Friday, October 13, 2006

DBT WIR - Shut up and Get on the Plane

First, I've changed the site for the weekend to honor the kick off of the DBT/Drams tour. Two mighty fine bands putting on what will be the best rock show in the states for the next couple of weeks.

Columbus, OH - Tonight
Cleveland, OH - Tomorrow
Pittsburgh, PA - Sunday....

You lucky bastards! Get out and support these fellas and lady (speaking of the lady she got several 'ohs' and 'ahs' at the Hardly Strictly show last weekend. Lookin' fine, Shonna!) buy some merch. Give them much love!


Update: Check out Patterson's Blog on

On with the DBT WIR - Shut up and Get on the Plane.....

Seriously, now, shut your mouth and get your ass on the plane. Take some Zoloft if you need too... We'll maybe don't, but all that family's problems did disappear over night.

We had a mighty fine weekend in the Bay Area last week. Chock full of visual and auditory candy. The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival was held in Golden Gate park and DBT played it for the first time ever on Sunday.

On Friday I dodged out of work early to check out the kick off of the Festival. Elvis Costello with the Hammer of the Honkey-Tonk Gods got things started. Here's a couple of photos of about 50k folks who ditched work early, too.

It was also Fleet Week in the City-by-the-Bay and Saturday evening I had the honor of buying a drink for a Navy soldier who was taking leave from the U.S.S. Nimitz. Those aircraft carriers are freakin' HUGE!

Earlier that Saturday we caught an awesome airshow by the Blue Angels from the roof top of a fellow Alabamian's apartment building in the Marina District. Believe it or not, that little lady on the far right of the below picture was Miss Lauderdale County H.S. 1996. Know where LCHS is located? Rogersville, Alabama. She didn't have "a case a Sterling Bigmouths", but she did have 2 six packs of Stella Artois which were mighty tasty. Oh, and the "half ounce of weed".... well...... :-)

Be sure to click on the pictures in order to see the jets really well. I didn't reduce the size of the pictures so they blow up pretty good.

From the roof top with Pacific Heights in the background.

A MiG over Alcatraz

A view of Pacific Heights. Rich folk live there.

Blue Angels, Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge

Blue Angels - 2 Flying upside down

Straight up


Blue Angels

A lot of fun to watch those crazy cats. Now, on to DBT at the Hardly Strictly:

Strictly a good time: Annual free Golden Gate Park bluegrass festival gets better -- and bigger -- with age.:
"With most of the festival's biggest names reserved for Sunday, and Saturday's bill more concentrated on traditional acoustic music, the crowds for the first day of the weekend have always been substantially smaller. But the audience Saturday topped the previous year's attendance by at least half. Police estimated that as many as 500,000 people could have attended the three-day event."
500,000 people... and a snake. That snake came from one of the planes. It was a 'Snake on a Plane'. The hype on that one died pretty quickly, aye?

Best part is that he's drinking a King Cobra. Nice!

And what would a concert in Golden Gate park be without a spinning hippie. Hey, look! A Spinning hippie.

Know what song she was spinning to? Lookout Mountain. No shit. Actually she spun and hippie grooved to all the songs, but it as funny as hell to have a hippie spinning in front of you while the heavy metal sounds of Lookout Mountain are permeating the park.

This was the largest crowd I've ever seen DBT play too. I guesstimated around 7K. Here's a look from the front of the stage to as far as I could see going back. (Hey, I was hung over as piss that day and I found a spot in the shade and stayed there. No photo journalist was I.)

Here is a shot of the stage and some rocking out pictures:

The COOLEST part of the show was the Blue Angels flying over while DBT played. DBT damn near was the only thing in SF that weekend that was louder the Blue Angels. Click to see the jet above the stage.

Here they are in formation over the stage:

Here's Patterson preaching and the band Rocking:

The crowd loved them. They gained a ton of new fans that day and I had a shit load of people from the Bay Area find this site by searching for DBT this last week. The guy in front of me during the show turned around and said that he had never heard of the band until he looked them up online the morning before the show. He was seriously impressed. He asked me how many albums they had put out and I said 7. He asked which one should he get and I said all of 'em.

