Friday, September 29, 2006

Drams-BT Week in Review - 9/29

Update: I've given The Drams their own linkage fiefdom on the right. If there is a link I'm missing let me know. Also, it has been mandated that those of us in the know must bring at least one DBT/Drams virgin to the shows when they tour together. This also applies to the 4 solo shows The Drams have remaining. 'Cause, really, all ya gotta do is get a virgin there. The Drams and DBT will take care of the rest. Instant fans.


".... as the van began to sway"

".... as the band began to sway"

".... as the fans began to sway"


9/29/06 Boise ID - Neurolux
9/30/06 Salt Lake City UT - Ego's
10/2/06 Denver CO - Bender's Tavern
10/4/06 Albuquerque NM - Launch Pad

If you live in or anywhere near the 4 cities listed above, and you don't go to see the Drams play, nay, Rock, and you don't take several friends with you, and then after you don't go out and buy a copy of Jubilee Dive even if you've already had a friend burn you one (you stealin' bastard), then you want the terrorist to win, plain and simple. If you do not do all of these things you are a cut-and-runner, whose obstructing the Rock and you really, truly, in-you-heart, yearn for the terrorist to win. It is that simple. You hate freedom, too. You even hate freedom fries. You are Shortsighted.

"Started out as an excuse
Then became something to believe"

What, you think I'm joking? You think I'm using hyperbole to hype the situation? You ask youself what kind of insight do I have that allows me to make these statements? How, pray tell, do I know this? I know this because I was formally baptised in the traveling waters of Denton, Texas on Monday of this week. I saw my very first, in venue, Drams show. (Cooley's birthday bash doesn't count. Sensory overload that night made it impossible to fully focus on the band.)

" This could be the way to go if you're going down.
Good music every night, friends in every town"

Make a Book?

"Everyday I read a little bit more from my book.
What's it say? It says it's okay."

Turns out I have in a way. Made a book. This blog is my book, of sorts. I know I won't "... be a great author one day." But I can relate my experiences with DBT and the Drams that, hopefully, will entertain, intrigue, promote, and spread much love for these incredible people and incredible musicans.

"All the love, every friend, every gift, every hardship that you've lacked
An open heart is an open book, When you need it read it back."

Monday Night

Monday at work, I feel a nasty stomach/body flu bug coming on. None to happy as the Drams are playing that night at the Bottom of the Hill.

I bowed out of work early to get some rest and to get a handle on this cursed flu bug before the show that night. When I pulled myself together closer to show time I called my buddy Rich to see when he'd be ready to leave. He was waffling hard. Said he didn't really dig the album (wait, wait, give him a chance... he's a metal head.) and that he was thinking about bailing on the show. I hushed up, didn't push, Trusted Jesus, and let him talk himself into going. Rich was on board.

We left early to find a restaurant and found a pub next to the Venue called the Connecticut Yankee.

Being southern boys we were a bit hesitant to go into a place called the Connecticut Yankee. But the atmosphere was perfectly pubish and we comfortably saddled up to the bar.

When you're sick (When you tired...) you try to rationalize your drinking in a way that makes you believe that the type of alcohol you choose will, in the long run, benefit your ailment. I, irrationalized, that a Hefeweizen with a lemon would be good. As we are hunkered over the bar Mr. Best comes in the door, recognizes me and has a seat with us. Brent and I ordered the "Wade Boggs" while Rich tried to order some spinach dish just to see if they had spinach.... they didn't. He got a salad and some crabcakes.

One conversation we had over dinner was the difference between the album and the live show. Brent had done an interview earlier that day and the interviewer had asked "What is the connection between the album and the live show. How does the band draw a line between the two. What was the artistic spine that joins... yada blah yada." Brent's most proper response was "What?". As Brent puts it, the album and the show are two totally different experiences. Why in the hell would he want to replicate the album on stage? You've got the album already.

"Appreciate the fireflies maybe just in case You never see the stars"

After seeing the live show here are my thoughts on the subject. The album grew on me... the live show freakin' ROCKED me.... after seeing the live show the album changed for me. It became something better. It became more intimate. It became a best friend. It is all I've listened to this week. iTunes at work, iPod in the gym, in the CD player in the car.

The album's musical arraignments are outstanding but the lyrics are other worldly. If you've been listening to the album for a while, grab the liner notes and read the lyrics without listening to the music. Read 'em again.... I'll wait.... Now, plug in the album and listen. Literature set to incredibly arraigned music. It... is... mighty fine!

