the energy of pearl jam, the length and theatrics of Bruce Springsteen circa 1978, and the music of Lynrd Skynrd, Neil Young circa 'Rust Never Sleeps' or 'Ragged Glory' and the Ramones. An amazing performance. GO SEE THEM NOW."

Give it up for a YouTube hottie named Felicity who recorded herself playing Goddamn Lonely Love. (though I find it pretty hard that ol Felicity is Goddamn Lonely)

Kick ass, Felicity!


The Drams

Do The Drams have some committed fans or what? What the hell, you DBT procreators? Why no baby EZB? Why no baby Stroker Ace? Damn procreating slackers....

The Name Game

Well the twins have arrived! Two baby girls born Superbowl Sunday, 2:21 & 2:22 am. Now we can go to any smoke filled Dram venue we want, if we can find a babysitter.

She named one Stacy after her deceased mother and I got to name the other. I didn't want to do ryhmies but wanted to stick to the boy/girl name theme. Brentina and Chadette were definite no gos. I thought hard about Toni. But when I saw the Drams cover the replacements video my mind was made up. Jess in a dress makes a fine girl. So, belive it or not our little Jessica Lynn is named after a Dram.

Then, just as they snapped the newborn photo at the hospital, she held up a little one finger salute to herself. Just precious!


TequilaBrad posted some Drams video on his MySpace. Got check 'em out!


More Drams video here.


The Dexateens

Check out the Dexateens' video for Neil Armstrong. I questioned at first whether it was a video for the song or somebody just videod a random weekend in Alabama. I mean, pulling an old piano out of a delapidated house and shooting it with a gun, then attacking it with a sledge hammer, then setting it on fire? Hell, that's a normal Saturday night from where I come from.

Great song!


Sky Bucket Records has a round up of press from the new album. Give the site a look for additional info.

The Dexateens 02/19/2007

Just 13 days after the release of Hardwire Healing and people have alot to say about this raucious peice of rock'n'roll:

Spin Magazine's ARTIST OF THE DAY! (Get on there and VOTE!)
The Rock and Roll Report
Red and Black
The Cropper!
Alabama Ass Whuppin'

Images from the recent CD Release Party at the 40 Watt in Athens, Georgia

Other Music News

R.I.P. to Kirk Rundstrom from Splitlip Rayfield


The birth of that Muscle Shoals Sound:

A lot has changed since song's recording 50 years ago:
"MUSCLE SHOALS -- It really never dawned on a teenage Bobby Denton that history was being made when he recorded 'A Fallen Star' 50 years ago this month.

'We didn't realize we were doing anything,' Denton said.

Denton, today a state senator representing the Shoals, was a senior at Cherokee High School at the time and had made a name for himself as a local singer."

Hat tip to Jenn B. for turning me onto Amy Winehouse. "They tried to make me go to rehab and I said 'No, no, no'" :

YouTube - Amy Winehouse - Rehab


Girl you know it's true....

I guess somebody had to do it:

Hollywood making Milli Vanilli movie:
"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Disgraced pop duo Milli Vanilli will soon get a movie made about their less-than-spectacular career, following in the cinematic steps of such icons as Ray Charles and Johnny Cash."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bacon Whiskey

This week has been fairly rant-o-rific with all of the insanity emanating from the Grand Old Punk-asses. I was going to take today off and highlight some lighter fair floating around these dang ol intertube... But there's just too much stoopidity that needs some light shine so there will be some ranting and bashing today but let's start off with some unique booze flavoring.

Went to a bar in the Tenderloin section of San Francisco a few weeks ago and the bartender wasn't 'tending to bar me from drink'. Quite the opposite. He offered me a snort of a little something he called Bacon Bourbon/Whiskey. I did not try it because I'm sure there would not be quicker way to heart-burn but I was intrigued by this fusion.

Only found a couple of blogs about the Bacon Bourbon.

Here's the fella that challenged some folks to make it and he'd taste it:

Bacon Unwrapped: Bacon Bourbon Whiskey results are in!

Here is the person who made it and the process used:

Foodie on the Run: So How'd I Do It?:
I have had a few inquiries as to the process that I used to make the bacon bourbon (Tennessee Whiskey)"

Let me know in the comments if any of y'all have tried it and whether you liked it or not.

