Thursday, December 22, 2005

DBT - Blessing and a Curse

The following is a DBT post from Jenn:

New West and the band have decided to leak a song off the new rekkid on Dec. 25.

Go to on Dec 25 to download "Feb. 14" off A Blessing and a Curse, due out in April. No one will be chasing after ya for trading it, so share freely - Limewire, Gnutella, and MP3 blogs should feel free to pass this around.

After Dec 25, will change to feature some more information about the album. It will continue to change often over the next few months. You should keep checking it out!

I'm also updating Patterson's website to have the following message from him:


1. My Morning Jacket - Z
Great band from Louisville KY rises to the occasion (and then some) with my favorite "released" album of the year.

2. Sufjan Stevens - Come On Feel The Illinoise
This one gets the prize for craziest idea, actually executed. Brilliant Northern Rock followup to his Michigan album, makes me look forward to the next 48.

3. The Dexateens - Red Dust Rising
My top 3 keep swapping places, but this one is easily my "most often played" album of the year. This one breaks no new ground, but the songs are incredible from the writing to the feel. "Devoted To Lonesome" is #2 in the nation if there was any justice in Rock.

4. Eddie Hinton - Beautiful Dreams (The Songwriting Sessions Volume 3)
This one is pt.3 of Zane Records incredible series of previously unreleased Hinton sides. This one took a little longer, but keeps growing daily. Hinton is THE great unknown soul singer and easily one of the finest writers and guitarists ever to make records. He's been dead over a decade but word is just now starting to spread. A buried treasure.

5. TIE: Don Chambers and GOAT - GOAT
Don is currently my favorite Athens artist and this album is non-stop fun. Another real grower.

5. TIE: Calexico and Iron and Wine - in The Reins
An addictive little tonic like a fire in a fireplace on a chilly night.

6. The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
Now that the backlash is setting in, they make possibly their finest album yet. Far better to me than the over-rated Elephant, they did the impossible of writing about the dark side of fame and made it all fun to listen to.

7. Common - Be
My favorite hip hop album (if it's even that) this year. Some really good songs and a far better than Kanye's over-hyped let down.

8. James McMurtry - Childish Things
Maybe the most under-rated songwriter out right now. He's finally made an album as good as the songs in it. "We Can't Make It Here" is as good as any classic Merle Haggard song and the title cut is the better than any Springsteen song of the last 17 years.

9. Bloodkin - Last Night Out
Another local act, not sure if this is even "officially" out, but deserves to be. This has some of the most disturbing songs I've ever heard, in that Big Star 3rd, Tonight's the Night kind of way, only it sounds like the Stones record they forgot how to make about 30 years ago. This one will probably move up my list as I keep listening to it.

10. John Hiatt - Master of Disaster
Have to confess here, my Dad plays bass on it, but no shit it's by far the best Hiatt album since 1988's Slow Turning.


1. Centro-Matic - Fort Recovery
This one ain't out yet, but I love it more than any album all year. My favorite band has made their best album. A masterpiece.

2. A History of Violence (movie)
Probably my favorite film so far this year.

3. Wilco Live in Spain this september
Don't remember the date, but I saw for 2 nights in a row why so many folks think they're the best band in America.

4. Neil Young live at The Ryman August 19, 2005
An amazing show in an amazing venue.

Robbie Fulks - Georgia Hard
Dios - Dios
South San Gabriel - The Carlton Chronicles
Wilco - Kicking Television
FAVORITE SONG: Decatur (Sufjan Stevens)
FAVORITE SONGS (Not on an Album): Fountains Of Wayne Hotline - Robbie
Fulks and Actual Quotes From An Actual Fan - Vic Chesnutt

With the birth of our daughter Ava Ruth, and all the other blessings of this past year, 2005 has been an incredible year. Not without its share of bumps and misfires, I am nonetheless convinced that I am the luckiest man alive. Rebecca and I are still moved and blown away by everyone's love and support in this important first year of figuring out how to be parents. Thanks to all the fine folks who have supported my band and my solo endeavors.

Next year DBT will be putting out our new album "A BLESSING AND A CURSE" which we just finished and of which I'm very proud. We do plan an extensive tour beginning in early 2006.

I also hope to release my solo album "MURDERING OSCAR (and other love songs)" some time in the not too distant future, although well after the release of the DBT album.

And a special holiday prayer for our friends in the middle east, here's hoping for a safe return soon.

Patterson Hood

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