Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll Walk the Picket Line With You

There are some mighty fine fighters in WI.

Daily Kos: Wisconsin - Awestruck, a photo diary


Where are you, Mr. President?

Flashback from candidate Obama: ‘I’ll walk the picket line with you’�|�Raw Replay:
"During a 2007 campaign speech in Spartanburg, South Carolina, then-Senator Obama told supports he would fight for collective bargaining rights if he was elected president.

And understand this: If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself. I’ll walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States.”"


Shock Doctrine, U.S.A. -
"Here’s a thought: maybe Madison, Wis., isn’t Cairo after all. Maybe it’s Baghdad — specifically, Baghdad in 2003, when the Bush administration put Iraq under the rule of officials chosen for loyalty and political reliability rather than experience and competence."
But, also, Egypt and not in the recent good way.

Legal Schnauzer: Is the United States Becoming More and More Like Egypt?


There are no budget problems. The problem is lack of revenue. Now where would some revenue be... hmm.....

Exclusive: Non-partisan ‘US Uncut’ group demands corporations pay taxes | The Raw Story:
"WASHINGTON – Corporate tax evasion has evolved into a virtual art form. Two-thirds of US corporations didn't pay so much as a dime in taxes between 1998 and 2005, exploiting a multitude of loopholes, according to a Congressional report."

Good ol' Ben. Keepin' it real.

Letters of Note: Older mistresses are so grateful!!:
"From the pen of Benjamin Franklin in 1745 comes a once-scandalous letter to an unnamed recipient (very possibly fictitious but rumoured to be Cadwallader Colden) in which he begins by suggesting marriage as the best remedy for the young man's sexual urges. In the event of marriage being out of the question for his friend however, Franklin then goes on to write an eight-strong list detailing the advantages of an older mistress which, due to its 'obscene' nature, resulted in its being omitted from published collections of his writings during the 19th Century."

Friday, February 25, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 2/25/11


Go-Go Boots Charting:

#35 on Top 200
#8 Rock Albums
#8 Indie Albums
#4 Tastemaker Albums

Go-Go Boots - Drive-By Truckers |

_______ - Need We Say More? - The Drive-By Truckers' "Country Soul": A Conversation with Patterson Hood - Need We Say More?- The Drive-By Truckers Fine, New Go-Go Boots - Cooley Interview

The Daily Tar Heel :: Music Review: Drive-By Truckers

Charting the Music: Drive-By Truckers, 'Go-Go Boots' |

Song of the Day: Drive-By Truckers ‒ Everybody Needs Love

PopTop review: There’s a kick on Truckers’ ‘Go-Go Boots’ | The Salt Lake Tribune

XRT Giveaways – 93XRT - Chicago's Finest Rock - New Music, Free Downloads, Exclusive Concerts & Events - Music News And More

Drive-By Truckers - 'Go-Go Boots' (Play It Again Sam Records)

Attention Must Be Paid, Y’all: Drive-By Truckers weekend setlist analysis! | Swagger, Not Style

Drive-By Truckers/Hayes Carll

That’s What Section My Seats Are In: A Conversation with Drive-By Trucker Mike Cooley - Arts Desk - Washington City Paper

MELODY MAKER: Artist builds handmade, custom guitars | The Red and Black

Aquarium Drunkard � Drive-By Truckers :: Go-Go Boots

Thirty Great Athens Bands :: Blogs :: List of the Day :: Paste


Tune into American Treasures to see one of the host sport DBT t-shirts.

American Treasures : Discovery Channel


Captain Adama. Woot.



Music I Like

Live from Paste: The Civil Wars Play the New Studio :: Live at Paste

Via Peter Grumbine:

Brian Wright - Striking Matches from Sugar Hill Records on Vimeo.



The REAL Death Of The Music Industry

Tom Morello plays at Madison, Wisconsin�|�Raw Replay

January 1970: John Lennon (1940 - 1980) with - Media (1 of 71) Rock & Roll Rewind: The '70s

Where To Buy Music To Get More Cents On The Dollar To The Musician : The Record : NPR

Johnny Nitro - S.F. blues guitarist - dies



Saw Prince in concert for the first time on Wednesday. Best show I have ever seen. Amazing.

