Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You Can't Cherry-Pick Life

Must watch Special Comment by Olbermann last night. He guts, de-veins, fillets, and slow roasts Rice and the rest of the meat heads.

Special Comment: Secretary Rice, Get Your Facts Straight!:
"On the Sunday Morning Interview Show of Broken-Record on Fox, Dr. Rice spoke a paragraph, which if it had been included in a remedial history paper at the weakest high school in the nation, would've gotten the writer an "F" - maybe an expulsion."

"Get your facts straight."

"....you can't cherry-pick life...."

When will they learn not to use the bogus Hitler comparision? Don't they know Keith will kill them on it?

Olbermann Takes On … Everything, MSNBC News Anchor Is Ruffling Conservative Feathers:
'Countdown' was flying beneath the ratings radar for several years until last August when a speech by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sent Olbermann into a fury.

'He said, essentially, that anyone who was critical of the war on terror, or the war in Iraq, or, indeed, of the administration's policies, was equivalent to those who appeased Hitler in the '30s,' he said. 'I'm not a big fan of being called a Nazi appeaser, or even a parallel to a Nazi appeaser. I took that personally.'"

File this under 'no-shit'.

If Bush were CEO, he'd be fired, says business executive:
"Hellman concentrates on six acts of commission or omission by the president that would be grounds for firing of the president were he chief executive officer of a company: failing to be fiscally responsible; making poor strategic decisions; poorly executing those decisions; choosing poor personnel; poor research and development for the future; and, failure to adhere to the institution's charters and bylaws."

Look, I'm down with the talk of 'Barkley as Governor of Alabama' as a novelty. He's great for a quote and is fun to watch on TV. But, come-on, if he gets elected (a black man elected Governor of Alabama? It may happen in my life-time, but I don't expect until I'm in the adult daiper part of my journey) he'll be another shitty Governor of the state per norm. The man didn't even graduate from Auburn which I can't decide if that goes in the plus column or not.

But, as I said, he's always good for a quote.

Charles Barkley: 'It's an easy call. We've got to get out of Iraq.':
"When asked about the war in Iraq, Barkley replied that the situation was simple, 'It's an easy call for me. We've got to get out of Iraq. [Saddam Hussein] is dead. That situation hasn't gotten better. So, anything that the Republicans say about the war in Iraq -- it's just bogus. I mean, it's a terrible situation. We've got a lot of innocent kids getting killed over there, and we're never going to be safe over there.'"

Do Something!

"Fox is not a credible news outlet and needs to be stopped. Foxattacks.com will give you the information and tools you need to hit fox where it hurts. The current video presents the erroneous and slanted stories Fox recently ran about Barack Obama. In response, Obama refused to appear on Fox. Watch the video, then follow Obama's lead and... Do Something."

Umm, hello?! Rest of the U.S. The Western states have officially started the prossess of succeeding from the Union. See ya!

5 governors agree to work on climate

The governors of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington state agreed that they would develop a regional target to lower greenhouse gases and create a program aimed at helping businesses reach the still-undecided goals.

"In the absence of meaningful federal action, it is up to the states to take action to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in this country," said Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, a Democrat. "Western states are being particularly hard-hit by the effects of climate change."


Oh, man... just.... heh.

Report: Family Ties Sharpton to Thurmond:
"NEW YORK — Geneaologists have found that civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton is a descendent of a slave owned by relatives of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond, a newspaper reported Sunday."

Jesus did this. Look away. Nothing to see here. No evolving going on here. Jesus loves me this I know...

Chimps make wood spears, kill smaller animals for food / Females described as problem-solvers in primate culture:

"Chimpanzees living in the West African savannah have been observed fashioning spears from sticks and using the handcrafted tools to hunt small mammals -- the first routine production of deadly weapons ever seen in nonhuman animals.

The multistep spearmaking practice, documented by researchers in Senegal who spent years gaining the chimpanzees' trust, adds credence to the idea that human forebears fashioned similar tools millions of years ago.

The landmark observation also supports the long-debated proposition that females -- the main makers and users of spears among the Senegalese chimps -- tend to be the innovators and creative problem-solvers in primate culture."


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