Now back to our regularly scheduled insanity:

Take some action today if you are a Democrat. I can't believe the Nevada Dem Party is this fucking stupid but they are apparently.

Check out these two links for the low down and the easy pre-made form email you can send them telling them to not be putzes. You too can be a party activist and it will only take you mere minutes:

Read the info but here is the direct link to the email form. Do it!

Daily Kos: Hey Harry, look at what Fox did the last time they hosted a debate:
"As mentioned earlier today, the Nevada Democratic Party is trying to justify it's efforts to host a presidential debate to be aired by the conservative propagandists over at Fox News."

Daily Kos: ACTION: Freeze Out Fox News:
"[C]onsider the September 9, 2003 Democratic debate in Baltimore, Maryland, hosted by Fox News in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus. Fox News graphics, as well as a banner over the stage, titled the event as the 'Democrat Candidate Presidential Debate,' a misconstruction of 'Democrat' used as an an epithet. Fox News then summarized the debate with a story titled, 'Democratic Candidates Offer Grim View of America,' continuing with such jabs as, 'The depiction of the president as the root of all evil began at the top of Tuesday night's debate....' Controversial questions included the accusation that Howard Dean had a racist gun policy by Fox News analyst Juan Williams. There were also multiple interruptions by protesters throughout the debate, leading to four arrests."

Matt Taibbi is a political writer for Rolling Stone and one of the coolest motherfuckers out there. He covered Kerry's 04 campaign in a gorilla suit and once interviewed a member of Kerry's staff dressed as a Viking while tripping on acid.

I love this guy:

Maybe We Deserve to Be Ripped Off By Bush's Billionaires:
'Now, after she shaved her head in a bizarre episode that culminates a months-long saga of controversial behavior, it's the question being asked by her fans, her foes and the general public: What was she thinking?'-- Bald and Broken: Inside Britney's Shaved Head, Sheila Marikar,, Feb. 19

What was she thinking? How about nothing? How about who gives a shit? How's that for an answer, Sheila Marikar of ABC news, you pinhead?"

Bush's only accomplishment in office so far is that he hasn't gotten us all killed. Some, but not all:

Four bewildering remarks from the Bush administration:
"The world might be less stressful if the president of the most powerful nation didn't so frequently convey the impression that he has no idea what's going on."

Breathe, y'all. Don't laugh! New age stuff actually works. I practiced breathing techniques when I was in grad school and the shit works.

Back to basics: learning how to breathe:
But although breathing may seem like the most basic activity in the world (Does it really require paid consultation? I'm doing it anyway. Or I'd be dead, right?), it's actually a powerful tool that can have a profound effect on your well-being."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dereliction of Duty

I've been avoiding the Walter Reed story due to me not wanting my head to explode. But no longer.

Here we have all of these bastard ass Republicans (and Joe Lieberman) in Congress during the recent 'debates' on the 'surge' impugning mine and anybody else who-wants-OUR-troops-the-hell-out-of-theclusterfuckthatis-Iraq's patriotism and calling us traitorous scum and telling us we comfort the enemy and that we put OUR troops in danger by not shutting up and doing what Bush wants...... *teeth gnashing*..... *fist going through wall*

Yet, these pieces of shit have known about the horrible conditions at Walter Reed and the 600,000 back logged cases of Vets needing medical attention and have not done one fucking thing about it? Didn't have enough foresight to be prepared for all of the maimed, and wounded, and psychologically destroyed, and ass raped by GWB soldiers coming home from this war of choice??!!!!

Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army's Top Medical Facility:
"Behind the door of Army Spec. Jeremy Duncan's room, part of the wall is torn and hangs in the air, weighted down with black mold. When the wounded combat engineer stands in his shower and looks up, he can see the bathtub on the floor above through a rotted hole. The entire building, constructed between the world wars, often smells like greasy carry-out. Signs of neglect are everywhere: mouse droppings, belly-up cockroaches, stained carpets, cheap mattresses."

Angry? Fuck yeah, I'm angry. You should be too. Angry enough to start making 'walls of goddamned noise and sound'. Start calling your Congresspeople.... daily. Start writing letters to the editors.

Enough is fucking enough!

But it ain't enough is it......

Here's another scoop of shit to top off this turd sandwich.

Dad writes letter to the editor seeking donations for son's body armor


Fight fire with fire? Then I'm about to get Medieval on some asses.