No shit, my forearm muscles are still sore from hands in the air. 4 hours of OMG.

Game. Blouses.

Feb. 23, 2011 OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA: Setlist/Concert/Aftershow reviews etc


From the Monday night show:


Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's the Inequality

Keep in mind these things never end well for the rich.

It's the Inequality, Stupid | Mother Jones


Their remedy for everything is 2nd Amendment.

‘Use live ammunition’ against Wisconsin protesters, Indiana official says | The Raw Story



E.J. Dionne Jr. - The Tea Party is winning:
"Take five steps back and consider the nature of the political conversation in our nation's capital. You would never know that it's taking place at a moment when unemployment is still at 9 percent, when wages for so many people are stagnating at best and when the United States faces unprecedented challenges to its economic dominance.

No, Washington is acting as if the only real problem the United States confronts is the budget deficit; the only test of leadership is whether the president is willing to make big cuts in programs that protect the elderly; and the largest threat to our prosperity comes from public employees.

Take five more steps back and you realize how successful the Tea Party has been. No matter how much liberals may poke fun at them, Tea Party partisans can claim victory in fundamentally altering the country's dialogue."

A fucking shame on the White House.

Infant dolphin deaths spiking in Gulf after oil spill | McClatchy


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Perfect Union

Indeed. What would it be like to have a Democratic Party that fought... That played to win... by any means necessary.

I think the world would be a much, much better place.

Alas, I can only wonder.

AMERICAblog News: GOP billionaire activists Koch Brothers allegedly own nearly every Republican in or from Wisconsin (or, How to play to win):
"In this post I asked, 'What if we played to win?' Now I'd like to ask, What would playing to win look like?

The meta answer is, it would look like it looks on a championship college football team (college teams, like political movements, are staffed with volunteers). Or, as new coach Brian Kelly of the up-and-seriously-coming Fighting Irish calls it, 'the physical and mental toughness' to play the whole game hard.

What would that mean for Progressives? For starters, it would mean not apologizing when someone says we're not 'nice'. That's like apologizing for winning.

But let's get specific. What would it mean to play the whole game hard?"

The Dems are in the game in the 1st quarter as are WI Dems. It is sad that I don't expect them to be playing in the 2nd quarter. Hope to be proved wrong, but...

Indiana Democrats leave state, deny quorum to block anti-union bill


"To form a more perfect UNION". Union people died for rights we are loosing today. You don't have to go to war to be a true Patriot.

Daily Kos: Union is the measure:
"There's a word in the very first line of the Constitution of the United States that describes the instrument through which freedom is held. It's a term for people acting in concert to secure their liberty and hold those rights against any opponent. That word is union.

From its founding, the story of this nation has been the story of union. It is the story of two centuries spent in building up the ability of ordinary citizens to treat with wealthy, powerful, politically connected entities. That story contains instances of tragedy. Thousands died in the struggle, many thousands more suffered poverty or were outcast from communities. But the story of union also contains far-reaching triumphs. Every paid vacation, every weekend, every overtime dollar, every protection from arbitrary dismissal and unfair treatment, everything that makes your working life tolerable, came because people stood together in union at risk to their own livelihoods and often their own lives. Some of those laws exist only because workers stood in union when not only corporations but their own government attacked them not just with guns, but with bombers. They paid the price. You reap the benefits."


Daley, Chief Of Staff, Earned $8.7 Million From JPMorgan Last Year:
"Last year, the new White House chief of staff earned more than 180 times the pay of a typical American worker.

Jesus. Reign the damn military-industrial complex in.

Exclusive: Military’s ‘persona’ software cost millions, used for ‘classified social media activities’ | The Raw Story:
"A fake virtual army of people could be used to help create the impression of consensus opinion in online comment threads, or manipulate social media to the point where valuable stories are suppressed."

The dude who messed with Peanut will have to move out of the Shoals.

