Monday, August 15, 2011

Alabama Slammer

Methinks this:

BART admits halting cell service to stop protesters

Will not go over very well in the Bay Area.

Hacker group threatens cyberwar against BART


That Russell Brand fella is kinda sharp.

UK riots: Big Brother isn't watching you | UK news | The Guardian:
"These young people have no sense of community because they haven't been given one. They have no stake in society because Cameron's mentor Margaret Thatcher told us there's no such thing.

If we don't want our young people to tear apart our communities then don't let people in power tear apart the values that hold our communities together."


Michael Moore: “Matt Damon for President!” | La Figa


Oh, Alabama. You so crazy.

Pastor tased, mother stabbed during Alabama church brawl�|�Raw Replay



davyproctorboy said...

A Damon/Brand ticket. With JPW as Secretary of State....

AAW said...

I want Sec. of Defense. Gonna invade Texas.

davyproctorboy said...

It used to called Secretary of War. Much more realistic.

Unknown said...
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