Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Q: What's the difference between Reaganism, Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism?

A: Neoliberalism applies a drop of lube. Other than that the answer is 'Nothing'.

Obama is a Neoliberal

Daily Kos: UPDATED: What is Neoliberalism?:
"* Economy is a self-regulating entity that always balances out.
* Government is inefficient and costly.
* Private business is efficient and therefore the best way to solve our problems.
* Wealth trickles down from the wealthiest to the middle class and the poor because businesses create jobs that then puts more money into the economy leading, in turn, to more jobs."

FDR's grandson:

Curtis Roosevelt: The Absent Commander-in-Chief: Who's in Charge Here?:
"President Obama seems to have forgotten that President Eisenhower warned us about 'the military/industrial complex' as long ago as 1960. Does the president not recognize the danger of appointing an Army general to head the CIA and appointing the former director of the CIA to become Secretary of Defense? Is Obama not tying himself ever more closely to the military-industrial complex? Is this naivete? Is it lack of experience? Neither is an appropriate excuse for a president who should be acting as commander-in-chief.

In essence, the president does not seem to be in charge. And that is a serious charge."


Obama Not Obsessed With Keeping Job: Robert Gibbs (VIDEO)



CLA said...

I think Obama is obsessed with keeping his job. If he were really content with one term, he would be recklessly moving forward with all of the special interest agendas responsible for putting him in office.

AAW said...

He has/is recklessly moving forward with all of the special interest agendas responsible for putting him office: Big Pharma, Banking/Financial, Corporations, etc.

You should read some polls, CLA. He's in serious trouble if the ReThugs can come up with one less crazy candidate than they are entertaining now.

davyproctorboy said...

I am shocked, shocked, to discover that Obomber is a neoliberal.