Don't frack with Peanut.

Community expresses love, anger after attack | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:
"Stiff said Michael’s attacker might be safer in jail than on the streets.

“I wish I could find him and have me a ball bat,” she said.

“I don’t like to hurt anybody, but I would sure take a swing at him."
Indeed. Safer in jail.

Suspect arrested in assault on Colbert man | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rise Up

Rise up and fight, Americans. Rise up and fight.


Republicans wish to fundamentally alter our very existence. They detest the constitution (but for the 2nd Amendment) and they give only lip-service to the teachings of Jesus H. Christ.

Republicans and their Democratic enablers-supporters are a cancer on this country.

Wisconsin Power Play -
"For what’s happening in Wisconsin isn’t about the state budget, despite Mr. Walker’s pretense that he’s just trying to be fiscally responsible. It is, instead, about power. What Mr. Walker and his backers are trying to do is to make Wisconsin — and eventually, America — less of a functioning democracy and more of a third-world-style oligarchy. And that’s why anyone who believes that we need some counterweight to the political power of big money should be on the demonstrators’ side."

No fault of the Unions is any of this. None.

Ezra Klein: Unions not to blame for Wisconsin woes:
"WASHINGTON — Let’s be clear: Whatever fiscal problems Wisconsin is -- or is not -- facing at the moment, they’re not caused by labor unions. That’s also true for New Jersey, for Ohio and for the other states. There was no sharp rise in public workers’ wages in 2006 and 2007, no major reforms of the country’s labor laws, no dramatic change in how unions organize. And yet state budgets collapsed. Revenues plummeted. Taxes had to go up, and spending had to go down, all across the country.

Blame the banks. Blame global capital flows. Blame lax regulation of Wall Street. Blame home buyers, or home sellers. But don’t blame the unions. Not for this recession."


ThinkProgress � Leader Of Egyptian Unions To Wisconsin Protesters: ‘We Stand With You As You Stood With Us’


God forbid Obama, Inc. bring Reich on board. Little Timmeh is doing OI's bidding just the way they like it.

Robert Reich (Why We Should Raise Taxes on the Super-Rich and Lower Them on the Middle Class)


The Grand Shaft. Heading towards a butt very near you.

Obama and the Republicans by Elizabeth Drew | The New York Review of Books:
"But despite all the confrontational rhetoric between the two parties about budget priorities, the White House and Republican congressional leaders, in private talks, have agreed on the need to try to reach a bipartisan “grand bargain” over the budget—a sweeping deal that could include entitlements and tax reforms as well as budget reduction. A Senate Republican leadership aide confirmed this, saying, “In fact, for anything to happen, it will require such a White House/congressional leadership bargain.” The preferred idea is that, just as they did late last year on the tax bill, they would reach an agreement and then unveil it to the public."


Alabama among laziest states; CDC says most not active in free time |


No one could have ever predicted...

Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead - Yahoo! News


Friday, February 18, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 2/18/11


Word Cloud for all of the lyrics (minus Hinton Tunes) on Go-Go Boots:

Wordle: Guess


Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - Video -

Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Drive-By Truckers: Go-Go Boots

BBC - Music - Review of Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots

Go-Go Boots by Drive-By Truckers | Rolling Stone Music | Music Reviews

Listen Up: Trucking along in dark 'Go-Go Boots' -

A Quickie With Drive-By Truckers Patterson Hood | NBC New York

Mike Cooley steers through thoughts on Drive-By Trucker's new album, tour - The York Daily Record - Need We Say More? > Reviews > DVDs > Drive-By Truckers - The Secret To A Happy Ending

Swampland:Drive By Truckers: Go-Go Boots

Drive-By Truckers Sing of Stalker Cops, Murdering Priests on 'Go-Go Boots' - Spinner

Drive-By Truckers: Go-Go Boots | Music | Music Review | The A.V. Club

Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots - The Milk Carton - Forums

Album Review: Drive-By Truckers – Go-Go Boots � Consequence of Sound

Drive-By Truckers: Interview

Life's Sweet Breath: Review: Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots

CD Review: Drive-By Truckers, "Go-Go Boots" | Popdose

Drive-By Truckers Keep the Southern Gothic Rock Opera Alive with ‘Go-Go Boots’ | Parcbench

Review: Drive-By Truckers – Go Go Boots | Kentuckyseven

Drive-By Truckers: Go Go Boots (ATO/Red) | Option Magazine | Music Culture | @optionmagazine

The Psychic Cocoon: New Music Tuesday: 2/15/2011

Listening Room: Drive-By Truckers - "Hell No, I Ain't Happy"

Drive-By Truckers Celebrate 'Go-Go Boots,' Slag Ronald Reagan in New York - Spinner

Drive-By Truckers 'Go-Go Boots' - Soundvenue � Music & Style

The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown: The 11 Best Songs By The Drive-By Truckers

The Drive-By Truckers- Go Go Boots - Twangville

Drive-By Truckers’ Go-Go Boots – Wide Eye - Art and Music for the Collective Culture

Truckers' latest captures Shoals sound | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

Turn It Up: Album review: Drive-By Truckers, 'Go-Go Boots'

Artcetera |

The Drive-By Truckers- Go-Go Boots | Music | Lonely Friday

Go-Go Boots - Drive-By Truckers | AllMusic

Honest Tune Online - Drive-By Truckers : Go-Go Boots

Movie review: The Secret to a Happy Ending - A Documentary about the Drive-By Truckers | | Dallas/Fort Worth:

Stomping Grounds: Drive By Truckers (Athens, Georgia) | Ghettoblaster Magazine

Drive-By Truckers: Go-Go Boots – review � Michael @ Burachura

Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots Review from Music Emissions

Drive-By Truckers at Rough Trade East on Spoonfed - Things to do in London

American Routes ~ From Backroads to Backatown: Drive-By Truckers and Trombone Shorty

THE LISTENING ROOM: Drive-By Truckers craft diverse soul album -

WorkPlay screening proves that Drive-By Truckers documentary is worth the trip |

Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots Review from Music Emissions

Skip to 32.43
BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Loose Ends, 12/02/2011



How Do You Support The Music You Love? : The Record : NPR

Yglesias � Why Do Rock Shows Sell Out?

Yglesias � Alternatives to Inefficient Ticket Pricing

Circa 1960: Liverpudlian skiffle beat band - Media (1 of 91) Rock & Roll Rewind: The '60s

Georgia House and Senate to pass jam band-related legislation | Atlanta Music Blog | Atlanta Concerts & Shows | Crib Notes | Creative Loafing Atlanta

Charlie Gilmour, Son Of Pink Floyd Guitarist, In Court Over Protest

First Love Soundtrack, eMusic


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Remains the Same

A word on this horrible act of vandalism by an insane person...

Harvey Updyke arrested in Toomer's Corner tree poisoning, say reports |

When things like this happen in Alabama it makes me infinitely happy that I no longer live in the state.

Never underestimate how deep stupid runs in AL.

First, we have the jackass tree-murderer who wiped out over a century of tradition because he prefers one football team over another. Look, I'm a HUGE Alabama Crimson Tide fan, but to 'hate' another team and its supporters is fucking booger-eating dumb. Alabamians clinging to their football, god and guns. Enough already. Evolve you knuckle-draggers.

Next, you'll have some Bama fans that smirk and approve of this asshole's actions. Grow up, already.

Then, you'll have Auburn fans and non-fans paste the blame on all Alabama fans. With this logic, these same people can be held responsible for the racists sins of past and present which infect the state like a cancer.

Speaking of which....

Finally, all of these folks could give a rats ass that big corporations, agri-farms and individual residents have been poisoning Alabama's dirt and water for decades.

Alabama: "Come for the golf, stay for the cancer".

Sheesh. Priorities, people. Priorities.


One might punch the back of your head while the other might stroke your hair. Either way, what's happening to your back-side remains the same.

