Sunday, March 19, 2006

DBT Week in Review 3/12 - 3/18

Hey All Y'all: This is something new I'll be posting on Friday's each week. Just a round up of all the DBT web related info I come across during the week. Hope you enjoy!

The big news last week, and especially big for us West Coasters, came from DBT Jenn, one of our favorite persons in the world. Jenn sent us and email alerting us to the first dates of the A Blessing and a Curse Tour. Click here from the dates.

Best of all are the Friday and Saturday shows at the Fillmore in SF:

Fri May 5 - San Francisco, CA - Fillmore w/ Son Volt

Sat May 6 - San Francisco, CA - Fillmore w/ Son Volt (DBT opens)

I contacted High Road Touring and asked if DBT will be headlining the Friday night show and I got the following response:
Hi jason,

Details are still be worked out.

Keep checking back to the website.

Glad you’re so psyched.....we are too!

From MattR at Ninebullets we learn that KEXP in Seattle has archived an interview and 4 new songs DBT played last Friday for SXSW. Click here and type in March 17, 2006 at 12:15 p.m. The box that shows up says Loretta Lynn but just keep listening and you'll soon here the sweet sounds of DBT live.

Here's a nice article out of Ireland regarding the boys and girl. Hat tip to a tipster on the DBT Yahoo Group.

"'It's definitely gone a little wrong down here from time to time, but right now the entire country has gone a little wrong. And the south is kinda the stronghold of support in a lot of ways for the kind of people who have done the most damage to this region. I think that's one of those strange American ironies. This is a region of the country that for better or for worse lives in the past. And some of the good things about this part of the country probably derive from that, but some of the bad things do too. There's a danger with living too much in the past, in that you tend to romanticise things that in reality weren't all that romantic.'"

"There's been times I've complained about things moving so slow and taking so long, but the fact that it has kept growing over this long period of time has been a good thing for us. Certainly it's been healthier for us in a creative way than it would have been if on our third album we hit it huge. . . But it's been so gradual I feel we've been literally building up our fanbase one person at a time. It's like selling it door to door."
And in some related news the following article appear in the Times Daily regarding the sweet Muscle Shoals Sound:

Frozen in time
Original Muscle Shoals Sound could become museum

"There's so much history here," said Webster, who purchased the building in 1999. "That's what I'm screaming, and everybody just passes it by. They don't notice."
That soon may change. The building has been approved by state officials for a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.
Local musicians known as the Muscle Shoals Swampers spent countless recording hours alongside famous singers and bands, helping churn out hit after hit.

"It's staggering the amount of songs and the percentage of hits," Webster said, thumbing through the studio's massive discography list. "It seems like everybody who walked in here left with a hit."
A sense of history is thick within the old studio. Musicians often told about literally feeling the beat from the floor's thick oak beams throughout the studio while a song was being recorded. "That's something that other studios can't duplicate," Webster said.
He showed photos of old recording sessions featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd. Webster spoke of the Staple Sisters' 1972 hit, "I'll Take You There," which not only was recorded at 3614 Jackson Highway, it also was writte
n about the studio.

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