After student raises ire over teacher telling class disbelievers 'going to hell,' he faces death threats:
"LaClair taped a teacher of his saying to students in a history class 'that if they do not believe that Jesus died for their sins, they 'belong in hell,'' writes McGeehan.

On the same recordings, the article continues, the teacher is heard telling the students 'that there were dinosaurs aboard Noah's ark and that there is no scientific basis for evolution or the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe.'

LaClair has reportedly been 'the target of harassment and a death threat from fellow students and 'retaliation' by school officials who have treated him, not the teacher, as the problem,' McGeehan says."

I need a drank....

Brewpubs seek to make distilled spirits:
"LINCOLN, Neb. - Zach Triemert wants to bring what he learned in Scotland to Nebraska, and it isn't how to play bagpipes.

'We hope to use Nebraska grains and fruits to make world-class spirits,' Triemert, who earned a master's degree in brewing and distilling while in Scotland, told a legislative committee recently. 'It will bring another source of recognition and pride to our state.'

Upstream Brewing Company in Omaha, where Triemert is head brewer, is one of an increasing number of brewpubs nationwide that wants to add distilled spirits such as rum and whiskey to its list of alcohol offerings that are made onsite then sold to customers and wholesalers."

The heightened demand is partially due to more exposure to high-end spirits at tastings and other venues, and a national resurgence of "cocktail culture" where booze "mixologists" generate the same sort of excitement as top-level chefs, said Shawn Kelley, spokeswoman for the council.

"People aren't drinking more," she said. "They're drinking better."

Speak for yourself. I'm drinking mo' bettah.


Science over religion any day of the week, baby.

United Press International - NewsTrack - Study finds nanotubes can heal themselves:
"HOUSTON, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- U.S. scientists have discovered nanotubes, unlike other materials, remain robust even when parts are blasted away with heat or radiation.

The Rice University-led study offers the first explanation of how such tiny cylinders of carbon, no wider than a strand of DNA, can be so resilient: tiny 'blemishes' crawl over the skin of damaged tubes, sewing up larger holes as they go."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"I Will Screw Him in the Ass"

A world in which the President of the United States articulates himself thusly:

Happy President’s Day!:
“I will screw him in the ass!”
And we bloggers are suppose to have the potty mouths? No. Moral. Authority. Whatsoever.

What a two-year-old douche, Bush is.


Speaking of douches, Jeff Sessions continues to embarrass Alabama and the U.S.

Talking Points Memo:
"It's amazing what it's come down to. On the senate floor this afternoon, Sen. Sessions (R-AL), in arguing against the surge resolution, gave an entirely new rationale for the invasion of Iraq: We invaded Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein from being able to say that he'd won the 1991 Gulf War.

Hear it for yourself ...

Dirty Fucking Hippies
Oddly enough, the right-wingers worship their fringe element (and we all see where that got us) while the leftwing often wishes we would just go away. The irony of this is that as W.R.O.N.G. as the extreme right has been (and who can doubt it?), the extreme left (being their polar opposite) has been just as right (as in correct). And we, of course, are where all of the good left-of-center ideas come from.

Here is an article on a tiny island nation in the Pacific. I've spent some time in the S.P. but I haven't ever been to Kiribati. I have, however, read an excellent book on Kiribati called The Sex Lives of Cannibals.

Kiribati will not exist on this planet for much longer. News:
"Feb. 15 (Bloomberg) -- International efforts to combat global warming will come too late to prevent the evacuation of Pacific islands sinking as a result of rising sea levels and severe weather, said Anote Tong, president of Kiribati.

``We can't out-move the changes in the weather and the sea level rise,'' Tong said in Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati, a 33-island archipelago in the northeastern Pacific. ``We have to consider leaving rather than wait.''"

Absolutely amazing.

Paraglider Survives High-Flying Ordeal:
"A champion German paraglider said Friday she did not believe she would survive when she was lifted higher than Mount Everest by a thunderstorm in eastern Australia.

Paragliding 2005 World Cup winner Ewa Wisnierska, 35, was lifted 32,612 feet above sea level by a storm that apparently killed a Chinese paraglider in eastern Australia Wednesday. The pilots were preparing for the 10th FAI World Paragliding Championships next week, event organizer Godfrey Wenness said."


Monday, February 19, 2007

Worst of The Worst?

Short post today because it is pResident's day and I'm going to play in Golden Gate Park.