The New Obama Budget -
"There was an old Washingtoon, probably from the mid-1980s, in which Democrats meet to plan their new centrist strategy — which consists of tax cuts for the rich, reduced spending on the needy, and big defense budgets. “But how is this different from the Republicans?” asks one member of the group. “Compassion,” replies the leader. “We care about the victims of our policies.”

That’s pretty much my initial reaction to what we know so far about the Obama budget. It’s much less awful than the Republican proposal, but it moves in the same direction: listening to the administration, you’d think that discretionary spending, not health care, is at the heart of our long-run deficit problems — and you’d also think that the job of rescuing the economy was done, with unemployment still at 9 percent."

CCCCCCHHHHHAAAAAANGE! Shared sacrifice and all.

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? | Rolling Stone Politics:
"Over drinks at a bar on a dreary, snowy night in Washington this past month, a former Senate investigator laughed as he polished off his beer.

'Everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail,' he said. 'That's your whole story right there. Hell, you don't even have to write the rest of it. Just write that.'

I put down my notebook. 'Just that?'"

Huzzah for Anon and Wikileaks. Two of very few entities fighting the good fight.

AMERICAblog News: How Anonymous stole 75,000 emails from a corporate 'security' firm and exposed a plot to destroy WikiLeaks allies


I never thought I'd post anything Bieberish and I never thought I'd write "I agree" when posting something Bieberish.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Go Packers

Why the Packers are now my favorite pro team:

Present, former Packers say they back AFL-CIO - JSOnline:
"Present and former members of the Green Bay Packers, all members of the National Football League Players Association, have signed a letter in support of the AFL-CIO's efforts to derail Gov. Scott Walker's plan to cut some union bargaining rights."

Meee toooo.

Daily Kos: I want a Goddamned DEMOCRATIC Party:
"A party that TAXES the richest among us who can most easily afford it.

A party that OPPOSES wars we can NOT win.

A party that PROTECTS consumers and workers over corporate profit.

A party with BALLS, that stands for social and economic justice.

FUCK the bullshit. Let's not mince words, either the Democratic party stands FOR workers and consumers and their interests as citizens or they do not, and then they are just as bought and owned as the Republican Evil Empire is. At that point, Democracy ends, and corporate feudalism is complete. If both parties are pro war, pro tax cuts for the rich, pro austerity level Hoovernomics, pro torture, pro corporate and mostly or wholly owned by the banks, then there is not much choice, let alone an opportunity for true 'change'. If both parties are trying to trash FDR's 'New Deal' then there is no point."

Uhh, how about we do this in the U.S. before we try to export something that we don't currently do in our own country (See Patriot Act).

State Department to Announce Internet Freedom Policy -
"The State Department plans to finance programs like circumvention services, which enable users to evade Internet firewalls, and training for human rights workers on how to secure their e-mail from surveillance or wipe incriminating data from cellphones if they are detained by the police."

Difference between a Democratic President and a Republican President?

A Democrat feigns compassion for the people they willingly screw over.

Obama Budget Proposal: Cuts To Target Working Poor, Middle Class & Students (LIVE UPDATES)


Robert Reich: The Obama Budget: And Why the Coming Debate Over Spending Cuts Has Nothing to Do With Reviving the Economy:
"President Obama has chosen to fight fire with gasoline.

Republicans want America to believe the economy is still lousy because government is too big, and the way to revive the economy is to cut federal spending. Today (Sunday) Republican Speaker John Boehner even refused to rule out a government shut-down if Republicans don't get the spending cuts they want.

Today (Monday) Obama pours gas on the Republican flame by proposing a 2012 federal budget that cuts the federal deficit by $1.1 trillion over 10 years."

The 'shared- sacrifice' bullshit emanating from the White House... How do they keep a straight face after giving away billions of dollars in tax cuts to the Oligarchy running this country.

'We' my ass.

"Uhm, what do you mean 'we' dude? The government is not like a family figuring out how to cut back on expenses. (If it is Dad is a real deadbeat because he decided to give up half his income last December to some rich frat boys.) And this isn't really about programs President Obama 'cares about' or about how 'tough' it is for him. President Obama will not have to personally worry about these things and neither will his children, so the idea that he 'cares' is just a tiny bit abstract in this context. This is about actual human beings and their ability to survive now and build a decent future.

