Friday, February 16, 2007

The Drams Winter '07 Tour in Review

Today is a run down of The Drams Winter '07 tour from the folks who went to see them in the various cities and showed some love by posting a review online.

But first:

Bloodshot Records Compilations - Just One More, A Musical Tribute to Larry Brown:
"Larry Brown’s business card listed his occupation as “Human Being”. Like many other professional human beings, Larry loved music. He felt music and it showed in his writing. As he moved through the world, Larry got to know a lot of musicians, and a lot of musicians got to know Larry, either personally or through his work.

Just One More, A Musical Tribute to Larry Brown is a compilation of tunes by artists who were his friends, fans and peers. With 18 tracks, 12 of which are previously unreleased, the album has contributions from a wide range of critically acclaimed artists, among them Alejandro Escovedo (whom Larry performed with periodically), T-Model Ford, Vic Chesnutt, Jim Dickinson (with Duff Dorrough), Robert Earl Keen, Cary Hudson (Blue Mountain), Brent Best (Slobberbone, The Drams) and the North Mississippi Allstars, to name a few."


The following pictures were taken by longtime Slobberbone and Drams friend/fan Sheryl Gould. I had the pleasure of meeting Sheryl at the past two San Francisco shows and she graciously allowed me to post some of her pictures.

Sheryl designs jewelry. You should check out here website, Rock Candy. She's got some awesome brothel pendants.

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

TheDrams : Message: Houston
Had a great time at the Houston show last night...many thanks for finally paying us a visit! I haven't been able to get to the out-of-town shows lately and really appreciate getting a Drams show in my neck of the woods. Hope they come back soon for a headlining show.

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

dbts : Message: the drams in hollywood (no dbt):
'saw the drams last night at the knitting factory in hollywood. great show; wish they could have played longer. i'm not one to write down setlists (anymore, but i used to be that sort) but you can imagine what they played. the highlight for me was '(i can tell) your love is waning'. though i love jubilee dive, i tend to favor slobberbone songs. guess it's my love of songs about whiskey and songs about murder.

rock on~

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

Alabama Ass Whuppin': The Drams in San Luis Obispo Part I

Alabama Ass Whuppin': The Drams in San Francisco Pt II

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

Waiting in the bottom of some glass: (Great, lengthy, Seattle review)
"Saw the Drams again, and, yes,i need an editor"

The Drams - Chicago - 8/06

TheDrams : Message: Seattle show
It was a hurried scurried night here at The Tractor Tav. in Seattle. The guys were playing sandwiched between two other bands. I thought I was arriving a little early, but basically I walked in, Brent strummed a couple of G chords, and introduced, then went into I think Hummalong. They played the shortest set I've ever seen for these guys, or their former selves. About 35 minutes later I was in the car and heading home. No need for the headliner, these guys are the full ticket in my case.

Chris A.

The Drams - SXSW 2006

Denizens of Financial Rock n Roll: The Drams, Will Hoge @ Trilogy Wine Bar:
"Now other than Ryan Adams and Drive-By-Truckers, and the lectures I get from Spencer Knapp about country music, I don't know shite on the matter. Still, a fool knows what he likes and dislikes. I liked The Drams (lead singer formerly of Slobberbone). The band had presence. Had some beautiful Scotch-Irish ('pipes) sounding harmonics, and the stories were down home, with a serious turn here & there. Also thought the keys player was bad-ass, and got some Chuck Berry sounds from lead guitarist. In short, it was good, very very good. Next time, though, I want more than a wee dram of The Drams. Hope to see these guys when they headline and get two full sets. "

The Drams - SXSW 2006

I met Naomi from Slacker Country recently via email after she housed the boys for their first Colorado show. I egged Naomi to write a review but she pointed out the name of her blog and asked what part of 'Slacker' I didn't understand. Ultimately an Alabama Ass Whuppin conguered her Slacker Country and Naomi produced one of the finest review of the tour. She included a couple of great pictures on the post too. Here's a snippet but head on over to Slacker Country for the full post: - The Drams in Colorado:
"We all have our favorites – those bands that are just special to us for one reason or another. "

"Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to something new. I was major bummed when Slobberbone broke up before I ever got to see them. But now I’ve seen The Drams live and watched them in action, I’m hearing stuff I didn’t hear before. So those of you that are still bitching about the demise of Slobberbone, listen up. Go see The Drams. They aren’t done yet. And I think the best is yet to come."

Oh, Drams. Don't you know that the funny/silly pictures will find their way to me and a post on Alabama Ass Whuppin? It has become a tradition.

The setting is Naomi's kitchen after the first Colorado show. The scene is..... who the hell knows but make up your own caption and post in the comments.

(Pic by Naomi from SlackerCountry)
....I love these guys.....

Via Naomi via Keith's camera....

Keith - Where ever the hell Keith took this - 2007?

(Keith self portrait)

I saved the best for last. From Sheryl Gould. (I couldn't resist, Brent. This is gold, I tell ya, GOLD!)

Brent Best - San Francisco - 1/07

For Tony:

YouTube - Land of Confusion - Genesis Cover

Until the next tour.....



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