Back to the Yank and onward to the show....

Brent finished up his "Boggs" and headed over to the venue. Rich and I had a couple of shots of Jamieson's because, you know, it is medicinal. We walk over to the venue where one by one we greet Jess, Keith, Tony and Chad. We listen to the openers. There were two of them. One of them was a solo performer who played a ukulele. That'll be enough on the openers.

Then cometh the Drams.

They opened with Make a Book and from the first snare, I knew this was going to be a serious treat. Tony's rat-ta-tat-tat on Make a Book will give an AKA-47 a run for its money. They played most of the Jubliee Dive to a crowd of 25 (fucking pitiful, SF, but at least we were better than L.A.). Got a smoking version of Haze of Drink and a couple more Slobberbone songs. When they finished, the small crowd kept chanting until we got an encore. It was a song I wasn't familiar with but it sounded really sweet. I'll break the commentary for a moment and show you some pictures:

I uploaded some really big pictures this time. I've looked at them on a couple of different screens. If you have a Mac they should look pretty awesome. If you have a PC you may need to brighten you monitor for the full effect. My little camera has served me we'll but I believe it is on its last leg and I've outgrown what it can do for me. I'm in the market for a serious digi cam and I'm shopping around for something tres badass and tres expensive.

Chad spanking the ivory in a blur before adding that sweet, sweet high harmony.

Tony is a fantastic drummer

Even being jacked up on pseudofed couldn't prevent Jess from bringing mucho quantities of excellent guitar playing. He caught, in L.A., the same crud I had apparently.

Keith thumping the bass and adding lovely harmonies.

Brent Best. Enough said.

Kicking it up a notch.

I love this picture.

Whiskey Glass Best

They ended the show around midnight. After a few more drinks we helped the boys load the van. I offered the band my pad as a crashing place, but they had plans of driving to Santa Rosa to stay with some friends. Santa Rosa being an hour or so away. They boys huddled then took me up on the offer to crash at my pad. After a brief stop at Safeway to grab a California case of beer (20 Buds to a case. WTF? A case is 24 goddamn beers. It really is the end of the world as we know it) then we head out to the ocean and my pad. My roomates were out of town so it worked out perfectly.

We stayed up until 4 a.m. talking, but mostly laughing. Brent had a half bottle of Jim Beam that was passed around. In hind sight that wasn't such a good idea with Jess and I having the fluish crud. Unfortunately, I think the virus found its way to some other members of the band later on. Check out their tour diary. Sorry guys! I'd feel worse if Jess didn't have it previously before coming to S.F.

If this blog is my public "Book", then my time with the boys laughing and sharing a bottle will be mainly kept in my personal "Book". Some of the funniest shit I've ever heard came from that evening.... Did you know 10k dollars can buy you 27 shetland poines? We also discussed the crazy world of Thai cuisine, in particular fish paste where you can still see the eyes and strawberry poki. Ah, good times, good times.

Regarding the following picture..... I thought long and hard whether to include it in the post or not. I decided to include it because (A) It was so damn funny at the time I almost pissed myself (B) If you were the first to pass out in my house during my younger days, then much worse would have happened... and (C) Chad is such a sweetheart that I don't think he'll mind one bit.

Chad and Keith are so conditioned to falling asleep sitting up in a van that when they sat down on the couch they immediately zonked out. I grabbed a couple of blankets and threw them over the two to add a little comfort. (Notice the Dead blankets that belong to my roommate. Nice, huh?) Brent grabbed the green frog and placed it, lovingly, between the two. Then Jess grabbed the Pooh Bear and snuggled it up next to Chad. We three stood back and admired our handywork (In case you are wondering I live with a couple who have a 16 month old... thus the toys.) At that point, we knew that a picture must be taken.

Keith woke up on the first flash. This picture shows his reaction after he looked over at Chad.

So I had another Rock and Roll dream event. You can not meet a nicer bunch of guys than the Drams.

Go see them on this solo tour. Then see them again when they tour with DBT. Hopefully, I'll be doing some more posting during that tour.

The Drams and DBT together will be an orgy of Rock. The good natured gauntlet will be thrown each and every night they play together. DBT has to follow the Drams and that ain't going to be easy so expect A games from all involved during that tour. If every venue is not packed to the rafters during that tour then some Alabama Ass Whuppin's will be dealt out accordingly. Seriously, you are doing yourself a disservice by not going to see these two bands together.