The main problem with all this, of course, is that he willingly signed a tax cut extension for the wealthiest people on the planet just two months ago even as they are making money hand over fist as it is, so any talk about 'shared sacrifice' rings just a little bit hollow now. If he wants to be honest about this and admit that he's catering to spoiled plutocrats and Wall Street Demi-Gods because he truly believes that he needs to sacrifice ordinary Americans on the alter of their egos, that's one thing. But blowing smoke about how this hurts him just as much as the college kid who has to drop out in a terrible labor market --- but he's willing to make the sacrifice and so should we --- well, it is too cynically cheap for words."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Go-Go Boots!

Today is the official release day for Drive-By Truckers 'Go-Go Boots'!

Today at 1:00 pm ET - Live Radio Stream:

Home | WFUV Radio:
"Mike Cooley and Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers perform songs from the band's new album Go-Go Boots, today at 1pm."

Tonight, DBT on Jimmy Fallon:

DBT on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - 2/15/11


Final GGB Episode:


3 release day screenings of The Secret to a Happy Ending in Dallas, TX; Jacksonville, FL; and Phoenix, AZ:

The Secret to a Happy Ending


Wes Freed's Photos - Drive-By Trucker Artwork:
"Go-Go Boots - NYC - Bowery Ballroom - 2/15/2010. Poster model Katelan Foisy. On sale at the show!"

Congrats, DBT.

Friday, February 11, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 2/11/11


Join me tomorrow at Flora Springs Winery for the DBT Go-Go Boots Album Release Party!

Go-Go Boots Album Release Party hosted by Flora Springs Winery

Athens, GA folk are having a GGB party too:

The Drive-By Truckers' Pre-Release Listening Party for "GO-GO BOOTS" Album


Final screenings for the DBT documentary:

The Secret to a Happy Ending

Jacksonville theater screens Drive-by Truckers documentary, hosts album release event |



Why indie rock continues to ignore the Drive-By Truckers, and what it's missing | Music Essay | Independent Weekly

Drive-By Truckers: Patterson Hood Writes a Prom Song - Speakeasy - WSJ

Shaft Went To Africa I Went To Perkins: Ranking the Albums: Drive-By Truckers Version

Drive-By Truckers - Go Go Boots

Drive-By Truckers: “Go-Go Boots” review � Junkyard Opera

birds need feet: Album review: Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots

Drive-By Truckers tackle murder in Go Go Boots - 2011-Feb-08 - CultureMap Houston

Songs & Cigarettes: I do believe, or from here on out anyways.

Review: Drive-By Truckers – Go-Go Boots |

Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots (Review) ~ Southern Rock Brasil

Drive-By Truckers: a rock band, pure and true - Telegraph

Jack’s Song Of The Day: Drive-By Truckers

_______ - Drive-By Truckers with Limited* Autographed CD Booklet!

Go-Go Boots (Deluxe Edition) by Drive-By Truckers - Preorder Go-Go Boots (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes


Waaaay Cool.

William Gibson (GreatDismal) on Twitter:
"Patterson Hood is one of my favorite writers."


Doc Dailey



Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore dead at 58 - Yahoo! News

ADHD's Upside Is Creativity, Says New Study - The Daily Beast


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Liberties Taken

Imagine, indeed.

How to Build a Progressive Tea Party | The Nation:
"Imagine a parallel universe where the Great Crash of 2008 was followed by a Tea Party of a very different kind. Enraged citizens gather in every city, week after week—to demand the government finally regulate the behavior of corporations and the superrich, and force them to start paying taxes. The protesters shut down the shops and offices of the companies that have most aggressively ripped off the country. The swelling movement is made up of everyone from teenagers to pensioners. They surround branches of the banks that caused this crash and force them to close, with banners saying, You Caused This Crisis. Now YOU Pay."

Asking nicely always works.