A little op-ed on Dear Dumbass or "Bad Dream Preznit":

Mea culpa to Bush on Presidents Day :
"A year ago I criticized Hillary Clinton for saying 'this (Bush) administration will go down in history as one of the worst.'

'She's wrong,' I wrote. Then I rated these five presidents, in this order, as the worst: Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan, Ulysses Grant, Hoover and Richard Nixon. 'It's very unlikely Bush can crack that list,' I added.

I was wrong. This is my mea culpa. Not only has Bush cracked that list, but he is planted firmly at the top."

A little something on Gore or "Mr. Shoulda Been"

Gore announces climate change concerts:
"LOS ANGELES -Al Gore announced on Thursday a series of worldwide concerts to focus on the threat of climate change, with a powerhouse lineup from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Snoop Dogg to Bon Jovi."

Speaking of Chili Peppers....

Chili peppers have ancient history:
"WASHINGTON - Who says food fads can't last? Thousands of years before the advent of Tex-Mex, ancient Americans were spicing up stew with red hot chili peppers."

No THIS is how you stop a hijacking:

Mauritanian Hijacker Gets in Hot Water:
"(AP) - TENERIFE, Canary Islands _ A fast-thinking pilot with passengers in cahoots fooled a hijacker by braking hard upon landing, then accelerating to knock the man down. When he fell, flight attendants threw boiling water in his face, and about 10 people pounced on him, Spanish officials said Friday"

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Drams Winter '07 Tour in Review

Today is a run down of The Drams Winter '07 tour from the folks who went to see them in the various cities and showed some love by posting a review online.

But first:

Bloodshot Records Compilations - Just One More, A Musical Tribute to Larry Brown:
"Larry Brown’s business card listed his occupation as “Human Being”. Like many other professional human beings, Larry loved music. He felt music and it showed in his writing. As he moved through the world, Larry got to know a lot of musicians, and a lot of musicians got to know Larry, either personally or through his work.

Just One More, A Musical Tribute to Larry Brown is a compilation of tunes by artists who were his friends, fans and peers. With 18 tracks, 12 of which are previously unreleased, the album has contributions from a wide range of critically acclaimed artists, among them Alejandro Escovedo (whom Larry performed with periodically), T-Model Ford, Vic Chesnutt, Jim Dickinson (with Duff Dorrough), Robert Earl Keen, Cary Hudson (Blue Mountain), Brent Best (Slobberbone, The Drams) and the North Mississippi Allstars, to name a few."


The following pictures were taken by longtime Slobberbone and Drams friend/fan Sheryl Gould. I had the pleasure of meeting Sheryl at the past two San Francisco shows and she graciously allowed me to post some of her pictures.

Sheryl designs jewelry. You should check out here website, Rock Candy. She's got some awesome brothel pendants.

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

TheDrams : Message: Houston
Had a great time at the Houston show last night...many thanks for finally paying us a visit! I haven't been able to get to the out-of-town shows lately and really appreciate getting a Drams show in my neck of the woods. Hope they come back soon for a headlining show.

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

dbts : Message: the drams in hollywood (no dbt):
'saw the drams last night at the knitting factory in hollywood. great show; wish they could have played longer. i'm not one to write down setlists (anymore, but i used to be that sort) but you can imagine what they played. the highlight for me was '(i can tell) your love is waning'. though i love jubilee dive, i tend to favor slobberbone songs. guess it's my love of songs about whiskey and songs about murder.

rock on~

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

Alabama Ass Whuppin': The Drams in San Luis Obispo Part I

Alabama Ass Whuppin': The Drams in San Francisco Pt II

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

Waiting in the bottom of some glass: (Great, lengthy, Seattle review)
"Saw the Drams again, and, yes,i need an editor"

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

TheDrams : Message: Seattle show
It was a hurried scurried night here at The Tractor Tav. in Seattle. The guys were playing sandwiched between two other bands. I thought I was arriving a little early, but basically I walked in, Brent strummed a couple of G chords, and introduced, then went into I think Hummalong. They played the shortest set I've ever seen for these guys, or their former selves. About 35 minutes later I was in the car and heading home. No need for the headliner, these guys are the full ticket in my case.

Chris A.