Brent, Jess, Tony, Keith and Chad. thanks for an incredible night of music and the many laughs afterwards.

P.S. Remember earlier I mentioned that my buddy Rich almost didn't go... didn't dig the album. The Drams are now his favorite band (keep in mind he's a metal head) and, yes, he now owns the album. The next day Rich calls me on the phone and sounding very distraught asks me "Why can't the Drams live in San Francisco and play for us every night?". I know, Rich, I know. Looks like somebody needs a comfy Dead blanket and a snuggly Pooh Bear.

DBT Week in Review

Americana Awards Honor Young, McMurtry, Veteran Rocker Neil Young, Singer/Songwriter James McMurtry Win Americana Music Awards:
"The awards, which honor American music based on the country, folk and bluegrass tradition, also recognized the Drive-By Truckers as duo/group of the year and guitarist Kenny Vaughan as instrumentalist of the year.

From the Yahoo Group kornshucker444 finds DBT on Toyota's website:
"Toyota has a website dedicated to their new Truck FJ Cruiser:

THEN GO TO: Section 2
CLICK: Journals
SCROLL DOWN TO: Over The Mountain

The entry gives our favorite Band a nice plug
There has been some fantastic DBT concert review writing going. Here are a couple that caught me eye:

dbts : Message: Lancaster Chameleon Club 9/27/06:
"This band is inspiring in so many ways.

I want to cast a smoldering gaze like Shonna...

I want to humbly fulfill an indispensable role as rock solidly as Easy B

I want to be a silent bad-ass like Cooley...

I want to someday create anything half as poignantly, achingly,
beautiful as Jason did with Goddamn Lonely Love & Decoration Day...

And most of all, I want to howl with abandon at the top of my lungs
like Patterson.

Great night, totally worth the trip from Philly and the aching neck,
sore throat, and low energy level tomorrow.

Nine Bullets:
"Not tonight, though, because the Truckers hit the stage at exactly 9 and no change, and are climbing Lookout Mountain full throttle.

Don’t ask me for a setlist, because I lost the thread of that early on, along with my voice and my freaking mind. I do remember that my surrogate father played Daddy’s Cup, Love Like This, Marry Me, Women Without Whiskey, Gravity’s Gone, Shut Up and Get on the Plane, and…drumroll please, EZB…Zip City. That’s the one. It’s always the one. They could come out the rest of the time and fart Sweet Home Alabama. So long as my sherpa swami guru maestro Mike Cooley does that one little ditty, I inevitably stagger away feeling totally rocked to the core. "

Jason does his anti-war song and Rolling Stones cover. The crowd is made of dogs. See ya at the Rock Show is bloody right. But dammit, where is Maysel in all of this. I hope he’s somewhere hot and is getting it all down. We are witnesses at history. I may never go to another concert again. At least until DBTs hit town the next time. Why bother. Those poor, pathetic alternatives will only pale by comparison. This shit is the shit, and it owns. All week I have been waiting and hoping, and yesterday afternoon I almost threw up to think that that night was the night. And it really was.

Patterson pulls out his Carroll cover, and the night is over. There’s no more road left to go. We have shimmied and shook. Guttered and gabbled. Howled and moaned and drunk and spat and come back for more. This is my band, I’m a basketball mom. Every move they make is mine. Me and my boys are connected by the extended cord of electricity. Each riff strums my mortal soul.

Go to the end of this story to see the DBT relation.

Writer behind JT LeRoy comes clean:
"SAN FRANCISCO - The author at the center of an elaborate literary hoax is finally coming clean — or so she says.

Laura Albert, 40, a New York City native, is acknowledging that she is JT LeRoy, the supposed male author of gritty, graphic, best-selling novels like 'Sarah' and 'The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things,' which was made into a film.

In a story in The Paris Review's fall issue, Albert admits that she invented the character in therapy. Her psychiatrist encouraged her to write down her stories.

'I wish I could've had my own voice,' she told The Associated Press at a tea party Wednesday in San Francisco. 'It's not unusual that people can't be themselves.'

When an admirer approached and asked her to sign a book, she asked whose autograph the man wanted. 'I've gotten the JT LeRoy signature down,' she said, laughing.