Robert L. Borosage: Obama at the Chamber: Strategic Retreat:
"America is still a big market, and a good place to do business, in a world of increasing insecurity. Send a clear signal that we are going to balance our trade -- and that companies better plan for that -- and show the muscle to prove you mean it. Then lead a campaign to crack down on executive compensation schemes, and use every mechanism of government to defend the right of workers to organize. The howls from the business community and from lobby fronts like the Chamber would be deafening. But it is hard to image a more popular mix of policies -- and ones that might make a difference.

Instead, the president is in strategic retreat. He's embraced the old trade policies, backed away from confronting China, brought in JP Morgan Chase's chief lobbyist into the White House as chief of staff, and GE's CEO as leading economic adviser. The old economy is reasserting itself, with little but pleas to corporate patriotism to change it."


Obama To Cut Energy Assistance For Poor; Kerry Urges Him To Reconsider


Oh the humanity. The liberties taken, I tells ya. The liberties.

The Most Impotant Letter of Them All | Uptown Almanac


Keepin' it real in TN.

House of Pancakes, maybe....

Tenn. GOP lawmaker credits Hooters for success - Yahoo! News


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Killer Chicken

Other than music, possibly the greatest thing ever done in the state of Alabama:

Alabama sex toy shop to trade guns off streets for fun between sheets |


Inevitable. You can only push a bird so far.

California man killed by armed bird at cockfight


I've already got enough guilt in my pockets.

Confession App: Roman Catholic Church Sanctions New iPhone App - ABC News


If Arianna can twist the very conservative AOL user base, then kudos. Otherwise, not sure how this works out that well.... for the consumer, I mean. Workin' out very well for Arianna and the seed investors to HuffPoo.

AOL to Buy The Huffington Post for $315 Million -


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Too Much Money In It


‘I get it,’ Obama tells business, vows cooperation | Raw Story

Actually, he doesn't get it... at all. Not even close.

Appealing to business leaders' 'better nature' is like taking a wee whilst standing on one's head. Laws of nature support neither venture.

Daily Kos: Obama's Misunderstanding of Corporate America:
"It would be nice to think that business leaders have all just had a moral lapse for the last 30 odd years. But that's not the truth. The truth is that any CEO who behaved morally in the ways Obama is asking would be in violation of the corporate charter, which demands maximum profit to the shareholder. Corporations, by definition, exist to maximize shareholder return. End of story."
So, yeah. Change and all.


Clueless Clinton, too.

Why can’t the US legalize drugs? There’s ‘too much money in it,’ Clinton says | Raw Story

Your modern Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen. When in doubt, mumble then cower.


Huzzah! Take the 3rd-Railers (Wayers) with you.

Democratic Leadership Council will fold - Ben Smith -


"But it is so expensive to live there"!

Warm temps ‘shatter, obliterate’ records across the Bay Area - Yahoo! News

Actually, it is way too cheap to live where-ever you are living. Seriously.


Monday, February 07, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 2/4/11


Get thee to Flora Springs Winery in Napa Valley on 2/12 for a Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots Album Release Party. Free swag will be given away.

Go-Go Boots Album Release Party hosted by Flora Springs Winery is hosting a Go-Go Boots Pre-Release Party, too.

The Drive-By Truckers' Pre-Release Listening Party for "GO-GO BOOTS" Album



A Lazy Guy's Music Blog: The Drive By Truckers The Cannery Ballroom Nashville TN 01-29-2011

Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots | I Listen So You Don't Have To

Drive by truckers movie | VAN MUSIC The newest and best music from Vancouver. Blogging Vancouver's live music scene

Drive-By Truckers featured in film | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

Truckers documentary captures tension as well as music

Drive-By Truckers, 'Go-Go Boots' (ATO) |

Swampland:Pre-Review First Listen: The Drive By Truckers' Go-Go Boots

Drive-By Truckers - Marquee Mag

Features: Setting Up Shop - Flagpole Magazine: Colorbearer of Athens, GA MP3 Downloads: Free Valentine's Day Playlist

YouTube - Built for the People: The Story of TVA- PART 1


Twitter / James Robinson: Today a woman asked me, "w ...:
"Today a woman asked me, 'what is a good man?' I quoted Jeremiah. Then she asked me, 'Are you a good man?' I quoted @drivebytruckers"

Twitter / jen buxton: Going to the sticks to bog ...:
"Going to the sticks to bogart my aunt's air conditioning. Big skies, sundress, Last Pale Light in the West, Drive By Truckers."

