Thursday, March 30, 2006

Late for Church

Reverend Bob is preachin' out thunder
Fire and brimstone pouring down

The fake War on Christmas wasn't enough. The Repugs had to rally the troops for mid term elections so now we have the fake War on Christians. Absolute bullshit.

Look, I was born and raised a Southern Baptist. I was "called" to be baptized when I was 11 or 12 not by Jesus, but by my own curiosity of what the baptismal chamber was like. Hey, you got to wear a sweet white robe and be dunked in a big bath tub in front of the entire congregation. I was a ham and I saw it as an opportunity to be in front of an audience. But, ever since I can remember, I always thought that there was something bogus about religion. I asked a lot of questions to my parents and to my Sunday school teacher and got a lot of unsatisfying answers. At, heart, I have been a nontheist my entire life. I completely called bullshit on Christianity when I was 14 and have never looked backed.

Religion and government don't mix. Look at the horror that every theocracy throughout history has created.

Bible is the word of god? Not. There exist over 5,000 manuscripts of the Bible. Not one is an original. Not one of those 5,000 manuscripts is alike and there are over 100,000 discrepancies in textual content between those 5,000 manuscripts. If the Bible is the word of god then god is a stoner.

It's simple. No war on Christians exists. There is a war being waged by Christians to push their moral code on everyone and for the Bible to replace the Constitution.

You may be saying to yourself, "But this is unfair of you to write, JPW. I'm a Christian. I vote Democratic. I believe in progressive causes. I support the TRUE teachings of Jesus. Why are you lumping me in with the rest". Here's why. I DON'T HEAR YOUR VOICE. And until I hear your voice then you're all the same. Some of that has to do with the media focusing on the Falwell's and the Dobson's and the rest of the loonies. Some of that has to do with the good Christians not taking on the evil elements of your religion. BUT, there is some change a foot and you can read about it in the article below called "We Want the Airwaves". So all you good Christians stop " Waitin' for 12 o'clock to come round" and get involved.

But first let's examine some Religious Right hypocrisy:

Reverend Bob is pointin' his finger
Scalia Flippin' the Italian Bird IN CHURCH:
Amid a growing national controversy about the gesture U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made Sunday at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the freelance photographer who captured the moment has come forward with the picture.
“The judge paused for a second, then looked directly into my lens and said, ‘To my critics, I say, ‘Vaffanculo,’ ” punctuating the comment by flicking his right hand out from under his chin, Smith said.
The Italian phrase means “(expletive) you.” "

Mom and Dad follow every last word...
'What's really scary about the 'new religious right' and their politics'
"My fear is that some political candidates and leaders have these right-wing people of faith in their pockets and that those who are sincere in their faith are being boondoggled. If they suspect what these leaders and candidates are really up to and yet still acquiesce by offering them their pulpits and unquestioning loyalty, God help them."
All this hollerin' makes me wonder
Does a whispered prayer get heard?
We Want the Airwaves:
"In what will probably be the second-most controversial segment to the new GISS campaign after the 'Ejector' ad itself (more on that presently), the UCC announced today that it has teamed up with Media Matters to fight the pronounced tilt toward the Religious Right in mainstream media news:"

A recent study completed by Media Matters concludes what we have long known to be true: the networks favor the right-wing extremists.

In this particular study, an analysis of guests on Sunday Morning talk shows revealed a pronounced bias in the percentage of conservative pundits versus progressives. In fact, the report shows that the networks frequently allow these shows to be used to attacks progressives and their ideas.

I can tell they think I'm a sinner...

So we've come full circle and are back to blaming Saddam. Jeez, just like an addict that can't take responsibility.

Bush blames Iraq's instability on Hussein

Hear them whisper while I'm watching my shoes....
"The Bush administration, amid record budget deficits, has been spending huge amounts on advertising and public relations contracts to counter a hostile media environment.

The administration spent $1.62 billion on advertising and public relations contracts over two and a half years. Most of the money was spent by the Defense Department amid its efforts to recruit soldiers for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

'The extent of the Bush administration's propaganda effort is unprecedented and disturbing,' said Rep. George Miller, California Democrat."
Back is soft but the seat is hard
Why can't they get it right?
Bush Was a Failed President From the Start:
"After the shocking assaults on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Zogby showed Bush's popularity soaring to 82% positive and only 17% negative. The Washington Post-Gallup poll had Bush even higher in the eighties. From then on -- really until this year -- Bush maintained a plus rating with the American people, almost solely tied to 9/11. Like America's mayor, Rudy Guiliani, who on 9/10 had been one of the most unpopular leaders ever of New York City, Bush was elevated to political nobility by Bin Laden kamikazes.

The image of Bush fighting back - something, by the way, which any American president would have had to have done under the same circumstances or he certainly would have faced impeachment - allowed Bush to catapult over the failures of his first eight months, and push forward an agenda that, under other conditions, might have been rejected as reactionary. And, in 2002, despite a threadbare domestic record, Bush was able to increase Republican margins in the Congressional elections. In 2003, of course, he launched his war on Iraq, despite outright opposition by the UN, his inability to find weapons of mass destruction, his lack of success in connecting Hussein to Al Qaeda, the looting and mayhem that followed Saddham's downfall, and the insurgency that sprung up thereafter."
The Dems have presented a Security plan for America. You need to check it out:
Real Security -
House and Senate Democrats unveiled the comprehensive Democratic plan to protect America today: Real Security. Despite their tough talk, Republican's incompetence has made America less safe. Democrats offer tough and smart policies to provide the real security that Americans expect and demand. - Senator Harry Reid, Democratic Leader

The Democratic Record on Real Security


The Bush Republican Record of Dangerous Incompetence

Recently, Karl Rove explained how Republicans approach homeland security as essentially a political issue. Unfortunately for Mr. Rove, the Republican record on security doesn't support his political rhetoric. Time and again, it's the Democratic Party that has proven to be the party that has learned the lessons of 9/11. Democrats' legislative priorities have been shaped by the recognition that the fundamental issue facing the country today is the need to bolster America's real security. Bush Republicans have displayed a dangerous incompetence. America can do better.

Finally! I hate Barry Bonds:
MLB to Announce Steroid Investigation:
"Major League Baseball plans today to announce the start of a formal investigation into allegations of steroid use by San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds and other former and current players, according to a source with knowledge of those plans."

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