The Drams - SXSW 2006

Denizens of Financial Rock n Roll: The Drams, Will Hoge @ Trilogy Wine Bar:
"Now other than Ryan Adams and Drive-By-Truckers, and the lectures I get from Spencer Knapp about country music, I don't know shite on the matter. Still, a fool knows what he likes and dislikes. I liked The Drams (lead singer formerly of Slobberbone). The band had presence. Had some beautiful Scotch-Irish ('pipes) sounding harmonics, and the stories were down home, with a serious turn here & there. Also thought the keys player was bad-ass, and got some Chuck Berry sounds from lead guitarist. In short, it was good, very very good. Next time, though, I want more than a wee dram of The Drams. Hope to see these guys when they headline and get two full sets. "

The Drams - SXSW 2006

I met Naomi from Slacker Country recently via email after she housed the boys for their first Colorado show. I egged Naomi to write a review but she pointed out the name of her blog and asked what part of 'Slacker' I didn't understand. Ultimately an Alabama Ass Whuppin conguered her Slacker Country and Naomi produced one of the finest review of the tour. She included a couple of great pictures on the post too. Here's a snippet but head on over to Slacker Country for the full post: - The Drams in Colorado:
"We all have our favorites – those bands that are just special to us for one reason or another. "

"Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to something new. I was major bummed when Slobberbone broke up before I ever got to see them. But now I’ve seen The Drams live and watched them in action, I’m hearing stuff I didn’t hear before. So those of you that are still bitching about the demise of Slobberbone, listen up. Go see The Drams. They aren’t done yet. And I think the best is yet to come."

Oh, Drams. Don't you know that the funny/silly pictures will find their way to me and a post on Alabama Ass Whuppin? It has become a tradition.

The setting is Naomi's kitchen after the first Colorado show. The scene is..... who the hell knows but make up your own caption and post in the comments.

(Pic by Naomi from SlackerCountry)
....I love these guys.....

Via Naomi via Keith's camera....

Keith - Where ever the hell Keith took this - 2007?

(Keith self portrait)

I saved the best for last. From Sheryl Gould. (I couldn't resist, Brent. This is gold, I tell ya, GOLD!)

Brent Best - San Francisco - 1/07

For Tony:

YouTube - Land of Confusion - Genesis Cover

Until the next tour.....


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Drunk Republicans


Bernstein: Bush administration's disinformation, misinformation 'something I have never witnessed before on this scale':
"'The Bush administration,' Bernstein continues, 'is a far different matter in which disinformation, misinformation and unwillingness to tell the truth -- a willingness to lie both in the Oval Office, in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, in the office of the vice president, the vice president himself -- is something that I have never witnessed before on this scale.'"


Daughter of Supreme Court justice charged in DUI:
"CHICAGO - A daughter of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was arrested Monday night in Wheaton, Ill., and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment, Wheaton Deputy Police Chief Thomas Meloni said."

Life-imitating-art-in-the-worst-of ways

Group: TV Torture Influencing Real Life:
"Television interrogation frequently works to a ticking clock: someone needs to find out the location of a bomb from a prisoner within the hour or it will explode. That's so rare in real life that it's essentially mythology, he said.

Herrington called prisoners his 'guests.' When taken into custody, the 'guest' would get medical treatment, a shower, a good meal. Herrington would tell him he'd be treated with respect. If it's a military officer, Herrington would salute. It built a relationship far more likely to yield solid information, as opposed to lies told simply to stop torture.

One German officer in World War II was so meticulous that he found out the birthdays of his prisoners, and wished them happy ones, as happy as they could get in prison. The officer was brought to the United States after the war and honored by a veterans group, even as many acknowledged they had spilled their guts to him.

'It seems to me dramatically much more powerful to actually use psychological approaches when you are interrogating,' Lagouranis said. 'It's really a test of wills. He has information and he doesn't want to give it to you. To me that's much more interesting than an electricity sensor.'"


Insecure relationships may drain immune system:
"NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Feeling insecure in close relationships with others may take a toll on the immune system, preliminary research suggests.



Marijuana-like substance in brain could help treat Parkinson's, researchers say:
"Neuroscientists have found that a substance similar to the active ingredient in marijuana but produced naturally in the brain helps to control mobility -- and may offer a novel target for treating Parkinson's disease."