Muscle Shoals Sound

Shawn Amos: PLAY > SKIP: This Week's New Music - The Civil Wars:
"Joy Williams and John Paul White look and sound like the White Stripes' turn-of-the century country cousins. The duo has only been together since 2008, but they sing like they share the same mama -- or lover. Songs like 'Barton Hollow' and 'Poison & Wine' (trotted out on 'Grey's Anatomy') carry forward the work started by such cult roots heroes as Gillian Welch and David Rawlings -- adding a layer of California pop sensibility, courtesy of Williams' West Coast roots. It's emotionally raw stuff dressed up in an unapologetically tight production. Still, the heart of these songs never succumbs to the studio slickness. The Civil Wars could be the new front in the battle to save modern country's soul."

11th Annual OLD 280 BOOGIE, Waverly ~ Alabama by Paula Frances Peek — Kickstarter



The White Stripes Are Done: Band Announces Breakup:

An open letter to my wife, who hates Rush : The Poop

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Go-Go Boots Album Release Party in NorCal

Join me at Flora Springs Winery on 2/12 for a Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots Album Release Party. Free swag will be given away.

NorCal Go-Go Boots Album Release Party hosted by Flora Springs Winery

Also, allow me to introduce my new blogging associate, Thomas Becker. He knows a hell a lot about wine.

He's dead, too.

Flora Springs' Winery Ghost | A Blog by Thomas Becker


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

For Whom the Tollbooth Shuts

Primaries are very good for any political party. As a voter, do the opposite of what any incumbent Democrat (especially a 'DINO') wants and you'll be a damn patriot.

After a life time of staunchly being a Democrat, the only reason I remain one on paper is so I can vote against an incumbent in a primary.

House Dem: Liberal groups need to back off for party to succeed this cycle - The Hill's Ballot Box:
"Liberal groups need to stay out of Democratic primaries if the party is going to retake the House majority, according to a conservative Massachusetts Democrat."

I'm just surprised it wasn't stamped 'Made in China'.

Winning hearts and minds.

Richard Engel, On The Ground In Egypt, Shows Tear Gas Canister Stamped 'Made In The USA':
"ENGEL: You talked earlier about anti-American sentiment and a lot of that has been because the United States while today the Press Secretary is saying how they've been talking about Egypt and the need for reform and bringing up this at every meeting that's not the way many Egyptians see it. Most Egyptians see the United States as having stood solidly by President Mubarak while the government here grew more and more corrupt. And they see the Americans as complicit in it. And just today, for example, when we were out on streets this is what a lot of people were showing us about American involvement. If you can see in my hands this is one of the tear gas canisters and very clearly written in English on it, it says 'Made in the USA by Combined Tactical Systems from Jamestown, Pennsylvania. And they say this is the kind of support that the United States has been giving to the Egyptian government and bears some responsibility, although today it it trying to say that it never backed Mubarak so much, it has been calling for reforms for a long time, Egyptians don't see it that way."

He plays for Oakland and had to go back to Alabama to be shot at.

Going to Oakland and not being shot at is like going to San Francisco and not visiting the Golden Gate Bridge.

SUV driven by Oakland Raiders linebacker and former Alabama star Rolando McClain targeted in shooting |


Speaking of which....

This is sad. The tollbooth workers and generally some nice folks. I just won't be the same experience.

Golden Gate Bridge set to shut tollbooths:
"It looks as if tollbooths and toll collectors, a fixture at the Golden Gate Bridge since it opened in 1937, will no longer be used at the span starting in 2012 as the bridge district moves to an all-electronic system."