A band called Freakwater played before DBT, and, I apologize if there are any fans of this group reading this, they were a snooze and a half. Reminded me of the country music I hated growing up. DBT was a "Day" to Freakwater's "Night". Shifting from Dec Day to Lookout blew people away. Buttholeville brought the park down as the final song. The stage MC said something to the effect of "That's how you DO it" when DBT was finished. It was an awesome weekend.

News and Links

Glorious Noise - GLONO Video with the Drams:
"The Drams, a Texas band composed of former members of Slobberbone and Budapest One, sat down with Glorious Noise in Chicago while touring in support of Jubilee Dive, out now on New West Records."

Mark and the boys at Ninebullets have made sure we don't miss any of the Rocktober files. Mark kicks much ass:

Mirror of LetThereBeRocktober files


Jeff Wall gets the honor of the funniest post on the DBT Yahoo Group this week. Jeff, you're not cocaine rich are you?

dbts : Message: Time to put a band together:
"It's time to get off of my ass and put a band together. I'm thinkingsomething small, something fun, something kind of like my dick. Something on the lines of Traditional Country/ Acoustic Southern Rock/Bluegrass/ Some Classic Rock. For those of y'all that don't know me, I am a big, shaggy, irreverent, extremely profane, exceptionally good looking (in a shaved down Sasquatch kind of way) Kernersville based, well hung (I was lying earlier, really I was), 45 year old studmuffin who plays acoustic guitar.

via Jayne on the Yahoo Group Board.

dbts : Message: Legendary FAME Records Inks Deal with EMI: "
Legendary FAME Records Inks Deal with EMI

MUSCLE SHOALS, Alabama The world-famous FAME Records- based in the fabled music mecca of Muscle Shoals, Alabama - has signed a distribution agreement with EMI Music Marketing in the United States.

Under the terms of the deal, EMI will distribute new FAME Records product along with rare and vintage Southern soul and rhythm-and-blues recordings from the treasured FAME vaults."

I'd really like to hear some thoughts from you folks in the comments on the following article. One person was waving a small Confederate flag during the DBT show.

Red flag - NASCAR - Yahoo! Sports:
"'Why are you doing this to us?' demanded one public relations woman. 'This is not a story,' shouted another, even after I pointed out that the flags are still flying. 'Absolutely no way, no how,' said another.

Email responses were often bitter. Face-to-face encounters often worse. Interview and statement requests were summarily denied. At some drivers' scheduled weekly press conferences, I was told that any question involving the flag would end the session."

What the fuck is wrong with christians?

Angry Christians force Slayer album out of India:
"MUMBAI (Reuters) - U.S. heavy metal band Slayer's latest album has been recalled from music stores across India after the country's small Christian community said the cover depicting Christ with amputated arms and a missing eye was insulting."
That's all for this week, folks. Go out and support DBT and the Drams.



Anonymous said...

alright, this is my first comment on your site. I am a DBT fan, and found out about the site from your postings on the yahoo group and have been a reader for some time. I'll go ahead and say that I have a different political outlook than you (I'm a less conspiracy, no party-centrist). About the flag issue-I think that the flag does have significant historical meaning and not all who wave it are racist, just a little insensitive. But that part of what makes America great, and what I hate about the hardcore left. The heart of this issue is that the flag is a symbol of hate/racism to some, so if you're sensitive you wouldn't want to offend those people. The same is true for Swastikas for some, or burning the American flag for others. Obviously these symbols are not parallel in any way other than they are terribly offensive to SOME people. The left only gets pissy about the Confed. flag, not about many other issues. I think it's funny that right under the flag article you talk about the Christians getting Slayers album banned b/c the cover is 'hateful/offensive' to them. I think NASCAR has done the right thing, by corporately coming out strongly against the flag. They can't ban the flag without a considerable loss of revenue which will not happen for some time. And it DEFINATELY should not be the driver's deal. Give me a break-is Patterson responsible if some frathead wears a rebel flag hat to a show. It is a business and it's all about the bottom line just like <99% of all business. So until there is a major shift in the ethics of the fan base there will be no changes.

AAW said...

Hey Josh,

Thanks for posting. I'm working on a response to your comment but it might be a couple of days b/c of a crap load of other things I'm onto this week. Check back in a few.... I may even make it a main post.

Again, I appreciate the dialogue and I hope we can further this discussion because I think it would be important and interesting.