LeRoy is a purported 25-year-old former male prostitute and drug addict born in 1980 who drew from his own experiences hustling, living on the streets and selling sex for his literary work.

Albert is a tall, slender woman with dainty features and auburn curls. She wore a Renaissance-style gown with black leather gloves and a corset at the soiree, where about 30 friends had gathered.

'I'm proud of the work. JT saved my life and JT saved many other lives,' she said. 'People talk about the authenticity of the books. Those are my experiences.'

LeRoy grabbed the attention of authors Tobias Wolff, Dave Eggers and others. He spent hundreds of hours on the phone with director Gus Van Sant and helped him with the screenplay for 'Elephant.'

Then LeRoy started appearing in public — usually wearing hats, wigs and sunglasses. Famous friends read his work in public because his crippling shyness supposedly made it impossible.

Some wondered aloud whether LeRoy existed. Or whether some famous author was doing the heavy lifting."
Now who prey tell does the website for this literary sensation?


Heh.... ummmmmm.... Rock on, fellas! Rock on

Firemachine - Where The Devil Don't Stay.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)


Older article from 8/10/2006. I highlighted these guys a few WIR ago.

Lynam enjoys Shoals shows | | Times Daily | Florence, AL:
"BIRMINGHAM -- While their musical styles differ slightly, Birmingham rock trio Lynam and the Shoals' Drive-By Truckers share something in common.

Both bands have toured relentlessly to create a fan base and generate a buzz about their music.

'That's exactly what we've done,' Lynam front man, Jacob Lynam said during a telephone interview.

'The Drive-By Truckers are legendary in what they've done, without any radio play, to build a huge fan base,' Lynam said."


AAW said...

We were laughing like school boys, I tell ya, school boys!

Anonymous said...

God I can't wait for Louisville now! The Drams and the Truckers. I'm more excited to see The Drams, partially since the last time I saw them, I don't remember most of the show due to it being my birthday and many many shots were consumed. Thanks for the report.

AAW said...

All I can say Scott, is, pace yourself... pace yourself. We're talking 4-5 hours of serious, serious rock.

Are you bringing any dbt/drams virgins? Actually, that is the mandate. Everyone must bring atleast on dbt/drams virgin with them to these shows.

Anonymous said...

I think the girl I'm coming with is a Drams virgin, but I know she's seen a few Slobberbone shows in her day. She's far from a DBT virgin. Lots of DBT shows under that girl's belt.

Likewise, I think the Lousiville friends I'm meeting are Drams virgins, but they've seen a few DBT shows.

I'll see what I can dig up. Maybe I can start dragging people in off the streets of Louisville.

We're going to the Maker's Mark distillery before the show, so I pacing is going to be the theme for the day. Luckily, we're staying about a block from the theatre - easily stumbling distance, possibly even crawling distance if necessary.

AAW said...

There ya, go, Scott! If she digs them (pffft, if...) WHEN she digs 'em be sure you buy (not burn) her the album or a cool t-shirt. Remember, If we give them love and buy their merch, they continue to give us Rock. It is a simple formula. (I'm bastardizing and ripping off that saying from someones signature quote on one of the boards. Can't remember who, though.)

Drag 'em in! That's all you gotta do. The bands will take care of the rest.

The Maker's Mark distillery before the show! Dude, I want to hang with y'all. Wish I was going to be there.

Anonymous said...

I know she'll dig 'em. That's a given. She'll end up with a copy of the album one way or another, I'm sure. I also plan to get that t-shirt I told Keith I would buy after the last show if I wasn't too drunk to remember (I was).

I think that's my sig you ripped off. It was a Bob Mould quote that said something like "it's a simple formula folks, you give us love and we give you rock".

Anonymous said...

I like to call Jubilee Dive my best friend too. Seriously, that album has been the perfect fit for every mood I've been in over the course of the past however many months.

You quoted my favorite lines from the album along with:
""Save it for your most cynical of days
Tear it out and throw it all away."

Gives me goose bumps every time.

AAW said...

Scott, That's your sig? What are the chances.... too weird.

It works for everything, though. You give us love we give you... fill in the blank.

Good quote.

AAW said...

Hey Jayne!

You know, I almost included that quote re: cynical of days but it just didn't fit into the post.

I like it because, for me, it tells me to save the good so I can look back at it but to never be afraid to throw all that shit, good and bad, away and start anew.

I'm locked onto the repetitious listening of Drawn and Make a book.

Love it.