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tears of a Clown

Boehner Weeps For ‘Solemn’ Debate — Then Says Iraq Critics Are Taking Al Qaeda’s ‘Bait’

"Boo-hoo-hoo-hoooooooo... uhhhHHHHHH *snif* *snif*. So solemn... so, so solemn. We should approach this bebate with the utmost respect for all involved. whuuuuu, pfff pfff... I'm okay, I'm okay just give me a second..... Okay, I'm ready. I'm ready to debate this most solemnest of solemnimity.....

You fucking traitorous Democrats want to hand the fucking country over to Al Qaeda and you fuck your mothers and like to eat baby fetusesesese and you're stinky and no body likes you!!!


Same ol' same ol' Republicans.

Crocodile tear crying motherfucker......

But wait, ummm, according to an internal Republican memo the Republicans aren't suppose to debate Iraq because they'll lose:

GOP: If we debate the surge, we lose.:
"The debate should not be about the surge or its details. This debate should not even be about the Iraq war to date, mistakes that have been made, or whether we can, or cannot, win militarily. If we let Democrats force us into a debate on the surge or the current situation in Iraq, we lose."

What to do , What to do if you are a Republican? A variation of the Chewbacca defense, maybe? Hmmmm?

"The Chewbacca defense is a fictional legal strategy used in the South Park episode 'Chef Aid', which premiered on October 7, 1998 as the fourteenth episode of the second season. The concept satirized attorney Johnnie Cochran's closing argument defending O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. 'Chewbacca Defense', meaning a defense consisting solely of nonsensical arguments meant to confuse a jury, has since been occasionally applied outside of references to South Park."

Chewbacca has been used so......

The Davy Crockett defense of escalation.:
"During today’s House debate on Iraq, Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) debuted the Davy Crockett defense:"

Oh Republicans.... why must you be so devoid of thought, heart, courage, color, worldliness, good hair, compassion..... and on and on and on and on.....


Fuck up, Get promoted! It's the Republican way.

Daily Kos: Official who bungled billions gets big promotion:
"Question: What happens when you are responsible for managing offshore oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and you are so incompetent that you botch the whole thing and end up letting Big Oil companies not pay billions of dollars they owe in royalties to the government?

Answer: Under a normal administration you would be fired, or maybe even go to jail. At the very least you would hang your head in shame.

But under the Bush Administration, you are PROMOTED!!!! Not only that, you are put in charge of managing all the nation's offshore leases everywhere."

Thank you Frontline. This drum needs to be beaten very loud and very long until infotainment is banished to the Bahamas. Otherwise, stop watching any cable news programs.

PBS' 'Frontline' examines ways politics, business hurt news media:
"The timing couldn't be better for the four-part 'Frontline' series 'News War' premiering tonight on PBS. Not only does tonight's first episode explain why non-journalists should care about the Valerie Wilson leak investigation trial unfolding in a Washington, D.C., courtroom -- it uses the probing, contextualized 'Frontline' style to answer a question on a lot of lips:

What's wrong with the American media?"

hat Alabama doesn't have something on the books awaiting this move by the Feds is another Bama tragedy. That Alabama doesn't have the political leaders with the balls to support this is status quo.

The Raw Story | Industrial Hemp Farming Act introduced in Congress:
"An act to legitimize hemp farming has been introduced in Congress, according to a press release."

"It is indefensible that the United States government prevents American farmers from growing this crop," the release quotes Rep. Paul. "The prohibition subsidizes farmers in countries from Canada to Romania by eliminating American competition and encourages jobs in industries such as food, auto parts and clothing that utilize industrial hemp to be located overseas instead of in the United States."

Would these be real boobs or fake boobs? Real fake boobs? Either way, science, I can never express how much I love thee.

Stem cell technique helps women grow their own implants | the Daily Mail:
"Women have grown their own breast implants through pioneering stem cell treatment, it emerged yesterday."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

American Fascists

Hope has two daughters
Their names are Anger and Courage.
Anger at the way things are and
Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.
St. Augustine


My beliefs mirror much of what Duncan has written in the below post (read the entire post by clicking on the link) though I probably come off a bit more radical.

Religious organization should not be above scrutiny nor should they be above severe punishment for misdeeds. Such as purposely breaking the law in the name of their god. Preaching politics from the pulpit.... Discrimination (oh, and there's tons of discrimination happening in the church). Churches should not receive one red cent from the federal government and should be taxed accordingly.

