Monday, February 18, 2008

Drive-by Truckers - San Francisco - 2/13 - Part 1

(Editor's note:..... yeah, like I have an editor.... I had to split this post into two parts. Part 2 pics will be up tomorrow and will include the Berkley in-store. Pictures are in the order in which they were taken except for the first picture of this post. It is one of my favorites so I decided to lead with it. Click the pic and it gets tig.... uh-huh-huh, I wrote 'tig' (.)(.) Where the hell is an editor when you need one...)

(Also, there are some pics up on AAW's MySpace that weren't included in today's or tomorrow's post)

"Happy DBT Day" my friend Kimtucky said to me as we settled into our first drinks before The Felice Brothers took the stage to open up for the mighty Drive-by Truckers in San Francisco last Wednesday.

"Happy DBT Day" indeed.

You know, it should be an official holiday whenever the boys and girl come to town though many of us make it an unofficial holiday.

Personally, I anticipate The Rock Show more than I do any federal or local holiday.

So, let's see.... what superlatives can I lay down to describe the show.

I've already used transcendent.

I've already used "the most amazing shows I've ever seen."

"I want to do it all over again." Check.

"...this was something special. Really special." Been there and written that.

How can I express the evening of Rock in a way that would be new and fresh. How, prey tale, do I express my amazement and my pride and my utter joy at this band without subjecting you, dear reader, to layer upon layer of redundancy?

What's a lazy blogger to do?

I'll let other fans who went to the show do it for me.

THAT's what a lazy blogger will do!

"So needless to say, I was pretty fired up for last nights show.

And they delivered.

The encores were definitely the most fun....with Patterson almost joining the crowd and Cooley and Shonna with the huge shit-eating grins. God I love that band!" - EZ - Yahoo List.

It was one of the best shows I've ever witnessed. I kept thinking maybe it's because I was somewhat drunk, but they tore it up. It was honestly louder and better (I cant believe I am saying this) than the Saturday night show at the 40 Watt in January. I was quite impressed with our San Francisco crowd as they wouldn't let em stop. Fucking Fantastic show. - slideonthis -

They were all amazing love love love this band.

Patterson sang with the crowd at the end thought I was back at a Rollins Show for a bit...Just wonderful and beautiful and fun. - miss jayne -

They were on fire. The sound to me was GREAT. I squeezed Matt it was so good. Damn.
The crowd was great and LOUD. Everyone was nice and completely dialed into DBT. Screaming. SOooo good.
I had a couple of newbies with me that couldn't believe what they were hearing and seeing. Hats off to the boys and girl. They have definitely hit the ground running. - slideonthis -

I agree with everyone so far, last night was sweet.
Band was great, setlist was great, they are kickin' ass and having fun doing it...classic DBT! - PeterG -

I throw down the gauntlet to every other city on this tour. Y'all are going to have to raise some serious hell to match the SF crowd last night. - JPW

Okay, that last quote was moi from the board.

But, yeah, what they said... times infinity.

So you see, DBT has once again raised the bar... kicked it up a notch... transcend... damn.

How about, "They opened with 'That Man I shot'".

From that first distinctive guitar lick that defines that song so well, I, and those around me, knew that we were in for a doozy of a show.

I give much thanks to JennB and especially The Matador for setting me up so well at the show. You guys rock so much and I am so appreciate and humbled by the access you allow me. Many, many many thanks to The Matador.

More 'blah blah' tomorrow with pics.

Cooley Bird hanging from the rafters

Front of the house before it filled

The venue, The Mezzanine, was top notch. They had some very cool Tim Burton/Wes Freed -esque projections on the walls. Here's one:

The Felice Brothers took the stage first. Mighty fine band.

Any band that had a washboard player who stomps on a piece of tin roofing during the songs is alright by me.

The crowd had a good time with the Felice Bros.

On to the main course.

New backdrop by Wes is beautiful.

Cooley's American flag guitar strap makes me laugh.

Town folk in Cooleyville practicing their rock signs.

Here they come!

Strapping up.

Daddy and Cooley need a drink before we get started.

Shonna. *sigh*

Let's look at Shonna again!

Spooner is the man. Playing keys with a cig in hand. What a professional.

Here's where I gotta stop for today. I've got some really great pictures from later in the show that will be in tomorrow's post. Lots of great crowd shots. Be sure to drop back by.

Til tomorrow.


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