I'm sick of these institution hiding under the guise of 'holy' while they bilk tons of money from a deluded flock to line their pockets and to build their mega-churches. Mega-churches fly in the face of everything that should truly be 'christian'. Building a Mega-church, to me, is the same as shipping 9 billion dollars in cash to Iraq and having no idea where that money went, all the while not funding the rebuild of a fire station in New Orleans.

I'll never be preached to by a religious organization about morality. Bitch, please!

Religious organizations in this country are not untouchable.

"Beliefs cloaked in religion shouldn't be granted automatic immunity from scrutiny, and nor should the sometimes powerful institutions run by people, not angels or saints, around which the various religions are organized. While genuine bigotry exists against people of various faiths which is the equivalent to the kind of bigotry which exists against gays or African-Americans (involving unfair symbols or stereotyping rooted in historic oppression, assigning unshared beliefs to an entire group, etc...), mocking or having contempt for actual religious beliefs isn't by any reasonable definition 'bigotry.' It's simply heated disagreement, and as with disagreements about politics, or sports, or whatever, sometimes people who disagree with each other use mockery and insults in their discourse. Religious people may think that their beliefs about religion are on a different level than these things, but, you know, I don't really agree with that. "

Why does it piss me off so? Because I also believe this:

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America:
"The Christian Right, like these early fascist movements, does not openly call for dictatorship, nor does it use physical violence to suppress opposition. In short, the movement is not yet revolutionary. But the ideological architecture of a Christian fascism is being cemented in place. The movement has roused its followers to a fever pitch of despair and fury. All it will take, Hedges writes, is one more national crisis on the order of September 11 for the Christian Right to make a concerted drive to destroy American democracy. The movement awaits a crisis. At that moment they will reveal themselves for what they truly are — the American heirs to fascism. Hedges issues a potent, impassioned warning. We face an imminent threat. His book reminds us of the dangers liberal, democratic societies face when they tolerate the intolerant."

Alabama News

Colbert must be proud....

Alabama's bald eagle population booming:
"BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - After 15 years of checking bald eagle nests from small planes, there are now an estimated 100 nesting pairs, up from 77 the previous year and 10 times the state's recovery goal under the Endangered Species Act. With the nest-to-nest status check by plane ending last year, the state now will start watching over a few dozen nests to monitor the eagles' health."

Support this Alabama teenager's efforts to further her campaign against the war in Iraq. Ava has done some incredible work of the past few years.

Peace Takes Courage:
" PeaceTakesCourage has taken me on an amazing journey over the past year. I went from being a frustrated citizen that felt like I couldn't make a difference to being proof that every person can make an impact - even if it's just a small one. Now I'm beginning a new journey, making my first documentary. Over the past few years I've been creating short videos about the war in Iraq. Now I want to expand that into a full-length film to help bring awareness about this war and it's effects.

San Francisco Values

Our mayor gets all the ladies!

America warming to "San Francisco Liberal":
"It looks like people are realizing that it's not so bad having leadership that represents a corner of the country that has brought us the personal computer, iPods, Pixar movies, Star Wars, Google, eBay, Yahoo, the mass blogging tools (like Blogger, MovableType, and TypePad), NetFlix, TiVo, WiFi, Treos, Palm, Levis, Gap, LeapFrog, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Ghirardelli, sourdough bread, the best wine in the world, redwood forests, and all kinds of other goodness."

Oh, science, how I love thee. Always giving me an excuse to fuck off at work.

Study: Napping Might Help Heart:
"New research on napping provides the perfect excuse for office slackers, finding that a little midday snooze seems to reduce risks for fatal heart problems, especially among men."

Letter to the Editor - Southern Style

I won't be quiet

To the editor:

The wingnut talking points memo says that for Democratic presidential candidates to promise a change in Iraq policy is tantamount to treason -- "giving aid and comfort to the enemy."

We have been here before, and it is still a load of garbage.

The insurgents in Iraq have their own agenda, folks. The death squads and militias have theirs, too. They aren't watching CNN together, cheering Barak Obama. What they are doing, however, is fighting each other, and us. Baghdad is the new Beirut.

Blind faith in the utility of force has painted the United States into a corner. Incompetence has guaranteed failure. Arrogance has brought disaster.

Why should we give this idiot one last chance at victory? Has Bush produced one thing that looks or smells like victory to you? Even Afghanistan is sliding backwards.

The "surge" will undoubtedly have its "Mission Accomplished" photo-op, but all the president's men cannot put this Humpty Dumpty together again. Iraq will take decades to recover from the disaster we have created there.

The American people know this. They are smarter than the wingnuts.

Already, a majority of Americans want American troops to come home from Iraq, and a supermajority -- some 70 percent -- know what a catastrophe this president's leadership has been. They voted overwhelmingly for a new direction last November, and the numbers will only get worse.

By 2008, no candidate will be electable if they support the war. Even Hillary has been dragged down by her war vote. Candidates will not be quiet, nor will the American people.

Call me a traitor, tell me to shut up and sit silent while the republic is ruined, and I'll show you the symbol of freedom located between my index and ring fingers. And I will be anything but quiet about it.

Matt O******


Monday, February 12, 2007

Beer Goggles for the Lesbian Platoon

The 'Whuppin' is back.....

When the good guys fight back.....

... Indeed, Natalie Maines....

.... indeed.....

5 Grammys mark Dixie Chicks' comeback:
"LOS ANGELES - The Dixie Chicks completed a defiant comeback on Sunday night, capturing five Grammy awards after being shunned by the country music establishment over the group's anti-Bush comments leading up to the Iraq invasion."

Matt Taibbi, political writer for Rolling Stone:

War on Iraq: Time's Joe Klein: a Supreme Suck-Up:
"Then there's this whole business of liberals who are accused of 'rooting' for failure in Iraq. I'm sorry, but the next pundit who whips that one out should have his balls stuffed down his throat. You cocksuckers beat the drum to send these kids to war, and then you turn around and accuse us of rooting for them to die? Fuck you for even thinking that. We're Americans just like you. You don't have the right to get us into this mess and then turn around and call us traitors. Your credibility is long gone on this issue; shut up about us."
That kind of talk gives me a chub.....

After they've chased us out of Baghdad they could do a smokin' hot beer commercial. Ummmm, a platoon of lesbians.

Rep. Ackerman: ‘A Platoon Of Lesbians’ Could ‘Chase Us Out Of Baghdad’:
"Yesterday, during hearings on the State Department’s 2008 budget, Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) slammed the U.S. military’s ban on gay servicemembers, saying the Pentagon “seems more afraid of gay people than they are [of] terrorists,” and that if the terrorists were smart, “they’d get a platoon of lesbians to chase us out of Baghdad.”

When the bad guys open their fucking mouths....

Mighty White of you Rove.....

Rove on immigration: 'I don't want my son to have to pick tomatoes':
"The Corner at the National Review Online reports that at a Republican luncheon yesterday White House adviser Karl Rove was overheard explaining the Bush amnesty immigration plan by saying, 'I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas.'
Even if I'm a bazillionaire when I have my first kid you are goddamn right that child will 'pick tomatoes' or 'make beds' when he/she is young. The lesson being that no job is beneath you and neither are the people who do those jobs.

But I'm a Democrat unlike Rove..... piece of shit....


Jesus H. fucking CHRIST!!! WHY! Why the fuck do these people have any credibility whatsoever?!

Yeah, Dinosaur farts is sound science..... I thought they didn't believe in dinosaurs?

Rep. Rohrabacher R-CA: Global Warming May Have Been Caused By ‘Dinosaur Flatulence’:
"During the hearing, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) — one of the 87 percent of congressional Republicans who do not believe in man-made global warming — questioned the authors of the report about a period of dramatic climate change that occured 55 million years ago. “We don’t know what those other cycles were caused by in the past. Could be dinosaur flatulence, you know, or who knows?’"

Kudos, Bush. You've superceded two Jews as the most disliked person in the Arab world. That took some 'hard work', I know. Your racist mom should be proud.

Video: Bush takes lead as person 'most disliked' by Arabs:
"According to the poll's author, Shibley Telhami, past results have always placed the Prime Minister of Israel as the most disliked among Arabs. 'In the past few years, the President of the United States has become number two. In the most recent survey, the striking thing is for the very first time in the Arab world the most disliked person is the President of the United States of America, and superceded the combined numbers for both the Prime Minister of Israel and his hated predecessor Ariel Sharon, who's in a coma,' said Telhami."

What is this, you might ask?

It's math... d'uh. Important math.

'Beer goggles' effect explained:
"Scientists believe they have worked out a formula to calculate how 'beer goggles' affect a drinker's vision."